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Thread: Tiger Disco Fire (2012)

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    Tiger Disco Fire (2012)

    “I have sent evidence that we have collected, including pictures and videos taken by tourists, showing that the electricity was out about 15 minutes before the blaze started at the entrance. The evidence proves that the cause of the fire was not our fault; it is from the transformer outside of the venue,” he stated.

    “We are hoping the Regional Public Prosecution in Region 8 will drop the case, as the fire was not our fault,” add Mr Thamrongsak.
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    Do they swear an oath in Thailand "I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and anything but the truth" ?

    Strange there is no mention of the lighting rig that I personally saw them remove before investigators were allowed into the scene.

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    Sh*t happens. Let it go and let them rebuild I say.

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