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Thread: using VPN's

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    using VPN's

    What VPN service do you use??

    I just looked at

    Haven't ever looked into anything like this before, never really been into u-torrent pirate bay etc, but wouldn't mind watching some o/s tv or other things potentially, just don't need ISP sending letters or the gov snooping around, I really don't have anything to hide, just interested actually.

    Probably more just a random thread, because something came up in a conversation today and pricked my interest in it.

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    There's plenty of VPN services around - it's just finding one which has decent routing between your ISP and their servers. They seem to have a lot of options, so if they have a free trial then definitely worth testing it. Their normal pricing seems a bit steep though - depends on what you'll use it for.

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    Try Hola using firefox, free and easy way to set the country you want to be in, but not sure if it hides your ip, just gets around regional blocking etc, it's how I watch USA Netflix.

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    I use Zenmate plugin on Chrome Browser but this doesnt work for all services I use e.g. Amazon Prime

    I use a VPN service also where you can choose multiple locations; it works really well, it not free costs me $59.95 USD for 6 months

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