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Thread: Thought you'd got out ...

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    Thought you'd got out ...

    Hser Ner Moo, Burmese girl, 7, killed in Utah 'died a painful death' | Mail Online

    I know quite a few people who've lived in the camps, this story is especially sad though most of the ones I know integrate pretty successfully.
    There doesn't seem to be much publicity about this but many Western counties have been accepting famlies (even those who got Finland are too happy to complain about the cold!)

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    As a parent - stories like this always sicken the spirit - what a wretched sickening way for a young life to be snuffed out.
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    That just defies belief doesn't it? The poor poor girl. Must have been terrifying as well as absolute agony. Her parents will never recover from that. What makes someone do that? They must be mentally ill surely? Can you do that and be sane?

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    Just so sad and tragic and every parents worst nightmare.

    Wonder whether him being Muslim had role in the murder? ie unbelievers deserve it?

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