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  1. Are You A Night Owl or a Morning Person?
  2. The architecture of violence
  3. Does anyone know of three girls that used to work in a beer bar complex in patong
  4. Ever buy a motorbike in Bangkok?
  5. What can you do?
  6. Apple Lost the Plot?
  7. Mal from the Club Kamala, Dead
  8. Cameron speech
  9. Nightlife updates?
  10. The part of the plane passengers can’t see
  11. Phuket-info.com - domain acquired
  12. The deadliest day in WWI
  13. OZMike from Kamala
  14. For the Gun Lovers
  15. Latest Windows Update Causes Blue Screen Of Death
  16. The militarization of the US police
  17. amazing book
  18. And in lighter news.. Ebola !!
  19. Farang Fatigue.. Stick
  20. How often do you drink alcohol??
  21. Another plane missing ?
  22. TransAsia Airways plane crashes in Taiwan
  23. Phuket Dolphin Prison
  24. Some good news for a change
  25. malaysian airliner shot down over ukraine!
  26. A Cowboy Tombstone
  27. Happy Independence Day
  28. Big Game hunter or coward?
  29. technical question.......playing mp3 files
  30. Missing Children - Possibly in Phuket
  31. Most likely causes of death
  32. Detroit.. How fast the rot..
  33. Finding my way back
  34. Happy Birthday Niklas
  35. Nokia second hand models are fetching prices as high as 1000 euros
  36. New BM, be gentle with me...
  37. Nigeria Mass Kidnappings
  38. Flying in Style – New Etihad Airbus
  39. Any carpenters in Scotland for a project in next 2 weeks?
  40. Song for the Belgian team going to Brasil
  41. Getting to Samui
  42. ANZAC Day
  43. What other forums are you on?
  44. AirAsia to move to KLIA2 by May 9
  45. Hunting with Eagles
  46. Standoff in Nevada?
  47. Samsung's ChatON has your back
  48. April 1st Spoofs
  49. Do you talk on the phone anymore?
  50. Cultural cognition - The weirdest people in the world.
  51. i hope oli see this 55555
  52. Inflation.. But the cosmic kind..
  53. End of the age of the gun..
  54. Malaysian Airlines MH370 lost
  55. going to the theater in that london
  56. Samsung Galaxy S5
  57. Ukraine and Russian Situation
  58. Simgo no more roaming charges
  59. Not a bad 9000 dollar house...
  60. Traffic Lights
  61. When did you buy your first house?
  62. Vice - Quality Documentary
  63. Malaysian couple in Sweden charged
  64. Airline weasel notes....
  65. In Memoriam, Pete Seger
  66. Where do you consider home?
  67. Yet another balcony fall
  68. Party Invite
  69. january 30th 2014
  70. Somtum Der-NYC
  71. When fun is outlawed.. Only outlaws...
  72. Hua hin for a holiday yes or no
  73. So what did you do today ???
  74. Greetings All
  75. Piranha Attack
  76. Galaxy S4 Secrity Breach
  77. Christmas music - what's your favourite ?
  78. Clever Christmas Advertising
  79. Xmas Dinner
  80. A TG in DXB?
  81. Bit of a Shocker !
  82. Instagram top 10 in 2013
  83. Fitness Bands
  84. Etihad Flight Upgrade... what a con!
  85. If a poster dies...
  86. Pirate Bay Sets Sail
  87. Obama/Bush in trouble 555
  88. the state of british education
  89. Terror Asbo's for Extremists
  90. Stores opening Thanksgiving Day for Black Friday
  91. The case of the ignorant family
  92. Do i remind you of someone
  93. Smoking laws.. Again..
  94. 'Patong Eye'
  95. Geezus H - what next...........
  96. Knockout-scary shit!
  97. Butthoven's 5th-Twerkin'
  98. Jfk
  99. It might be comedy.. But theres truth..
  100. Crazy.. Airport airside explosive
  101. 2 months to live....
