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Thread: Starbucks Shirts All the Rage in Phnom Penh

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    Starbucks Shirts All the Rage in Phnom Penh

    The coffee shop market may have exploded in Phnom Penh in recent years. But noticeably missing from the competition has been U.S-based coffee chain Starbucks. Still, that has not stopped young people in the city from flocking to local markets to buy T-shirts emblazoned with the global franchise’s logo. A Starbucks T-shirt on display yesterday at Central Market (Joshua Wilwohl/The Cambodia Daily)

    In many cases possessing little idea of what exactly Starbucks is, teenagers and
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    There is a hard rock pp tshirt available in the markets as well...and no franchise there...kinda makes them more special imo

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    In Bangkok I have seen that refined for starfucks.. with the logo having 2 legs in the air..

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