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  1. Police trainees bolster Phuket street presence
  2. On roadside north of Phuket, stomachache turns into baby boy
  3. Body of missing Chinese swimmer washes ashore Phuket’s Kata Beach
  4. Phuket ladyboys pickpocket Swedish tourist
  5. Driver overshoots Phuket curve, car collides with utility pole
  6. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Pressure builds to publicly explain dam project
  7. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Woman jailed 5 years for lese majeste web comments
  8. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Picture of flood devastation emerges
  9. Three security men slain in hail of bullets in Krabi
  10. One-year-old boy dies, apparent victim of family abuse
  11. Two Chinese tourists mugged on the way to Cherng Talay supermarket
  12. Aussie taxi driver intimidates other drivers with gun, blade
  13. Chinese tourists drowns at popular Phuket day-trip location
  14. Russian expat likely killed in shallow-water blackout, says expert
  15. Seat belt saves Phuket chief judge in auto wreck
  16. Phuket’s new top cop makes a stand for human dignity
  17. Bangla daylight raid nets Phuket slow loris
  18. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Threat from typhoon eases [VIDEO]
  19. Phuket’s ‘Brother Pom’ leads Central taxi flock to legal co-op
  20. Tour operators warned of imposters in Similian National Park
  21. Go Eco Phuket starts eco-warrior recruitment
  22. Phuket wild boars ravage football-golf greens
  23. Alarmed drunkard dumps temple bell, flees scene
  24. Phuket jet-ski thug gets first taste of swift tourist court justice
  25. Phuket hitman Rambo denies death squad charges
  26. Phuket tour bus brakes fail, driver avoids disaster
  27. Russian dive instructor drowns at Racha Noi Island
  28. Phuket's new 'top cop' arrives on the island
  29. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Floods hit, more rain coming; High hopes for baby panda
  30. Phuket Opinion: Hailing a new era
  31. Phuket Opinion: The testing paradox
  32. Phuket Opinion: ‘Tis the season to crack down
  33. Rubber protests yield gains in Phuket
  34. Kata jet-ski operator attacks Israeli tourists
  35. Samkong underpass construction set to begin in November
  36. Army to battle pad kaphrao; Abhist warns PM over amendment; Big three to reduce price
  37. Video Report: Transnational drug lord Hunter deported, new Thai search laws enacted
  38. All invited to Islamic New Year fiesta in Phuket Town
  39. Police boost ranks as high season approaches
  40. Police ordered to carry out weekend blitz on crime
  41. Gunman Dj Bee on the run
  42. Strict firework controls put in place for upcoming Vegetarian Festival
  43. Massive Phuket mystery intensifies, but announcement promised for 'today'
  44. Similian National Park to protect swimmers from speedboats
  45. Enraged villagers protest over-sized truck nuisance, get results
  46. Patong Mayor Pian suspended
  47. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Bank security boost; Floods unabated; Granny kratom gro
  48. Phuket sex show raids not coming – yet
  49. Water stoppage to hit parts of Phuket on Monday
  50. Similian National Park to protect swimmers from jet-skiers
  51. Phuket officials inspect suspected land encroachment behind Boat Lagoon
  52. Video Report: Driver trapped in car for 30 minutes after crash
  53. No rest for the weary: Man comes home from work, is busted for drugs
  54. Light-fingered job-seeker nabbed for Phuket hotel thefts
  55. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Bangkok floods not critical, says BMA; Dam report scrap
  56. Phuket Police arrest US drugs fugitive
  57. Man gunned down over business negotiation, not love-triangle
  58. Phuket's tourist (only) court officially opens
  59. Phuket transport council agrees to 36% jump in taxi fares
  60. Five-month-old fetus found floating in Phuket Town canal
  61. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: PM defends her performance; China wants Asean rail-link
  62. Millennia-old cave art, earthenware discovered in Krabi
  63. Patong water-quality test results in – some of them
  64. Stiff penalties for Phuket slow loris touts in wake of Rihanna Instagram
  65. Phuket expat Gerald Mason in urgent need of help
  66. Phuket 7-Eleven teenage shooter claims self-defense
  67. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Flood under control, media blamed for 'panic'
  68. Phuket Viral: Rihanna sex show tweets put ball in police court
  69. Video Report: Phuket rescue worker shoots man over love triangle
  70. No justice served on Phuket Tourist Court's opening day
  71. Helmetless sidecar driver dies after big bike wipeout
  72. Leading candidate as Phuket’s new top cop ‘open to all’
  73. Chinese tourists and guide injured in speedboat collision
  74. Phuket teen gang shoots man dead over insults
  75. Phuket Opinion: Tourist Court vs Holiday Justice
  76. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Dam protesters in Bangkok; Turtles dumped at airport; G
