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Thread: Where has honesty gone?

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    Where has honesty gone?

    "The survey of 2010 adults found 7 per cent of insurance policyholders have lied on an insurance application, with 17 per cent of Millennials committing insurance fraud, compared to just one per cent of Baby Boomers."

    Why are so many Millenials so willing to steal?

    Insurance fraud has always really pissed me off.
    The honest policy holders get penalised for the crooks.

    Have you always been honest with your claims?

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    Are you really talking about honesty on an Asian forum. ����������

    Interestingly this was put to the test for e recently. I found a wallet with 2k inside. Through knowing names on cards, and google I was able to trace the owner. I got everything back and refused a third of the money. I never said anything to my mates. Couple of acquaintances one night after a few beers said that if they found a phone in a club they would bring it to a pawn shop. I was shocked and disgusted.

    I could never bring myself to do that. But interestingly I allowed someone to fill me lies for 6 years and I don’t judge them. Still haven’t figured that one out 5555
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    Ah yes. BS makes the world go round...

    not a fan of it personally 55

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