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Thread: Paul Gibson RIP

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    Paul Gibson RIP

    I just heard this morning that Paul Gibson, one of the owners of Yorkshire Hotel here in Patong, died in the UK, yesterday or earlier today.
    I can honestly say that we were not great friends, however, I did respect the hard work and dedication he put into the building up of the Yorkshire.
    May he rest in peace and my condolences go out to his family.

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    yeah...just saw this myself....a stroke at 57...I was not a fan either but he did do a lot for local charities .....57 eh...that's far too young for anyone to die

    Well-known Phuket hotelier dies of stroke

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    He was a big, unhealthy looking man. Yeah 57 too young. I know well of his reputation but I met him a few times over there when I was going for a feed, he always seemed alright to me and friendly enough.


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