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  1. Hun Sen Creates New Military Brigade After Border Dispute
  2. Victim’s Family Speaks Out Amid Rape Row
  3. US Businesses Give Cambodia Mixed Marks
  4. Shifting Tourist Market Leaves Handicrafts Behind
  5. Party HQ Searched Amid Terror Allegations
  6. RCAF Officer Sentenced to 5 Years for Hawking Fake Unit Jobs
  7. Some Angkor Park Homes May Be Spared From Removal: Official
  8. Garment Factory, Workers Ink Deal After Protesters Run Over
  9. On One-Year Anniversary, Activists Call for Tep Vanny Release
  10. Government Rebuts Political Motive for Tax Investigations
  11. Despite Ban, Millions in Timber Continue to Cross Border
  12. ABA Bank ATM Blown Up in Kep Province; Suspect at Large
  13. Body of Missing Border Officer Found in River
  14. NEC Drops Regulation After NGOs Complain
  15. National Assembly to Consider Overseas Voting Proposal ‘Soon’
  16. Pizzeria Manager Gets 8 Years for Sex Trafficking
  17. National Assembly to Consider Overseas Voting
  18. Rights Groups Raise Alarm Over Threats, Surveillance
  19. Snap Trial Of Hun Sen Critic Started, Delayed
  20. US Sex Offender Charged With Rape of Cambodian Child
  21. Activists Reject TV Boss’s Apology for Rape Remark
  22. UN Rights Envoy Says Current Political Climate Still ‘Tense’
  23. Artist Reflects on Country’s Past, Present to Heal, Celebrate Cambodians
  24. Three Provisionally Charged in Violent Kampot ELC Eviction
  25. Japanese Expert to Study Possible Airport Skytrain Routes
  26. Ambitious Effort to Place Kids in School Hits Target Early
  27. Future Forum Says Electoral Formula Favors Big Political Parties
  28. Government Brands Villagers ‘Secessionist’ After Srekor Office Denial
  29. Letter to the Editor: Cambodians Overseas Have the Right to Vote
  30. Letter to the Editor: 1998 Ministry Attack an ‘Assassination Attempt’
  31. Petition Calls For TV Boss to Apologize Over Rape Remarks
  32. Police Back Factory Manager Who Ran Over Protesting Workers
  33. CNRP Submits Revised Overseas Voting Law to National Assembly
  34. Laos Border Dispute Leads to Critic’s Arrest
  35. RFA, VOA Under Scrutiny Amid Tax Investigations
  36. Villagers Summoned Over Peaceful Protest Against Sand Dredging
  37. Thai Surrogate’s Child Among Those Requiring Formal Exit
  38. Appeal Court Upholds 20-Month Sentence for Sam Rainsy
  39. ELC Eviction Turns Violent as Cars Destroyed, Guard Beaten
  40. Researchers Put a Price Tag on Deforestation in Cambodia
  41. Villagers Ask for More Time to Remove Angkor Park Homes
  42. Military Police Move Top Officials Across Country
  43. Laotian Troops Pull Out of Disputed Border Area
  44. Cambodian Fisherman Taken From Thai Boats to Be Sent Home
  45. Prime Minister Heads to Vientiane After Giving Laos Troops 6 Days to Leave Border Are
  46. Appeal Court Upholds 20 Month Sentence for Sam Rainsy
  47. Prime Minister Gives Laos Troops 6 Days to Leave Border Area
  48. Dancing Against Discrimination
  49. Kim Sok Gets 18 Months and Last Word in Rowdy Verdict
  50. Justice Ministry Studying Alternatives to Prison for Some Inmates
  51. Waving Worthless Approval Papers, Angkor Villagers Lose Homes
  52. CNRP Proposal Seeks to Allow Migrants to Register, Vote Abroad
  53. Senator’s Appeal Hearing Proceeds in Her Absence
  54. No Issuance of New Travel Documents for US Deportees, Gov’t Says
  55. Thai Migration Leaves Workers Vulnerable to Abuse: Report
  56. Report: New Laws Undercut Constitutional Freedoms, Rights
  57. Hong Kong: Proposed Fee for Maids Program May Be High
  58. After Incredible Finds, Angkor Archaeologists Wrap Up Dig
  59. Denied Asylum, 13 Montagnards Sent to Vietnam
  60. Suspect Nabbed Months After Guesthouse Murder
