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Thread: Rainsy Amasses Support Ahead of Monday’s Rally

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    Rainsy Amasses Support Ahead of Monday’s Rally

    Opposition leader Sam Rainsy on Friday visited vendors in Phnom Penh’s Olympic and Russian markets and appealed to voters disgruntled by preliminary election results awarding a victory to the CPP to join a planned opposition rally at Freedom Park on Monday. As he toured both markets, Mr. Rainsy embraced his supporters as the animated crowds offered him gifts of flowers and jockeyed to take photographs and videos of the opposition leader.

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    Waiting for monday with a little bit of concern..

    Someone has to back down.. And I am pretty sure it aint gonna be HS.

    How much support does CNRP really have ?? How legitimate are the claims of rigging ?? How much popular support and anger versus fear comes out on Monday ??

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