Nowadays, many brides and grooms in Phnom Penh like to take pre-wedding photographs to display at their wedding reception.
It has become popular for couples to take these celebration photos at natural spots, resorts or waterfalls. They travel to places far from Phnom Penh and spend a lot of money.
But some thriftier grooms and brides stay closer to home and go to the lotus farms and rice fields between Prek Luong commune and Vihear Suor commune in Kandal provinceís Khsach Kandal district.
Itís only about 20 km east of Phnom Penh. For a shortcut, cross over the river using the Svay Chrum or Arei Khsat ferries. Once there, youíll find many lotus farms, rice fields and other vegetable farms.
The view is good; thereís fresh air. After taking photos, relax at a nearby kiosk and eat lunch. You can buy lotus fruits to take home for friends or neighbors.
Whether marriage is on the horizon, donít miss out on a trip to see these beautiful natural lotus farms and rice fields for free.
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