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Thread: Bubonic plague in Chaine

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    Bubonic plague in Chaine

    Saw this on a fringe blog type site linked on facebook.. At first I thought it was a piss take site or exaggeration.. but listed here on time..

    Bubonic Plague Death Triggers Quarantine of Chinese City - TIME

    Quarantine of a city seems pretty wild, and would be hard to do in more 'free' countries but can see why.

    Chinese Lock Down City Of 30,000 After Man Dies Of Bubonic Plague | IFLScience

    There have actually been three major plague pandemics recorded in history. The first documented plague, the “Justinian Plague,” began in 541 AD and continued for around 200 years, eventually killing over 100 million people. The most famous is the “Black Death” that occurred in the 14th Century, wiping out 60% of the European population. The last pandemic to occur began in China in the 1860s and killed around 10 million people.

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    Cull time.
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    Its My Life .....!

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    Can't have a decent plague story without this....
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    A woman won The Nobel Peace Prize? Must have been a pretty good sandwich.

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