I am a round face chubby, to take pictures to see the picture is not as well as in real life. So I decided to give myself the secret to take photos like millions.

Chubby guys usually have the first thought of just wanting to capture a face that's so compact, and never confident when shooting a portrait.

I have summarized the following tips to help your photo as expected:

1. Take a picture of the angle

You were born beautiful, then the mirror does not have dead corner. And those whose faces are not pretty enough should choose for themselves a divine angle that you feel most beautiful. Taking a tilt will help your face look smoother.

After choosing the right angle, remember to take selfie photos with your team is always promoted offline!

2. Capture the natural posture

Chubby people often do heart burn much of the heart of the opposite sex because of the loving part of you. Why do not we use it? The scene when you are drinking a glass of milk tea at the bar, or when you are looking far away, do not focus on the camera.

Those moments will create a very artistic picture offline.

3. Snap image support

Packed with the secrets to photographing, in order to be more complete, a professional photography software will help the image to be sharp, light, the size of the image in harmony. And can add more lovely stickers, you can choose an app to make a gut app. Follow Sefile camera - Beauty Camera & Makeup camera to apply now

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