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Thread: War Crimes Witness Tells of Gruesome Executions

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    War Crimes Witness Tells of Gruesome Executions

    Lev Lem remembers the men, women and children being tied up. He was the one who marched them to the freshly dug pits, where he believes they were bludgeoned to death with iron bars and bamboo stumps. They went quietly to their deaths, the 58-year-old told the Khmer Rouge war crimes tribunal Tuesday. The condemned (told a lie that they would be going to meet the shadowy Khmer Rouge leadership, or Angkar, which would give them food to eat) agreed to be tied up and blindfolded, Mr. Lem said. Mr. Lem was a member of a mobile Khmer
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    so tragic....and so incomprehensible that humans can do this to other humans

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    And makes you wonder if the exposure to this kind of violence is still having an effect through the society even now..

    You only have to read the news.. Mob clubs suspected thieves to death (usually with some gruesome pictures).. factory boss shots into crowd of demonstrators.. etc etc..
    It's not just the corrupt with power that seem to do this, tho they don't ever seem to pay much price.. but the normal social boundaries seem hard to recover.

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