  61. Long-Planned Drug Center Starts Construction
  62. Firebrand Kim Sok Ordered to Pay Hun Sen $200,000, Gets 18 Months in Prison
  63. Arrest Warrant Issued for CNRP’s Top Phnom Penh Boss
  64. Authorities, Village Residents Set for Clash in Angkor Park
  65. Court Upholds ‘Espionage’ Charge for Australian Filmmaker
  66. Gov’t Officials, Plainclothes Police Crash Village Protest Meeting
  67. Agencies With Gov’t Ties to Send Maids to Hong Kong
  68. Ministry Vows to Stop Illegal Thai Border Crossings
  69. AirAsia Launches Flights From Sihanoukville to SE Asian Hub
  70. Painter Helps Graduate Art Students Live Off Their Passion
  71. Phnom Penh Plans to Clear Shops From Streets, Sidewalks
  72. Cambodia Urges Patience in Making Asean, N Korea Statements
  73. Opposition Accuses CPP of Obstructing Work
  74. Indigenous Groups Call for Respect, Land Titles on UN Day
  75. Agencies With Gov’t Ties to Send Maids to Hong Kong
  76. Montagnards Depart Phnom Penh for Vietnam
  77. Canada to Reconsider Demining Funds: Minister
  78. Curses Cast as Court Upholds 30-Month Tep Vanny Sentence
  79. Hun Sen’s Violent Rhetoric: Will Words Become Deeds in 2018?
  80. Government Rights Chief Calls Beating Threats ‘Education’
  81. Kem Sokha Tours Country Gathering Post-Election Feedback
  82. In Japan, Hun Sen Guarantees ‘Peace, Security’ for Investors
  83. Former Opposition Youth Leader Joins the KPP
  84. Boeng Tompun Villagers Promised Land; Confusion Remains
  85. Seized Tractors, Used by Police Officers, to Be Returned to HQ
  86. Thai Employers Report More Than 200K Cambodian Migrants
  87. After UN Provided Glimmer of Hope, Montagnards to Be Deported
  88. Hun Sen Forger Wanted to Appear to Be Gov’t Employee
  89. Appeal Court Upholds 30-Month Tep Vanny Sentence
  90. From Housewife to Grassroots Warrior: The Rise of Tep Vanny
  91. Ministry Says Most NGOs Ignore Tax Requirements
  92. Anti-Protest Police Train With Live Rounds
  93. KNUP Future in Doubt as Bun Chhay Jailed, Deputy Defects
  94. Anti-Dredging Activist Held for Filming, Inciting Protesters
  95. UN Rights Envoy Arrives Today Amid Repressive Election Lead-Up
  96. Villagers Seek Help in Long-Lasting Land Dispute
  97. Sesan Residents Searched Over Fears of ‘Terrorism’
  98. Cambodia’s Breastfeeding Rates High Despite Policy Gaps
  99. Angkor Excavation Team Find a Medicine Buddha
  100. Prime Minister Requests Japan’s Funds For Phnom Penh Skytrain
  101. Tourism Ministry Site Hacked With Viagra Pitch
  102. 59 RCAF Officers Rank Up in New Promotions
  103. Mass Fainting at Factory Blamed on Blood Sugar
  104. Nhek Bun Chhay Charged for Drug Offenses
  105. Deportation of Montagnards Stalled After UN Objection
  106. Chevron Subpoenaed Over Kem Ley Murder Case
  107. CNRP Will Propose Changes to Allow Voting From Abroad
  108. Government Digs Into Tax Returns of NGOs, Cambodia Daily
  109. Mam Sonando Gives Up the Helm of Beehive Party He Founded
  110. PM to Hold Weekly Meetings With Workers
  111. Girl Suffers Electric Shock at Siem Reap Pool, Parents Say
  112. Traditional Cambodian Textiles Styled With a Modern Twist
  113. Website Launched to Provide New Resource for Unregistered SMEs
  114. Cambodian Team Qualifies for Global Technology Contest
  115. US Answers Citizenship Threat by PM
  116. Vovinam Fighters Bring Home Gold for MMA
  117. Ministry: Evidence Bun Chhay Involved In Drug Trade
  118. Mam Sonando Resigns As Head of Beehive Party
  119. Mob Beats Man as Kidnapping Fears Continue
  120. Raids on Alleged Scammers Send Chinese Fleeing Across Border
  121. NEC Declines to Push Law for Overseas Voter Registration
  122. Volunteer Cleanups to Receive Boost From Website, Contest
  123. Gov’t Foe Hit With 10-Year-Old Warrant
  124. Surrogacy Broker Given 18-Month Sentence
