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Thread: How to die: Simon's choice

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    How to die: Simon's choice

    Any Brits catch this 90 min documentary on bbc 2 last night? Jesus Christ it was a tear jerker. A man with MND invited cameras to follow him in the last 9 months of his life before heading to Switzerland to end it. Absolutely amazing film making and I've been thinking about it all today too. Try and catch it if you can.
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    Definitely... and added to it, his wife lost her 18 yr old daughter too...

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    Very compelling program, I think a lot of people would do the same if faced with his disease. His wife was very strong as you say especially after losing her daughter. I saw a similar program a couple of years ago on Dignatas where the person was given a vial to drink which they had to do so using their own hand and the death seemed a lot more intense then the simple falling asleep that happened to Simon. It must be the weirdest thing to wake up one morning knowing you're going to die that day, an easier decision to make if you are single but with a wife and kids it must be awful. Personally I'd be inclined to take about 100 sleeping pills after a few beers if MND was my future, the idea of going to a clinic just seems very cold.
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