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Thread: Super-gonorrhoea

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    I canít believe people arenít wrapping up...

    Three tourists are the first global cases of a new strain of 'super-gonorrhoea' which is resistant to antibiotics, a new report has warned.

    Two Australians and the British man picked up the sexually-transmitted disease (STD) while having unprotected sex in south-east Asia.

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    So did his girlfriend forgive him? 555
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    I got it once years ago and the antibiotics I got in Norway didn't work. I went back to Thailand and got an injection with something and it was gone in 2 days........
    (accident with a Thai condom)
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    Even in the sixties and seventies they had super gonnorhea. I know the case of one sailor who got it in Ecuador. Disembarked in Antwerp and after being declared cured embarked on my ship. We left... and he came to me saying he was not cured. In every port after Antwerp, starting in Rotterdam, then Suez and several ports in the Persian Gulf he went to the doctor. I had to give him penicilin injections several times.
    We came back by way of the Cape, and the doctor came on board in Capetown. He said: one shot and he is cured. My answer to the doctor was that he had already had several different medications and nothing worked. “You’ll see” said the doctor, “ this ls something new from the W.H.O.”.
    Effectively, he was cured from one injection.
    So so, from time to time they have a new “super gonnorhea”. Hopefully they will find something to cure it also this time

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    They spoke of this while I was stationed in Korea while in the USAF. It seems that the bar girls would go to the Pharmacy and get Penicillin and take them as a preventative measure. I contracted it in a moment of drunken stupidity. I think they gave me a shot of Trobicin to cure it.

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