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Thread: Yangon/ Myanmar - Eating outside

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    Yangon/ Myanmar - Eating outside

    Yangon Street Food:
    Ok, not quite so tasty and hygenic (!) as Thailand but.....
    I find it great, mostly Indian based and mostly fried.
    Samosas, various fried vegetables and you can normally bring these into an outdoor tea house.
    I'm not sure if this is always allowed ot just because "I'm a foreigner" ...

    Other dishes to eat on the street are Indian dahls with some great bread (greatest ever in Mandalay outside a cinema but
    typically I can't remember the name ....)

    This is when you will get the typical Mohingha , fish based porridge/soup, I've had everything from delicious to
    "I want to throw up now" with this stuff but generally it's worth having a try.

    Tea Houses:
    Both indoor and outdoor are great, food varies from great Indian treats like samosas, etc to prepacked sweets
    to tripe and the like. But the teas and the chance to interact with the locals are great.
    Warning - sometimes the seats are very small!!

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    I like Indian style food a lot. I'm lucky to have a very good Indian restaurant nearby. The food in Myanmar sounds tasty!

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    The description I've given really doesn't do the selection justice but it really is down to how much you're into 'local' food. I have no barriers so treat the lady with a frying pan the same as a restaurant ...

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    5555 - the little kiddie chairs most of these joints have are not for you avarage western porker that for sure!
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