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Thread: Trip to Chaung Tha beach

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    Trip to Chaung Tha beach

    I'd promised a regular girl that I'd take her there as she'd never seen the sea,
    so got round to it two years later ....

    Two options here
    First is taxi ($10 to the main bus station), then local bus to Pathein and after minibus/taxi to Chaung Tha,
    this is the more expensive and more hassle that taking the tourist route - I haven't used this way but
    it's the route that seems to be most suggested for tourists.

    Second then is booking with Red Dragon Travel (there's a shop on Pansodan Street just down from
    Panorama Hotel and I assume the travel agents in the stadium opposite the stadium also sell
    these tickets), wouldn't have known about this without some local knowledge and sending my girl
    out to scout around
    For the second option dual pricing seems to apply with foreigners being $5 more than locals. You do however
    get to choose your seats for the outward journey
    (Cost seems to be dependent on day I paid $25/$20 other days were a little cheaper)

    The bus - outbound:
    Leaves Yangon at 9pmish from the area around the main station.
    Look for a bus with the name of your travel company on it. At this point I was with a local otherwise I
    would probably have founds things a little confusing - there are buses to everywhere!
    So, having found the right bus, bags stowed and boarded:
    Aircon set to freezing.
    Movie/music set to max.
    Seats reclined.
    There was one further stop somewhere else in Yangon where a few more boarded. bus was now full.
    Fortunately I had some noise isolating headphones, so used them.
    Stop for military security check outside Yangon and (I think a food stop somewhere -
    I was sleeping at this point).
    Arrival into Chaung Tha at around 6am, bus stops at a variety of hotels and if you have nothing booked this is
    where you get off, look at rooms and negotiate - the bus will wait for you.
    Prior to leaving I'd phoned a few hotels and found them to be booked up or very expensive, so ....
    Eventually chose somewhere with sea view and aircon for $40/night (across the road from the beach rooms
    at $10/night or less are possible), payment in Kyat instead of USD is possible.

    The bus - inbound:
    Leaves Chang Tha around 8am, pick up from your hotel (or nearby), stops in Pathein for some shopping,
    and then for some food. Arrives Yangon around 4-5pm. Not sure what the shopping was but other passengers were goin crazy for it.
    Curtains are closed for the whole duration in case one of the locals should inadvertently get touch be the sun,
    there didn't appear to be much scenery anyway.
    Both directions I was the only foreigner on the bus.

    The hotel:
    I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the place I stayed (twice!!) but it was a short name
    Hotel xx and on the beach .....
    Anyway, for $40/night (negotiated down from $60), it was a large room, double bed and a seating area with sea views. Breakfast included
    and aircon and mini-fridge as promised but .....
    there was only electricity in the evening and overnight, seemed to be the same for the whole town.

    EDIT: Hotel was Thiri Hotel -

    The Beach:
    I always love to see the locals having fun and that's what is was here, friendly beach vendors with sticks of
    prawns and fish, bike hire, kite flying, tyre rental, swimming and not a bikini in sight!
    Sand is a little grey but it's soft and plentiful!
    Fresh coconuts were plentiful and around $0.5 each, drink the juice and they would then scoop out the flesh for us to eat.
    Bike hired at about $1/hour and visited the market and later on my own Chaung Tha village.
    Market wasn't too interesting to me but had some nice street vendor type snacks and a chance to stock up on drinks, etc
    On a solo visit to the village proper there was the typical Myanmar curiosity/welcome stopped for some tea in a couple of places
    and chatted/signed with the locals.
    Genarally when walking with my companion, locals were a little shy with starting a conversation. However, when walking on my own there was no such reservtion
    and had many good chats with people from a variety of backgrounds
    As the sun goes down there are bbq pits on the go and you can bring your own drinks.

    On the main road outside the hotel were many motorbike taxis all calling for business, I believe it's $15-20 to Naung Swhe beach with some nice scenery on the way.

    First night went to somewhere mentioned in the LP guide and ws very ordinary. After that wandered down the beach and ate in a place attached to a beach hotel which
    had great prawn curry.
    Lobster is available but has to be pre-ordered otherwise they send it to Yangon.
    Food generally very cheap at $3/ meal.

    (Note: I do have photos andwill try to find them ....)
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    Great info.. Thanks.

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    Very interseted in Burma; thanks for posting.

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    Likely will still go there but Ngapoli sounds better on beach/scenary stakes. Useful into tOrn and look forward to being back there. Cheers.
    Its My Life .....!

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    Ngapali probably is a better beach but needs a flight and is probably a bit upmarket for me

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