Article from today's telegraph for UK BMs

"Spending abroad on most plastic cards should be avoided. While banks and building societies themselves get the nigh - on perfect Visa/Mastercard wholesale rate, they then add a 3pc load to what they charge us. This means that when you spend £100 worth of dollars, it actually costs you £103. Worse still, all your statement shows is the exchange rate incorporating the load - thus hiding their stealth charge.
Yet there are a number of specialist load - free worldwide credit cards, where you get these bureaubeating rates in every country - whether you're calling on ringgits in Malaysia, eating out on colóns in Costa Rica, or doing whatever you like with your dong in Vietnam.

As they're credit cards, do ensure you repay in full every month, preferably by direct debit, to avoid being charged 12.9-19.9pc representative APR, which defeats the gain of cheap spending abroad.

Top card just for using abroad
The overall top pick is the Clarity card <> , as it doesn't have an ATM fee for withdrawing cash. It's a fairly naff card for UK use, so its perfect position is waiting in your overseas wallet, until it can smell the Sambuca.

Top for UK & abroad
While perfect for spending, the Aspire World <> card does have a £3 ATM cash withdrawal charge. Yet its real boon is as a dual - use overseas/home card (ruining my overseas wallet ring - fence somewhat), as it also pays UK cashback of up to 1.25pc on spending.

Other load - free cards
The biggies are Saga, the Post Office, Nationwide Select (only for its existing customers) and Santander Zero (no longer available to new customers). If you've got one of these, then, although ATM fees are a smidgen higher than Clarity, it's not worth switching.
Two bank accounts offer load - free debit cards, too - Metro and Norwich and Peterborough. Yet to change your entire bank purely for this function, when you can just stick a credit card in your overseas wallet, seems like overkill to me.
Of course, in order to get a credit card, you need to pass the credit score, and making an application to find out leaves a mark on your credit file, whether you're accepted or not. Help is at hand, though, in the shape of my Eligibility Checker, which shows your odds of acceptance for each card, using "soft searches'" that don't mark your file: go to <>

Finally, where possible, if you've a choice, spend on these specialist cards rather than withdraw cash, not just to avoid ATM fees, but because you usually pay interest on cash withdrawals even if you clear the card in full. Mind you, though, if you do that, the charge is still relatively trivial, at £1 per £100, and this still beats most bureaux de change"

After checking today's fx rates ( THB , BRL , USD, EUR ) on their Website , which were pretty close to Market , I applied for the Halifax Clarity , it only took five mins