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Thread: Chinese officials caught drinking human breast milk.

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    Chinese officials caught drinking human breast milk.

    Chinese officials caught drinking human breast milk. | The China Money Report

    Chinese officials caught drinking human breast milk.

    China’s new regime has cracked down hard on government officials
    over-spending. Ask anyone in the luxury goods segment or high-end
    restaurants and they will tell you their business has been
    suffering all year. I guess these breast-milk drinking morons
    didn’t get the memo.

    A reporter working for China’s official Xinhua news agency has blown
    the whistle on sex parties held by wealthy businessmen to bribe high-
    ranking government officials, revealing details of activities such
    as drinking human breast milk. Zhou Fang posted an article on his
    microblog on July 17 claiming knowledge of parties where officials
    would pay a 5,000 yuan (US$815) admission fee to engage in sex acts
    with young women and drink breast milk from young nursing mothers.

    The parties were restricted to officials of a certain rank or above
    and have been going on in Beijing for years, wrote Fang, who
    volunteered to provide witnesses and additional information to the
    state disciplinary watchdog so it can take action.

    “The wealthy businessman who invited [the official] that day is
    still in prison and would be very easy to interrogate,” Fang added.
    The post went viral almost instantly on China’s microblogs and was
    also quickly picked up by Hong Kong newspapers. As the scandal
    involved senior officials, one of whom is allegedly from the central
    propaganda department, the censors acted swiftly to prevent the
    claims from spreading further.

    According to reports, the milk-drinking parties were a novelty
    sparked by recent revelations that wealthy businessmen in Shenzhen
    have been hiring wet nurses for their own use because they believe
    in the health benefits of human breast milk. Corrupt officials are
    often bribed with high quality feasts, and the milk orgies are
    merely an extension of this practice, the reports added.

    As usual, internet users have called into question Zhou’s motive
    for uncovering the scandal, some calling him an attention seeker,
    while others have said he must be seeking revenge for something.
    Judging from the furious tone of her words, including her use of
    the threat “Let’s see who dies first,” many netizens have
    presumed there is likely to be a personal vendetta involved.

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    555....can get it for free down soi croc...bring your own satraw

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    Dirty Mike did that 14 years ago.............I turned away when I got the offer, but still got some leftovers on my shirt................Drinking breast milk from your partner is gay!!!
    Doesn't matter if it's from a woman or a katoy.
    A blowjob is better than no job!!

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