  77. Phuket Opinion: Speaking of warm welcomes
  78. Phuket Opinion: Chow for a champion cheap charlie
  79. Phuket’s secret souvenir: The perfect pair
  80. Phuket man disabled by disease found hanged
  81. Phuket Police raids at Surin Beach ‘just routine’, says local police chief
  82. Phuket abuzz with Rihanna’s dirty loris talkin’
  83. Who let the Phuket python out?
  84. School bus flips in Krabi, injuring 13
  85. British, Irish expats in Phuket arrested by Immigration
  86. Phuket mass cleanup underway, aims to include everyone
  87. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Isarn floods as Bangkok forecast downgraded; Senators d
  88. Marine business operators readied for high season
  89. Phuket mobile phone operators vent over 'overzealous' consumer-protection policing
  90. Phuket bus overturns in Surat Thani – one dead, 29 injured
  91. Phuket Immigration cracks down on yachting, marine industry
  92. Myanmar national ignores warning flags, drowns at Karon Beach
  93. US Embassy consular outreach in Phuket
  94. Phuket Town holds age-old annual ‘Full Moon Party’
  95. Nigerian tourist attacked and robbed of his rented motorbike
  96. Phuket mystery clarified: Some to be up in the air
  97. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Bangkok prepares for floods; Cops collar sex toys; Wat
  98. Phuket Governor proposes more tuk-tuks for the island
  99. No limit on divers at Phi Phi Island ahead of high season
  100. Phuket wait for Australian Honorary Consul may take months
  101. Phuket Police praised for quick work in Brazilian snatch case
  102. Man decapitated in Phuket hit-and-run
  103. Phuket father's cash-quest was for wrong kind of drugs
  104. New threat claims from Central Festival Phuket taxi drivers, new denials
  105. Phuket lifeguards save drunk Singaporean from drowning
  106. Phuket protest rails against bridge name, rubber rights
  107. Tourist Police roadshow swings by Phuket
  108. Phuket motorbike driver with axe to grind arrested
  109. Motorbike dumped in pond mystifies park-goers
  110. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Swede bombmaker jailed; Rubber hoarders warned; House s
  111. Monk with Phuket mistress exposed by viral videos
  112. Phuket's legal tuk-tuk drivers warn against officials' inaction in Patong
  113. Thailand News: Asean not ready - yet; Cig warnings; Special law for rubber protests;
  114. Russian body found off Patong Beach
  115. Million-baht blaze ravages Phuket air-conditioner store
  116. Phuket Police on standby to counter rubber protests
  117. Phuket Tourist Court to open next Tuesday
  118. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Police crack down in Nakhon Si Thammarat; Ghost trains
  119. Phuket dengue numbers critical, says public health chief
  120. Patong apartment security guard arrested on statutory rape warrant
  121. Phuket officials bag six kratom, dope peddlers in 24 hours
  122. Uninvited little cobra evicted from Chalong residence
  123. Phuket gold thieves out of gas, out of luck
  124. Depressed man carrying a knife coaxed off highway and into hospital
  125. Phuket Tourist Court to open late this month
  126. Two Phuket cop-kickers caught
  127. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Fears rice scheme will break budget; Taxi CCTV on the r
  128. Phuket Opinion: The 90-day hassle
  129. Phuket Opinion: Providing a safe haven for abandoned pets
  130. Phuket trial over fatal Tiger Disco fire postponed
  131. Phuket Opinion: Beauty is only skin deep – even in paradise
  132. Greek claims Thai girlfriend swindled him out of Phuket property, two million baht
  133. Thief snatches 5,000 baht from 7-Eleven cash till
  134. Phuket Magic Eyes relaunch sets sights on 'Clean Up the World'
  135. VIDEO REPORT: Phuket police stick it to luxury-car owners
  136. Phuket tourism court on hold
  137. Single lingering regret for Phuket's top cop as he prepares to retire
  138. Phuket Prison marks 113th anniversary with deity statue
  139. Staffer at Phuket Chevrolet dealership arrested after pocketing B1.2mn
