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  1. The Darkside,Pattaya
  2. No Country For Old Tuk Tuk Bosses
  3. Remember the teenage driver ??
  4. Traffic chaos as tropical storm hit Bangkok’s inner zone
  5. Busted pipe leaves Phuket areas dry
  6. Phuket News: Busted pipe leaves Phuket areas dry
  7. Phone of Russian missing in Phuket used days after girlfriend found
  8. 30 green sea turtles to taste freedom in Phuket today
  9. No tsunami alert issued in Phuket after 6.5 magnitude earthquake off Nicobar Islands
  10. Migrant laborer dies after tumble from Phuket pick-up truck
  11. Phuket student slays ex-girlfriend’s new love in knife attack
  12. Phuket man attacked after alleged rape of 14-year-old stepdaughter
  13. Russian woman rescued at popular Phuket beach
  14. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: February election declared void; Farmers siege Lottery
  15. Phuket mangrove squatters make plea for water, electricity
  16. DSI and FDA officers seize B10mn of illegal drugs with fake FDA labels
  17. Ousted Pian back in the Phuket race for Patong mayor
  18. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Popcorn gunman confesses; Senate Speaker indicted; Toxi
  19. Wastewater the source of rancid water on Phuket beach
  20. Phuket officials lay into landslide concerns caused by Big Buddha construction
  21. Protected Phuket hillside slashed and burned
  22. Phuket Police set to launch nationwide manhunt for Patong headhunter killers
  23. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Bangkok bunkers stay; Yingluck faces NACC probe; Ya bah
  24. Phuket Police seek arrest warrants for suspects in alleged kidnapping of Russians
  25. Phuket aims for 729-million-baht biofuel production facility
  26. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: State of Emergency lifted; Peace talks rejected; Thai r
  27. Formal charges against Phuket protest leaders delayed
  28. Tourism Minister targets Phuket’s stolen passport trade
  29. Phuket police connect two local expats to Russian missing persons case
  30. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Time bombs near Criminal Court; World Cup broadcast fre
  31. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Thousands evacuated as toxic dump fire smog blankets Ba
  32. Phuket Drive Thru: Woman blames car for surging into 7-Eleven
  33. Patong elections set for April 26, bringing another weekend alcohol ban
  34. Phuket’s B120mn road to Freedom Beach inches forward
  35. Phuket national park encroachment investigation in full swing again
  36. Blackout strikes third of island as Phuket sees year’s first rain
  37. Police post bodyguard for Russian 'kidnap' victim
  38. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Court may rule election unlawful; Military reshuffle to
  39. Special Report: Phuket's stolen passports shine light on illegal migrant corridor to
  40. Phuket Opinion: Casting aside modern conveniences for an island dream
  41. Letter from the Phuket Governor: Creating unity in a time of discord
  42. Phuket Opinion: Preventing passport malpractice
  43. Raging Phuket black market passport trade
  44. Rain breaks Phuket’s worst drought in 30 years
  45. Mysterious deaths of Quebec sisters may be due to lethal dose of pesticide
  46. Dazed and confused: Danish expat crashes into Thalang store
  47. Australian long-term expat dies after fall from motorbike in Phuket
  48. Phuket tour bus drivers caught in Patong Hill checkpoint drug blitz
  49. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: UN help sought to protect Uighur refugees; CMPO to prop
  50. Murder brings curfew for Myanmar workers in Patong
  51. Chinese tourists safe after brakes fail on Phuket’s Patong Hill
  52. Phuket Airport customs officers nail drug mule with B7mn of ya ice
  53. Shark killed off Phuket Beach raises online ire
  54. 30 cops for 30 gamblers in Phuket Town raid
  55. Phuket Police go for the balls to unite Patong
  56. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Mass refugees found may be Uighurs; Budget deficit to d
  57. Phuket Police push Line app to combat passport thefts at motorbike rental shops
  58. Local Phuket student could be 'The Star'
  59. Phuket murder fugitive ‘Mick the Pom’ arrested in the Philippines
  60. Phuket’s annual Battle of Thalang festival returns
  61. Snake jumps queue for ID card at Phuket district office