  102. Mayor of Toronto
  103. Anyone in Patong on the 16th?
  104. Is this the worlds first printer?
  105. stalin
  106. A little airline common sense coming your way?
  107. Nutso Canadian Astronaught
  108. US Navy's new Stealth Destroyer
  109. United 200usd chnage fee
  110. You are what you eat.. A weeks worth of food.
  111. rip Lou Reed
  112. Rip
  113. I love Instagram
  114. Name your quirks!
  115. Superb timelapse from the International Spacestation.
  116. My dream....almost there
  117. Tim Tindle survives horrific high speed Crash on Mark J. Rebilas Blog
  118. #1 reason for Dodger's son to go to school in US
  119. Logging off
  120. Nicky's site
  121. Kenya terrorist attack and photos
  122. Business Class!
  123. Nazis Outpriced
  124. Has extra terrestrial 'life' been proven ??
  125. Drunk monkeys
  126. USA VPN needed..
  127. Strippers need minimum wage too !!
  128. Dogs of 9/11
  129. The State of Colorado comes back to it's senses....
  130. These people are just misunderstood...
  131. 19-year-old inventor finds way to clean up the world’s oceans in under 5 years time
  132. US police kill 107-year-old suspect in home shootout
  133. Questions of British hierarchy?
  134. Your favorite time to fly?
  135. You Laugh, You Lose
  136. Russia punking Britain??
  137. Sony Xperia Z1
  138. Google Incognito
  139. US swimmer Diana Nyad, 64, makes Cuba-Florida crossing
  140. Anybody up for a 30-day diet?
  141. I built a Sandpit
  142. Intro New Chapter.
  143. Sex Sex Sex
  144. New alcohol taxes
  145. Separating photos with text?
  146. Service dogs
  147. BM meet up in the UK
  148. What devilry be this.. Hangover free beer !!
  149. You ever hear a Thank You?
  150. Tick Tock
  151. This "Bullyng" cries drive me mad
  152. Paul Gibson RIP
  153. Patong or Las Vegas?
  154. About 300 members... Mostly just lookers.
  155. Gone But Not Forgotten...
  156. Left hand drive cars
  157. Stay classy, Scotland
  158. Meanwhile In Soviet Russia
  159. "Mile High Club"?
  160. TG & Friends
  161. Swedish men told to beware testicle-munching fish
  162. IPhone photos are received in video format on Android
  163. Number for AIS 3G?
  164. Push-up bra commercial goes viral - NSFW
  165. Powerful digital companion for travelling
  166. Storm passing by.
  167. I Feel a Heck of a Lot Better!
  168. We love those Asian Girlz
  169. The onion-a different spill
  170. Oil spill hits beach at Koh Samet island
  171. Babelfish (by Google) a Reality
  172. O.J. in the news again...
  173. Spain train crash cctv
  174. Ubuntu Edge, do you think it will be shipped?
  175. 22nd/23rd close down for Buddha Day
  176. Taxi prices Bangkok / Phuket
  177. Rolling Stones Bomber cover
  178. New Invention Makes Ocean Water Drinkable
  179. Is This the Most Interesting Opening Paragraph Wikipedia's Ever Published?
  180. Oh my Lord, this is just fecking hilarious!!
  181. More bad news for the Dreamiliner (Heathrow: Dreamliner Plane Catches Fire)
  182. Like Hello !!
  183. New contender for this year's Darwin award
  184. Share your tunes!
  185. Because I'm worth it.
  186. Learning Thai-hilarious
  187. Asiana Airlines Flight 214 (B777) Crash land in San Francisco
  188. Beautiful designs
  189. Egypt epidemic of sexual violence
  190. Nelson Mandela
  191. Logo??
  192. Happy 4th of July- this kid is a patriotic bastard! 555
  193. Mobile Phone Etiquette
  194. Poverty
  195. Etihad seat reservation, months ahead
  196. Obtaining a western passport and going right back to Thailand
  197. New spam
  198. Hi everybody
  199. Is your thai wife/gf a good traveller?
  200. Will Berlusconi do jail time?
  201. How much can you get short time for?
  202. Cathay Pacific
  203. Where the hell is Matt
  204. Expat meetings
  205. 3D eyebrows
  206. MTB - End of an Era Party
  207. airline change fees
  208. Chinese anti pervert leggings..
  209. James Gandolfini dead
  210. Short visits or long visits?
  211. Paperless Future
  212. One of Steve W sheeps
  213. sexy pancake
  214. Are you in favor of us genetically altering our bodies?
  215. Man calls Solihull police to complain about prostitute's looks
  216. Laem Singh beach Sunday Sessions???
  217. What is the difference between squid and calamari?
  218. Mobile Top Up via Online Banking
  219. Returning to Patong....
  220. Ever Wonder the Whys? - Thailand
  221. New Apple Mac Pro
  222. liberty fries??
  223. Royal Jordaiian Airlines?
  224. American Flights.
  225. What would you have done?
  226. Nan. Doi Phu Kha national park
  227. Train tickets :how to buy
  228. which Tablet.
  229. D-Day
  230. do you like to get fawned over
  231. When Animals Turn to Crime!
  232. Things to do b4 you die (To do list)
  233. Illegal dog trade from Thailand to Vietnam and beyond.
  234. NYT article on Thailand's schools
  235. where does Asian deference come from?
  236. Happy Birthday Nicke
  237. Will Russian and China go to war with the West over Syria and Iran?
  238. I did something
  239. Muslims and dogs
  240. Your working times?
  241. Catching up.
  242. translation help
  243. Received three "Sick Bufallo" emails this week
  244. A grand welcome for the U.S. Navy...Phuket style!
  245. Hi Folks
  246. Published On Kindle Today
  247. US Memorial Day
  248. Som Nam Na...
  249. Hope this not hot air Dave !!!
  250. Android 4.3 any minute ??