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Thread: Buying a house

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    Buying a house

    Is there a legit way to buy a house in a company name or is it sketchy? I might have an opportunity to sell my condo so I'm looking at options, would be glad if a BM has some good insight on owning a house through a company


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    You can legally own a house in a westerners name.. You cant own the land its on.

    You can control the land its on with a lease (30) or a usufruct, or superficies.. But each requires it to have a Thai national owner.

    You can be the minority owner of a company, which owns the land.. If the company doesnt have a solid business activity, it then is kinda sketchy as its clearly a circumventing the law nominee owner kind of deal.. I have never heard of anyone losing a house, but the constant rumors of a clampdown, the direction of law tightening, and way the country seems to be going would all make me feel this isnt a good way to go now.

    Just yesterday Phuket lawyers, accountants targeted for enabling Thai nominees

    And in general

    Crackdown on Thai nominees - The Nation

    Foreign Owned Companies in Phuket Violating Shareholder Law | Thailand Business Lawyer

    I also could see that because they know your doing it dodgy, they could gradually squeeze you. demand more and more tax each year, demand you pay more fees and costs.. Running a dormant company could be about half a normal houses rent.
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    Knock up a thai bird get legal custody of the kid and put the house in their name.

    Bit too extreme ?

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    ^Hard to get ladyboys pregnant though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by WarProfiteer View Post
    ^Hard to get ladyboys pregnant though...
    sometimes I've heard, you just have to keep trying till it works...

    err… my mate says.
    "They got the metric system over there… they wouldn't know what the fcuk a quarter-pounder is…"

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