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Thread: Offshore Banking

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    Offshore Banking

    Would be interested to know if anyone has got any good deals on Offshore banking for transfers and interest rates.......

    Started off looking into it as I saw that Lloyds International (Isle of Man or Gibraltar) offer free international transfers - saves paying other banks for each international transfer which am currently doing!

    They are offering 5k minimum deposit at 1% gross and then up to 5 - 7 free international p.a


    25000 initial deposit which can be drawn down to minimum 2500 with unlimited free transfers - but this one has no interest

    Anyone know of better deals than this ? am sure there are some out there.......

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    I've got Lloyds TSB International Premier Account

    50,000 gross income requirement and minimum deposit and balance 2,500 or if drops below 20 monthly charge. Internet & telephone Banking, free international and inter account transfers. You get 3 linked accounts GBP, USD & Euro, Debit Card on each account & 500 GBP daily ATM withdrawal limit on GBP debit card. Cant remember ATM limits on USD & Euro cards but i know I can get at least 10k baht a day from each

    Had the account since 2007 pretty happy with them

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    ^^ Yes i guess that one is the better one of the 2 accounts I have looked at with Lloyds as no restrictions with transfers etc..

    The other one if only giving 1% interest a year, so on the minimum 5k only 50 a year.......and thats gross !!!

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