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Thread: Journalist Andrew Marshall

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    Journalist Andrew Marshall

    Thai police question British author's wife - BBC News

    Is this guy just a complete moron?

    The guy knows Thailand extremely well and has written a book criticising the Thai Royal Family so clearly he has burned his bridges and is unlikely to ever return but his Thai wife is currently visiting Bangkok with their 3 year old son and he decides that now would be a good time to share photos of the Crown Prince? and then he's all over the media outraged when his wife gets brought in for questioning!?! what the fook did he expect to happen? Of course he was perhaps doing it for his wifes safety, so nothing happened to her but how about not getting her into that shit in the first place?

    I'm starting to think the guy loves the drama of it all.

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    And yet they fell right into his trap, if it was a trap..

    There are claims the photos are doctored, De Bild says they are not.. But bizarre to say the least if they are not.

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