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Thread: VPN for torrenting movies and TV series?

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    VPN for torrenting movies and TV series?

    I need tips for a good VPN for torrenting media. Movies and TV series. I need a fast and anonymous torrent VPN with good connection speeds to Asia. Is PIA or ExpressVPN worth trying? They seem a little expensive unless i sign up for a three year plan. Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help keep your online activities private, and almost every Internet user can benefit from it. Torrent downloaders should consider this absolutely essential, but it is worth researching which is the best VPN for P2P. Since many of them have a monthly fee, if you are only an occasional P 2P user, you should consider free peer-to-peer VPN options. Optimized for file sharing purposes, many VPNs has P2P servers in numerous locations around the world. Some VPN services do not allow torrent on their servers, while others are optimized for it. Torrenting requires a lot of data, so a VPN with unlimited bandwidth and high speed is essential to avoid throttling and buffering.

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    48 If you aren't worried about accessing Netflix.

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    Not sure if you've already got signed up or not.

    I just joined SurfShark VPN, (I'm in Aus, so not sure if they're in Asia), but I'm bloody impressed with this service.

    I've been on NordVPN for a long time, but they charge in usd it's expensive now in Aus, my internet speeds at home have actually increased since I joined the new mob.

    Just my 2c worth.

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