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Thread: Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway

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    Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway

    Do you have a car that is connected to the internet?

    Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway?With Me in It | WIRED

    The Jeep’s strange behavior wasn’t entirely unexpected. I’d come to St. Louis to be Miller and Valasek’s digital crash-test dummy, a willing subject on whom they could test the car-hacking research they’d been doing over the past year. The result of their work was a hacking technique—what the security industry calls a zero-day exploit—that can target Jeep Cherokees and give the attacker wireless control, via the Internet, to any of thousands of vehicles. Their code is an automaker’s nightmare: software that lets hackers send commands through the Jeep’s entertainment system to its dashboard functions, steering, brakes, and transmission, all from a laptop that may be across the country.
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    I read this on IIRC jalopnik..

    As we see increasingly interconnected 'internet of things' all kinds of these kind of flaws will come up..

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    I didn't think you needed a hacker to kill a jeep - don't the just self destruct.
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