OK if you have a rooted phone, dont upgrade to kitkat without first making a full nandroid backup of system and user data !!!

I was impatiently waiting for the OTA update rather than flashing or adb sideloading and losing my user data.. Got the notice last night and didnt think to do a backup.. Then it just stuck on a bootloop. Total pain in the arse took hours of geeky twiddling mostly to be fair due to my own dumb ass trying to use the custom bootloader to clear the cache and system cache and wiping the entire system partition !! Double dumb and I thought for a few hours last night I might have bricked it.

Got it working again, the apps all DLed last night automatically and will have to set up all my tweaks and custom stuff again.

A few months ago, when my iPad wanted to update to iOS7 I had a hassle.. It got stuck, had to be connected to a computer and iTunes, lost all my data.. At the time I was swearing at apple with the 'its supposed to be simple yeah ?? It just works !!!" mindset.. But with iOS theres so little you can customize, that restoring to a base state + your apps is pretty much back to normal.. Android by virtue of its much greater customization, widgets, etc etc there is a higher workload.. All my previous kernal updates had been flawless, this one bit me.

BE AWARE, there appears a fair bit about this online.. KitKat updates causing a stuck bootloop. Backup your shit first.