  125. PM Defends Minister, Slams US and Human Rights Watch
  126. Divisive Star
  127. NGO Facing Expulsion Praised for Programs
  128. Commune Councilors Unanimously Vote Down Donation Box
  129. Prime Minister Threatens the Opposition, NGOs With Dissolution
  130. Gadfly Aspires to Mobilize Protestors, Dissolve CPP for Violations
  131. Prison Employees Accused in Sextortion Case
  132. S Reap, K Chhnang Governors Re-Appointed
  133. Defrocked Monk Given Fresh Robes After Prison
  134. Former General Nhek Bun Chhay Brought In for Questioning
  135. Tammy Davis-Charles, 2 Others Handed 18 Months in Prison Over Surrogacy
  136. Hundreds Nabbed in Biggest-Ever VoIP Raid
  137. Commerce Ministry Inks Rice Export Deal With Bangladesh
  138. Expressway to Laos Is News To Ministry
  139. Takeo Man Charged for Facebook Post About Child Kidnapping
  140. ‘Capture Project’ Portrays Trauma of Forest Wildlife Snares
  141. NGO in Hun Sen’s Crosshairs Remains Open, Under Investigation
  142. HRW Calls for Loose-Lipped Minister’s Firing
  143. Armed Military Police to Join Apsara Authority for Razing
  144. Dispute Between Capitol, Drivers Rolls On
  145. Suspect: Trafficked Weapons From Japan Disarming Program
  146. Japanese to Provide Flood Aid During PM Visit
  147. 19 Endangered Ibis Nests Found in Preah Vihear
  148. Wife Detained for Acid Attack Against Husband
  149. Gov’t Creates Joint Committee to Tackle Flooding
  150. Worker Recruitment Agency Shut by Anti-Trafficking Department
  151. In Latest Tirade, Hun Sen Casts Death Threats Over Rumors
  152. Kidnapping Rumors Prompt Second Arrest, Reprimand From PM
  153. Returning Sesan Families Warned of Greater Floods From Dam
  154. Assembly Rejects Lawmaker’s Request for Sand Mining Info
  155. Singapore Company Agrees to Build on Boeng Kak Lake Land
  156. Hun Sen Demands Closure Of NGO Over CNN ‘Insult’
  157. Government Passes Waste Disposal Plans to Local Authorities
  158. CPP’s Election Strategy: Cash, Power, Beatings, Minister Says
  159. Anti-Drug Authority Asks Courts to Speed Up Drug Prosecutions
  160. Song Rights Awarded to Bun Chhoeun Family
  161. Apsara Sets Razing Deadline; Villagers to Protest
  162. Government To Monitor Sam Rainsy’s Facebook Page
  163. For Archaeologists, a Dream Find at Angkor Park
  164. Police: Group Behind Organ-Snatching Rumors
  165. CNN Defends Child Trafficking Report From Government Rebuke
  166. Monk Launches Campaign Against LDP Leader Khem Veasna
  167. Iraqi Deminers Finish Training Visit, Colombians on the Way
  168. Tbong Khmum Residents Evacuated as Mekong Floods Moves South
  169. Police Seeking Four More for Allegedly Smuggling Weapons
  170. CNRP Commune Donation Box Sparks Ruling Party Outcry
  171. Four Men Arrested for Poipet Fake Money Scam
  172. Thai Employers Report 60K Cambodian Migrants
  173. Cabinet Schedules First Meeting in Seven Weeks
  174. Child Sex Offender Arrested in Cambodia Will Be Deported to US
  175. King’s CPP Stand-In Enacts Party Law Changes
  176. Government to Investigate CNN Prostitution Coverage
  177. Villagers Find Temporary Shelter as Sesan Dam Floods Homes
  178. Jolie Criticized for Disputed Article on Khmer Rouge Film
  179. Defense Minister Tea Banh Awarded ‘Samdech’ Honorific
  180. Hun Sen Sets Date for Next National Election—July 29, 2018
  181. Women’s Charter Aims to End Violence Against Women in Cambodia
  182. As Drug Crackdown Continues, Anti-Drug Funds Allocated by Results
  183. Young Business Leaders Recognized in Entrepreneur Awards
  184. Border Scholar to Lead Country’s Highest Academic Body
  185. From Drug Hell to Redemption: an Artist’s Addiction Journey
  186. Flooding, Water Shortage Expected After Regional Storms Disperse
  187. Kidnapping Rumors Fuel Fears, Mob Beating
