Too Funny.. Seems the Thai ISPs were tricked and the domain for blocking sites was a scam all along..

The Great Thailand Internet Firewall Fail

It came to light last week that internet traffic being rerouted from accessing blocked content in Thailand has been going to websites under the control of cyber-squatters and not official government domains as should be the case.

There are several different landing pages depending on the reason for blocking which are run by different government departments and it turns out is just a scam that has had Thai ISPs fooled for the past 12 months.

The cyber-squatters have kept a low profile since their attempt to boost Facebook Likes last year but last week they started redirecting traffic to porn and sex toy sites in the hope of cashing in on their web traffic.

Their moneymaking plan was short lived as geeks uncovered and shared the hijackers tactics and plans.

The domain name has gone offline and the official website now carries a warning telling user that it is the only official cyber police website