  62. Phuket Red Cross launches March mobile donation mission
  63. Missing Flight MH370 strayed to south of Phuket, Malaysia military says
  64. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Six dead in elephant crash; Bt2-tn loan bill rejected;
  65. DNA test confirms body parts are of missing Phuket girl Nong Dear, 7
  66. Russian on motorbike kills Phuket security guard
  67. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Teen slays own family; Yingluck faces protest murder ch
  68. Tourist Police confirm round up of Phuket dive instructors
  69. Thai Navy relaunches search for missing Malaysian plane off Phuket
  70. Unidentified body found off Phuket beach
  71. Phuket motorbike shop hands out wrong passport in return for a stolen one
  72. Third Naval Area Command calls off search for MH370
  73. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Stolen Austrian passport used by Iranian teenage migran
  74. Phuket Police hunt for suspects involved in decapitation
  75. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: CMPO considers lifting emergency decree; PDRC holds for
  76. Phuket officials combat Karon wastewater, put heat on hotels
  77. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: One suspect who used stolen passport on Malaysia Airlin
  78. Eight candidates enter race for Phuket senator, one rejected
  79. Phuket Police arrest drug mule with crystal meth, dealer escapes
  80. Phuket tour boat owners fight illegal boat operators with new club
  81. Phuket stolen passports may unravel missing Malaysian flight mystery
  82. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Krabi coal plant fight heats up; Senate election nears;
  83. Phuket Opinion: Marketing failing airport bus service
  84. Special Report: Trafficking abuse of Myanmar Rohingya spreads to Malaysia
  85. Phuket Opinion: Changing the way we see with photos
  86. Phuket Opinion: Road safety: what we’re doing wrong
  87. Phuket expat volunteers back on beat after misunderstanding, says Patong’s new top co
  88. Video Report: Uninsured Phuket ship sunk by fire, owners estimate 5mn in losses
  89. Frenchman steals testosterone from Phuket pharmacy in his underpants
  90. Murder investigation launched after discovery of body in Phuket drainpipe
  91. Patong Mayor Pian guilty of vote fraud, but will run for re-election
  92. Dry Phuket conditions cause another blaze to errupt
  93. Concerns grow over Krabi's proposed coal projects
  94. Log caused Phuket speedboat accident
  95. Log caused Phuket speedboat accident yesterday
  96. Krabi villagers build bamboo barriers to protect the coast
  97. Sweden to Phuket: Epic cycling journey for island orphanage
  98. Region's top cop praises understaffed Chalong Police
  99. Breaking News: Ship bursts into flames off Phuket
  100. Travel agent east of Phuket busted for using lost debit card
  101. Protests hold up Phuket sea gypsy DNA results
  102. Phuket motorcycle taxi driver nabbed for swiping wallet
  103. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Satish seeks royal pardon; Surapong to engage envoys; S
  104. Patong police delay action on tourist extortion claims
  105. Phuket teacher recovering after blood donations allow for safe surgery
  106. Breaking News: Phuket tourists rescued from sinking boat off Phi Phi
  107. Phuket Airport taxis face undercover sting operation
  108. Drug dealer turns in Phuket suppliers
  109. Breaking News: Phuket expat volunteers quit over police corruption allegations
  110. Phuket Marine Police help thirsty sea gypsies
  111. Phuket Marine Police conduct boat safety raids
  112. Phuket expat volunteers strike amid Patong Police fallout
  113. Phuket mini-crepe maker saved from sharks, gets gift of a lifetime
  114. Phuket speed cameras return to bypass road this week
  115. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Interpol fugitives nabbed in Bangkok; Police seize weap
  116. Urgent call for blood to save Phuket teacher
  117. Burning rubber in dry grass leads to flaming car
  118. Phuket tuk-tuk blockade ousts Patong Police superintendent
  119. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Inflation hits 7-month high; Construction companies adj
  120. Woman saved from Phuket mob after fatal motorbike collision
  121. Phuket Provincial Hall fails to re-open
  122. Phuket restaurant owner saves the month for woman in Cherng Talay
  123. Soderlund to appeal conviction for Phuket murder
