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Thread: O.J. in the news again...

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    O.J. in the news again...

    O.J. Simpson pleads with Nevada parole board to cut prison term -

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    The "juice" was sentenced in Nevada (5 years ago) for up to 33 years in prison, on 10 various counts.

    These had to do with he and his hoodlum pals trying to "retrieve" some of (his) personal memorabilia from a collector in a Las Vegas hotel room. Charges included kidnapping, armed robbery, gun charges and what all.

    The Judge in the case "layered" the sentences on the ten counts and they run concurrently. Even if he wins this bid for parole, he's still back in prison on the other 9 counts...and on, and on. Pretty clever of the Judge, no?

    He's also asked that the trial should be dismissed, as he claims now he had ineffectual legal representation etc. Still waiting on the current Judge's ruling on that one.

    He's been in prison for the last 5 years, and he is now 66 years old...looks like he's 76 years IMO.

    "Geeze, time sure fly's by. It seems only yesterday, he was cutting his ex-wife's head off."

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    Wow, he do look old....not much of a movie star left in him 5555 Wish the prisons in Norway was anything like in the US......In Norway it's like 3-4 stars hotels.
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    He's only in jail because he's black.

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    He didn't do it...or maybe he did...either way he's an old man in jail.

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