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Thread: How many live in East Asia

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    How many live in East Asia

    Interesting picture
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    Wow thats an amazing little fact.

    This tells me one of two things, either Asians reproduce better than any other western person?, or Africa and America have loads of space and are not reproducing at an acceptable level???

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    Interesting statistics indeed. In fact by including only 10 East Asian countries will push the population above 50%.

    1 China 1,354,040,000 19.11%
    2 India 1,210,193,422 17.08%
    4 Indonesia 237,641,326 3.35%
    6 Pakistan 183,049,000 2.58%
    8 Bangladesh 152,518,015 2.15%
    10 Japan 127,340,000 1.80%
    12 Philippines 92,337,852 1.30%
    13 Vietnam 88,780,000 1.25%
    20 Thailand 65,926,261 0.93%
    26 Myanmar 49,120,000 0.69%

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    In the 60s Thailand and PHills had roughly the same population now ....mostly thanks to the Catholic Church ..Phil's is now almost 40% more..8 or 10 kids still common use of contraception..I saw a big sign there recently saying JESUS THE ONLY HOPE FOR OUR NATION..he ain't doing his job too well

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    There are also a lot more people in that circle trying to get out than there are outside trying to get in.

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    Not so hard to fathom if you consider the proximity of this area to the equator, and then the massive deserts elsewhere in the same latitude. The other available land masses can then be seen in perspective. Or maybe people just do better on rice.

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