  140. Baby buffalo saved from watery death
  141. Thief says he needed money for sick son
  142. 9 million baht Chalong Circle study underway
  143. Alleged extortionist re-elected to run Phuket taxi group
  144. Jaran's hammer: 73-year-old beaten to death across the bay from Phuket
  145. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Bangkok police chief ethics probe; Security Council den
  146. Thailand Tourist Police Road Show to roll into Phuket
  147. Phuket flower-seller caught in drain
  148. Central Festival Phuket takes over taxi management
  149. Elephants rescue tourists stranded in Phang Nga jungle
  150. Phuket storm pulls down pine tree, power cables
  151. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Pracha faces Bt6.68bn fire truck probe; Rohingya land a
  152. Swiss man despondent over health problems attempts suicide
  153. Phuket Police officer beaten in mass brawl as suspect resists arrest
  154. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Soldiers killed; Cadmium contamination; Push to legaliz
  155. Phuket taxi cartel head arrested, denies extortion charges
  156. Corpse with distinctive tattoo washes up twice
  157. Phuket staffer wanted for slashing manager at shopping mall
  158. Phuket beach blitz nets illegal jet-skis, drug user at Patong
  159. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Bangkok flight delays continue; Abhisit in stupid woman
  160. Phuket lifeguards ordered to pull down 'unsightly' beach station
  161. Phuket murder trial: Girlfriend recounts night Aldhouse stabbed US Marine Dashawn Lon
  162. Celebrity Thai designer dies after Phuket beach rescue
  163. Phuket Governor leads sendoff for pilgrims performing Hajj
  164. Phuket town hit by flash flood after three-hour downpour
  165. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: THAI flight skids off Bangkok runway; Oil spill update;
  166. Phuket Opinion: How to steer children as they surf the web
  167. Phuket beach safety hits tide of resistance
  168. Phuket Opinion: So near, but often so far
  169. Phuket Opinion: Relegate the blight of jet-skis to the past
  170. Phuket Opinion: Relegate jet-ski dangers to the past
  171. Patong Beach water quality tests to take another two weeks
  172. Phuket to push for higher taxi fares, despite Bangkok opposition
  173. Phuket Police arrest shooter of Russian tourist
  174. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Govt won't budge on rubber; Porn in Parliament; People
  175. Phuket officials, business figures unite to fight graft
  176. Phuket Police close in on shooter of Russian tourist
  177. Patong tuk-tuk drivers lodge second complaint about illegal tuk-tuk drivers
  178. Phuket Town parents protest planned closures at municipal school
  179. Business operators win fight to keep shops at Phuket International Airport
  180. DSI lands windfall in Phuket illegal taxi fines, no cars seized
  181. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Rubber protests flare; Trang Airport fears; Tourist Cou
  182. Phuket Prison officer busted for drugs in Bangkok
  183. Phuket Police on guard to face angry rubber farmers
  184. Australian tourist dies after severe asthma attack invokes seizure
  185. Phuket Police baffled over Bang Tao beach bar blaze
  186. Phuket Romance: Man stabbed to death in feud over girlfriend
  187. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Rubber protests hit tourism, Expat fund scam bust; Educ
  188. Blackout in Cherng Talay - Bang Tao Beach
  189. Phuket vote fraud allegations can't stop Pian
  190. Phuket python accused of fowl play
  191. Phuket Airport operators angry over termination of concessions
  192. Chinese tourist comatose after Phuket jet-ski accident recovers
  193. Australian tourist dies in Patong motorcycle crash
  194. Phuket water authority defends water shutoffs
  195. Phuket teaches Russian, Chinese and Korean tour operators how to be legal
  196. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Experts offer recipe for reconciliation; Blair meets De
