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Thread: the duke of edinburgh

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    the duke of edinburgh

    i love the bloke,he just always says
    what everybody is thinking,upper class Greek fecker ,but if i was a royal i would be just like him,and married to HM for so long never a scandal,he the man

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    He have hes quotes
    "YOU have mosquitos. I have the Press."
    - To the matron of a hospital in the Caribbean.
    "If it doesn't fart or eat hay then she isn't interested"
    - speaking about his daughter, Princess Anne.
    "Can you tell the difference between them?"
    - The Duke's question after President Barack Obama said he met with the leaders of the UK, China and Russia.
    "The problem with London is the tourists. They cause the congestion. If we could just stop the tourism, we could stop the congestion."
    - on London traffic.
    "Well, you'll never fly in it, you're too fat to be an astronaut."
    - to a 13-year-old whilst visiting a space shuttle.
    “You look like you’re ready for bed!”
    - To the President of Nigeria, dressed in traditional robes
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