  188. UK Teacher Charged in Child Sex Abuse Case
  189. Interior Ministry to Investigate CNN Child Prostitution Coverage
  190. U.K. Teacher Imprisoned In Child Sex Abuse Case
  191. Storms Threaten Capital, Stung Treng Flooding Continues
  192. End of an Era
  193. Tensions Rise During Tep Vanny Appeal Court Hearing
  194. Cambodia Sees Its First Month Without Mine, UXO Victims
  195. End of an Era
  196. Tourism Ministry Offers Contest to Welcome Chinese Visitors
  197. Orphanage Oversight Passed to Provincial, Local Authorities
  198. What’s in A Name? SRP Faces Rebranding
  199. Authorities Ready for Tropical Storm ‘Sonca’ Flood Evacuations
  200. Speedboats Deployed as Sesan Dam Begins Flooding One Village
  201. Deputy Principal Provisionally Charged With Sexual Abuse
  202. Cambodia Joins World Sailing Body, Eyes 2023
  203. Cambodia Not Punishing Offenders in Migrant Cases
  204. Woman Who Kidnapped Baby Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison
  205. NGOs Help Six More Workers to Repatriate From Malaysia
  206. Firm to Return ‘Spirit Mountains’ in Latest Land Concession
  207. Minorities Forced to Trek From Sesan Village
  208. Apsara Authority Approves 500 New Angkor Park Home Rebuilds
  209. UN Chooses Hospitality Restaurant NGO for Mentoring Program
  210. Chinese Nationals, Seven From Taiwan, to Be Deported Over Scam
  211. Political Pundit Kim Sok Defiant Through Trial
  212. For Migrants, Pull of Higher Wages Still Strong
  213. One Drowns as Floods Hit Preah Vihear
  214. Tax Revenue Nets $1.2 Billion in the First Half of the Year
  215. Interior Minister Approves Draft of Fire Safety Building Codes
  216. Kem Ley’s Widow: I Would Have Rejected PM’s Donations
  217. Project Aims to Send Children in Orphanages Home
  218. Two Freight Trains Collide in Sihanoukville, Results in Minor Injuries
  219. Three Men Provisionally Charged for Weapons Trafficking, Smuggling
  220. Missed Cabinet Meetings Fuel Illness Rumors
  221. Project Aims to Send Children in Orphanages Home
  222. Garment Factories Aiming to Kick Taxes on Footwear to US
  223. Party Law Sails Through; SRP Mulls Name Change
  224. First Khmer Rouge History Mobile App Released on Android
  225. UN Officials Blocked From Villages Facing Threat of Flood
  226. City Hall to Measure Land of Lake Families Fearing Eviction
  227. Ministry, Embassies Talk Surrogacy Exit Plans
  228. Search Leads to Arrest in Banteay Meanchey
  229. School Official in Court Over Child Sex Abuse
  230. Singer Accuses Former General’s Son of Abuse, Revenge Porn
  231. Thai Centers Set for Process of Legalizing Migrant Workers
  232. Three Children Drown in Reservoir in Kandal
  233. Another Guilty, Corrupt Official Walks Free
  234. Deminer Stockpiled Smuggled Arms: Police
  235. Police: Deminer Stockpiled Smuggled Arms
  236. Another Guilty, Corrupt Official Walks Free
  237. Evacuations Planned as Tropical Storm May Flood Preah Vihear
  238. Low Police Rape Stats Likely Point to Fear of Coming Forward
  239. Prime Minister Vows to Keep Children’s Hospitals Running
  240. Doubts Raised in Sex Abuse Case Involving Deputy Principal
  241. Prime Minister Vows to Keep Children’s Hospitals Running
  242. First ‘Islamic’ MFI Eyes Opening by End of Year
  243. Nine Cambodians Repatriated From Malaysia
  244. China Funded 70% of Cambodian Roads, Bridges: Minister
  245. King Flies Out Of Country, Dodging Party Law Signing
  246. Under Pressure, Senior KNUP Officials Jump Ship to Funcinpec
  247. Laotian Man Arrested for Trafficking Nearly 5 kg of Crystal Meth
  248. Separate School Officials Arrested for Allegedly Abusing Pupils
  249. Cambodians Nabbed For Weapons Smuggling
  250. Prime Minister Donates $50,000 to Fund Kem Ley Stupa