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Thread: Lao Dam May Kill Off Mekong Giant Catfish

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    Lao Dam May Kill Off Mekong Giant Catfish

    The construction of the massive Xayaburi dam in Laos could force the Mekong giant catfish, one of the world’s largest species of freshwater fish, into extinction, according to a new study commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund. Like many of Southeast Asia’s largest indigenous species, giant catfish were once abundant in the region, but the “megafish” is now an elusive creature and the new study sheds some light on its outlook if the controversial dam project gets the green light. “The Mekong giant catfish sym*bolizes the ecological integrity of the Mekong River because the species is so vulnerable
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    Surely in the vast lake that will be created once the dam is built - will give ample room for the giant catfish to thrive. Can't really deny Laos the benefits that will come from this project.
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    this has been going on for years in the fishing community,thats why they have been preserving the fish,in big lakes etc,but i agree if the wild population goes down its a huge loss

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