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Thread: Tyson

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    So in the last day or so I stumbled over this..

    Which struck me as a very humbled and more mature Tyson.. And also, who knows on that.. the first 3 rounds would have been Tysons chance, the later the fight lasted the less he would have. But he was a beast in early rounds.

    Anyway, that reminded me I downloaded this a while back and never got round to it.

    Its out there on torrents and things.

    It was good.. He was funny, sad, humble, proud, confessional, mature.. Was interesting in a strange train wreck kinda way. He does stumble over his words sometimes and does fight a speech issue, but he put up a good showing.

    Couldnt help but make me think of the nightclub scenes in raging bull tho.
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    I'd imagine Ali would fight Tyson in a similar way to how Lennox Lewis fought him... even though in 2002 Tyson was nothing like the fighter of his younger years. Ali like Lennox could have kept Tyson at bay for a long time with that jab and movement. But agree... the early rounds would be Tyson's best chance...

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    We had the 'Being Mike Tyson' series here and it was a very good watch. I was never much of a Tyson fan but ended up admiring the guy, he seemed pretty mature and humble in the end and had a very good relationship with Holyfield.

    When Cus D'Amato died Tyson was pertty much screwed; Don King has an awful lot to answer for there.

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