A free mobile phone app to educate young Cambodians about their country’s history during the Khmer Rouge is being designed by the Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center, an organization dedicated to preserving Cambodia’s history.
The app, which should be completed next year, will make available films, photographs, news articles, music, documents and testimonials from the Khmer Rouge tribunal, according to a press release from Bophana.
The Ministry of Education, a partner in the project, said it wants the app to be used in high school and college classrooms to enrich the country’s history curriculum.
Seventy percent of the Cambodian population is under the age of 30 and many are still learning about the history of the Khmer Rouge years, according to the press release.
About 1.7 million Cambodians are believed to have died during the regime, and millions more displaced.
The archival material selected to be included in the app—part of the Khmer Rouge History Program—will be approved by Cambodian and foreign historians who have studied the regime extensively, said Bophana spokeswoman Kazumi Arai.
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