  197. Australian honorary consul Larry Cunningham steps down
  198. Phuket pilgrimage to honor the late Luang Pu Supha
  199. Man slain in Krabi, jealous lover suspected
  200. Body with head wound found floating near Phuket port
  201. Phuket taxi driver pleads guilty to abducting, sexually assaulting Chinese tourist
  202. Campaign launched to preserve Phuket sea gypsy culture
  203. Poll: Who are the real victims of corruption in Phuket?
  204. Phuket party thieves arrested with B1mn of stolen goods
  205. Baby’s body found at Phuket garbage depot
  206. Phuket braces for more underpass traffic jams at Tesco junction
  207. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Two guards gunned down at rubber rally; Case of missing
  208. Phuket Special Report: One fateful night at the Longhorn Saloon
  209. Phuket Opinion: The Carnival of Corruption
  210. Campaign launched to preserve Phuket sea gyspsy culture
  211. Phuket cobra gunned down in village standoff
  212. Chinese tourist comatose after jet-ski, speedboat collision in Phuket
  213. Human Rights Commission Rohingya-shooting report due ‘this month’
  214. Two Frenchmen and a Thai busted for stealing in Karon
  215. Rise in Phuket metered taxi fares to thwart cab cheats
  216. Krabi killer manhunt moves to Koh Lanta
  217. Burmese Rambo stabbed in Phuket slap flap
  218. Phuket kratom arrests continue as nation ponders decriminalizing the leaf
  219. Phuket jet-ski operators urged to be fair, polite
  220. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Cooking gas price hike; Ensure car locked; Land returne
  221. Phuket Court orders media blackout on Swedish murder trial
  222. Phuket expats corralled by new immigration rule for passports
  223. Phuket party thieves loot liquor store
  224. Human bones found in Phuket could bolster sea gypsy land claims
  225. Phuket kratom plantation cleared
  226. Patong bag-snatcher tracked by phone, caught in Chalong
  227. Chief vows to boost patrols to protect Phuket divers
  228. Thailand News: Kratom may be decriminalized; Govt firm on rubber; Chinese tourists in
  229. Aldhouse pleads guilty to Phuket murder charge
  230. Two thieves ‘tagged’ on Phuket City Police Facebook page
  231. Phuket resort staff receive lifeguard training to stave off tourist drownings
  232. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Push for bigger cigarette warnings; Rubber rally leader
  233. Phuket Police on standby to counter farmers’ protests in Deep South
  234. Manhunt in Krabi: Murderer out on bail slays stepson's wife, toddler
  235. New evidence in American expat death points to natural causes
  236. Italian expat arrested for stealing from Phuket temple
  237. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Flavored meth for kids; Illegal van kills 9; Photo visa
  238. Brown Patong Bay blamed on algae bloom
  239. Airport drug-scam allegation puzzles authorities
  240. Phuket police call for public’s help in identifying cafe thief
  241. Phuket bartender saved from drunken swim at Patong
  242. Smartphones stolen at gunpoint
  243. Phuket illegal resorts next on list, warns Parks chief
  244. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Laughing gas crackdown; Ranong highway blockades; Inhum
  245. Police move to detain Rohingya at purpose-built regional shelters
  246. Phuket Opinion: Not backing down in Phuket's edgiest district
  247. Landslide warning device installed in Phuket hills
  248. Phuket Opinion: Waste not, and waste not wanted
  249. Phuket Opinion: This could be heaven or this could be…
  250. Deputy PM calls for ‘one-stop’ police counters for Phuket tourists, expats