  124. Phuket Police arrest man with counterfeit US$10,000 ‘Nan Francisco’ bank notes
  125. Two Phuket tourist vans collide, injuring six
  126. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Re-election turnout low; US shocked by deaths of childr
  127. Breaking News: Swede gets life for stabbing murder
  128. Smoke clears from Myanmar’s first dive boat sinking
  129. Phuket Opinion: Good news for Phuket life on the road
  130. Phuket Opinion: Extending a helping hand at the hospital
  131. Phuket Opinion: Deputizing the masses
  132. Phuket Provincial Hall may open Monday as protesters pack up Bangkok Shutdown
  133. Heroines’ Memorial Festival kicks off in Phuket today
  134. 6-year-old, aunt killed in Phuket motorbike crash
  135. Phuket Vice Governor orders stop to Big Buddha construction
  136. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Bangkok Shutdown called off
  137. Phuket woman found dead in room did not have TB, says Health Office
  138. Former Diamond Beach Club DJ dies in Phuket motorbike crash
  139. Last witnesses for prosecution in Dokset murder trial take the stand
  140. ‘Milkman’ armed robber hunted by Phuket Police
  141. Gardening for layabouts
  142. Safer Phuket initiative saves a life at Nai Harn Beach
  143. Phuket anti-government protest leaders deny obstruction charges
  144. Phuket vehicle rental operators warned of passport scam
  145. Phuket Airport Express Bus still in the red
  146. Russian tourists unharmed in 10mn baht resort fire east of Phuket
  147. Rohingya rape case held north of Phuket dropped for lack of evidence
  148. Creeping Phuket python shows up for breakfast
  149. Phuket governor says Karon Beach water safe, clean
  150. Krabi students in global art project
  151. Aussie helps disabled Phuket cigarette vendor get a leg to stand on
  152. Phuket’s X-Terminal officially opened
  153. Police charge Phuket driver for death of Finnish national
  154. Phuket police chase down snatch-theft duo
  155. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Violent deaths shake Bangkok to core
  156. No money lost in latest Phuket ATM break-in
  157. Tourists shocked as Phuket beach water turns rancid again in Karon, this time black
  158. DMCR chief calls on Phuket residents, tourists to protect marine sanctuaries
  159. Phuket student wins national spelling competition
  160. Fire erupts on Toh Sae Hill, destroys two rai of Phuket jungle
  161. Phuket maid pulled from bus to Bangkok with over B100,000 in stolen loot
  162. Police solicit help to catch ATM-scammer gangs operating on Phuket
  163. Speedboat sinks in high-speed collision across the bay from Phuket
  164. Ukrainian expat falls to death from Phuket condo balcony
  165. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: UN calls for an end to violence, offers to mediate
  166. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Yingluck leaves Bangkok as bombs, gunfire punctuate unr
  167. Hazardous Phuket moorings removed from Chalong Bay
  168. Phuket Opinion: Navigating the 'expat hump'
  169. Phuket Opinion: Forging a place for women on the force
  170. Phuket Opinion: 'Bangkok-centric' travel slows Phuket progress
  171. German woman takes fatal fall down stairs in Phuket
  172. Finn struck by car while crossing Phuket Road
  173. Phuket drug crackdown apprehends 62
  174. Phuket cops' early morning raid nets 11 thieves, drug users
  175. Illegal wedding photographers busted in Phuket
  176. Patong Tunnel compensation for evicted Phuket villagers jumps to B2.56bn
  177. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: CMPO seeks clarification; Social classes discovered in
  178. [Video Report] Alleged French ATM scammers caught bribing Phuket police
  179. Wind at yachties' backs in Phuket as boom swings against boat-stay law
  180. Frenchwoman in fatal crash identified as Phuket yacht staff trainer
  181. Local Phuket fishing competition out to catch it all
  182. Wind at yachties' back as boat-stay law in Phuket boom swings
  183. Krabi resort owner vows legal action over demolition
  184. Airport-bound foreigners safe after illegal taxi catches fire
  185. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Farmers return home; More Southern violence; Russian wa
  186. Phuket EC not enrolling MP candidates by mail, yet
  187. AirAsia flight makes emergency landing in Phuket after Mecca pilgrim suffers heart fa
