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Thread: Amazon Echo Dot

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    Amazon Echo Dot

    One of my clients sent us Amazon Echo Dots for Xmas

    I am an absolute technophobe but this took less than 10mins to set up

    It's pretty frigging cool

    Right now I am just using it for my alarm and music

    But it is pretty cool going to bed and just telling what time for the alarm to go off

    And it really has me listening to music way more than I usually do.

    I often think about a song before but wouldn't go to my phone and play it
    But now I just tell Alexa to play it
    Comes in handy when cooking and cleaning up around the house

    I am going to do a deeper dive to interact with my TV and other things

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    AI is sneaking more and more into our lives and we hardly realise it... before we know it Alexa will be shagging one of us.. ok probably just me.. 55
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