Plan is an international humanitarian child-centred community development (CCCD) organisation, without religious, political or government affiliation and is one of the oldest and largest international development agencies in the world working in 69 countries. Plan International Cambodia started its operations in Cambodia in 2002 and is committed to improving the lives of poor children, their families and communities. Plan International Cambodia is looking for qualified candidates/consultant for the positions/project below.
Education Program Officer
(This position is fixed-term contract, based in Stung Treng)
S/he will implement, monitor and coordinate Education Projects in Program Unit by working with NGO Partners, Community Based Organization (CBOs) and Government Partners to ensure project quality, technical soundness and alignment with Plan International Cambodia’s strategies, approach and policies and procedures. S/he will also be responsible to ensure that all project activities and objectives are being implemented and achieved within given timeframe.
Gender Program Officer
(This position is fixed-term contract, based in Siem Reap)
S/he will support the program specialists and managers to implement inclusive, gender equality related interventions. Also, s/he will coordinate to ensure technical soundness, consistency, and integration of gender and particularly girls’ issues in the programming of Plan International Cambodia, including the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of programs as well as to ensure they are aligned with gender equality policy, CCCD, Country Strategy, and Program Quality Procedures (PQP).
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Capacity Building Specialist
(This position is fixed-term contract, based in Phnom Penh)
S/he will oversee capacity building component of Cambodia Rural Sanitation Hygiene Improvement Program (CRSHIP) with a particular focus on technical trainings, and capacity building of project partners including Ministry of Rural Development (MRD), relevant Provincial of Department of Rural Developments (PDRDs), local NGO Implementing Partners (IP) to ensure that mainstreaming of equality and non-discrimination are appropriate and responsive to objective of the program. S/he will coordinate the efforts on capacity building and ensure effective implementation by responding to emergent needs and by providing backstopping support and/or facilitating other specialists to provide support to partners.
Finance and Compliance Officer (Temporary)
(This position is temporary contract, based in Phnom Penh)
S/he will provide accounting function, internal control services, and monitoring and capacity building of finance /admin capacity of local Civil Society Organization (CSO) partners for the Asia Development Bank (ADB) Mainstreaming Climate Resilience into Development Planning- Civil Society Support Mechanism project to ensure accuracy, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency in managing grants with sub-grantees in accordance with donor and Plan International Cambodia requirements.
Consultancy to Develop a Revised Cambodia Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Improvement Program (CRSHIP) Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) Strategy and Tool
Below are the tasks to be carried out by the consultant team:

  • Task 1: Review of relevant documentation including, but not limited to: 3B1H Strategy, 3B1H Tool, CRSHIP 1 and 2 Country Programme Proposals, CRSHIP 1 KAP Survey; Mid Term Output Survey (MTOS) report, GSF Country Mid-Term Evaluation Report; WASH sector documentation (RWSSH Strategy, CLTS, HP, Sanitation Marketing and SC-WASH Guidelines, BCC Strategy, SM Review Report,), existing BCC research, tools, and materials from the WASH sector in Cambodia and globally, CRSHIP 1 Reports, IP proposals and reports, CRSHIP 2 Inception Workshop Report, GSF Country Programme Reports, and other pertinent documentation related to 3B1H development and BCC effectiveness.
  • Task 2: Consult with/orient partner organizations to introduce the activities outlined in the ToR, define respective roles and responsibilities, clarify partner needs and expectations, etc.
  • Task 3:* Conduct the review of 3B1H according to a methodology and approach agreed between the consultant and the CRSHIP Programme team and in line with CRSHIP participatory and adaptive implementation approaches.
  • Task 4:* Analyze the data and collect further field data if necessary.
  • Task 5:* Assess the need for development of new tools, manuals and process documents and develop a plan for development, field testing and production, making sure to align with the CRSHIP participatory, adaptive, and inclusive approaches.
  • Task 6:* Prepare first draft of a revised strategy and send to CRSHIP Programme team and relevant stakeholders for review, comments and feedback.
  • Task 7:* Prepare annexes to the revised strategy including documents clearly outlining the institutional mechanisms and roles and responsibilities for implementing BCC activities and practical guidelines, training tools and demonstration videos for the implementation of relevant tools.
  • Task 8:* Finalize the revised strategy and annexes incorporating all comments.
  • Task 9:* Develop and implement training/mentorship session(s) with IPs – making sure to link with CRSHIP Learning & Documentation grant and Capacity Building Specialist – to ensure extended support for BCC implementation.

Please follow this link to download detailed Job Descriptions, Term of Reference and Plan Application Form.
Interested candidates must fill in Plan Application Form (for consultant, please prepare proposal and required documents as described in the ToR), then email to by 06 February 2017, at 5.00 pm, local time.
Only applications that meet the qualifications will be considered.
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