  188. Phuket canal reeking again, noodle factory blamed
  189. Widow of slain Phuket protester returns from Bangkok before fresh wave of violence
  190. Unidentified foreign woman killed in Phuket crash
  191. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Both sides suffer from violent clashes; New plan to pay
  192. The Terminal: asylum seekers' limbo at Phuket Airport to end soon
  193. Italian busted for drug dealing in Phuket
  194. Chalong steals Phuket’s booze ban spotlight this weekend
  195. Phuket protesters head to Bangkok despite deadly violence
  196. Thailand Breaking News: Erawan Centre says three killed, 59 injured in clash
  197. DSI chief says one policeman killed in Bangkok clash
  198. Phuket water shutoff leaves residents and tourists high and dry
  199. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Crackdown sees several injured, including police
  200. Swedish tourist falls to death from slippery Phuket bar
  201. Phuket Vice Governor champions Australian’s metered taxi complaint
  202. Deaf Ukrainian begging tourist arrested in Central Festival Phuket
  203. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Rice, bank runs and elections
  204. Phuket residents close accounts in protest of massive loan for rice-pledging scheme
  205. Phuket baby born with rare condition out of ICU, finally home
  206. Phuket Tourist Police help Chinese bag-snatch victims arrange for new passports
  207. Missing Phuket woman with Alzheimer's killed in hit-and-run
  208. Phuket woman with Alzheimer's killed in hit-and-run
  209. New ports to be developed for popular island gateways north of Phuket
  210. Phuket Police arrest scissor-wielding French thief
  211. Phuket baby born with rare disease out of ICU, finally home
  212. Phuket Opinion: Taking the higher path to reporting
  213. Phuket Opinion: Just give it time
  214. Phuket Opinion: Clean up time for Tourist Police
  215. Phuket Police pounce on booze ban violator
  216. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Operation Valentine a success says CMPO; Rice farmers t
  217. Phuket City Police arrest two men brandishing illegal firearm
  218. Mixed holiday keeps Phuket temples and shop owners busy
  219. Déjà vu for Phuket Passport Office
  220. Patong Bay's brown water is safe, says Phuket expert
  221. Volcanic ash forces Australia-Phuket flight cancellations
  222. Volcanic ash fall forces Australia-Phuket flight cancellations
  223. Four Saturday night Phuket booze bans in sight as elections loom
  224. All invited to save the ocean with Laguna Phuket's 20th annual Sea Turtle Release
  225. Norwegian man in ICU saved by Phuket blood donors
  226. Phuket Governor continues stampede of visits to support agricultural strategy
  227. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Police launch Operation Valentine to clear Rajdamnoen r
  228. Dozens of fish saved from entangled net at top Phuket dive destination
  229. Phuket crepe vendor's livelihood up in flames
  230. Flying Carpet freak accident unavoidable, says chief
  231. Phuket booze ban keeps Cupid's arrows flying straight
  232. Phuket Civil Defense Volunteers feted at 60th Anniversary
  233. Third dive boat's final plunge sparks fire-safety awareness efforts
  234. Runaway driver leaves visa runners stranded, swipes more than B37,000
  235. Phuket hosts meeting on safe handling of radioactive materials
  236. Electrical short started fire on Phuket’s MV Blue Star, says chief
  237. Phuket Marine Office offers B10,000 reward for pictures of oil-dumpers
  238. One Phuket student killed, two injured in motorbike accident
  239. Phuket rubber tapper fatally felled by tree branch
  240. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: First rally leader detained; Labour Ministry compiles h
  241. New fees and regulations established for Phuket pier
  242. All safe after Phuket dive boat sinks off Myanmar
  243. Argument leads to fatal fight outside Phuket karaoke bar
  244. Phuket Passport Office re-opens despite protesters
  245. One at large after drug dealers open fire on Krabi Police
  246. Russian tourist, 42, drops dead while chatting with friends
  247. Phuket Gazette Thailand News: Rice rally violence alert; Police seek Lak Si gunmen, a
  248. Special Report: If there's something strange and it don't look good… who ya gonna cal
  249. Owners of abandoned Phuket resort refuse to give way
  250. Phuket Opinion: Happy days again