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  1. Foreign Parents of Surrogate Babies Face Reporting Mandate
  2. NEC Announces Shortcut for Voters Without IDs
  3. Sunday’s Vote to Set Stage For 2018 National Election
  4. Ministry Puts NGOs Under Watch, Alleging CNRP Bias
  5. CNRP’s Phnom Penh Party Head Summoned Over Beating
  6. Communes Through Time
  7. Interior Ministry: NGOs Under Watch for Supporting CNRP
  8. Expert View
  9. Voter Voices: Phal Kanitha, 30
  10. CNRP March Plans Rejected
  11. Court Delays Questioning of CNRP Candidates
  12. Government Faces Accusations of Suppressing Workers’ Votes
  13. Hun Sen’s Paradox: Absolute Power With Limits
  14. Opposition Party Foresees Big Ballot Gains in Phnom Penh
  15. Asean, Australian MPs Criticize CPP in Lead-Up to Elections
  16. Widow of UN Peacekeeper Who Died of Malaria Gets $70K
  17. Government to Endorse National Organic Produce Standard
  18. Fishing Cat Sighted in Koh Kong Province for First Time in Two Years
  19. Lawyers for Adhoc 5 Make New Appeals To Start Trial
  20. Chinese Men Nabbed in Sihanoukville After Clash
  21. CNRP Official Requests Bail After Hit-and-Run
  22. Monks Debate Their Right to the Ballot Box
  23. Nearly 100 Caught in Raid on Foreign Workers
  24. Pair Arrested With SUV Full of Luxury Wood
  25. NGO Calls for Additional Research, Postponed Talks on Dam
  26. Just Days Before Elections, Three CNRP Candidates Defect to CPP
  27. Complaint Against Two Cambodia Daily Reporters Rejected
  28. Ministries Announce New Investigation Into Ponzi Scheme
  29. CPP, Opposition Plan Rival Friday Rallies in Phnom Penh
  30. Land Minister Urges White Building Residents to Support CPP
  31. Expert View
  32. Land Issue Promises May No Longer Deliver Votes
  33. Voter Voices: Sam Srey Nich, 19
  34. CNRP Cites Poll, Rallies as Reasons for Election Optimism
  35. Opinion: Hun Sen Has a Friend in Trump
  36. Letter to the Editor: Is Cambodia Going Down the Road to Elimination Again?
  37. Sokha Rejects Hun Sen’s ‘Peace’ Claims, Mocks Dancing
  38. Election Monitor: Sample-Based Observation Most Effective
  39. Opposition Party Official Charged Over Campaign Hit-and-Run
  40. Buoy Line Set Up in Sihanoukville to Protect Swimmers
  41. Voter Voices: Seng Bunthoeun, 22
  42. Amnesty International Criticizes Country’s ‘Corrupt’ Court System
  43. Portraying Cambodia, Art Spans Worlds of Politics and Nature
  44. Customs Recorded Less Than 1% of Singapore Sand Imports
  45. Expert View: Do policies or personalities win elections?
  46. CPP ‘Upper Level’ Behind Suit Against Opposition: Plaintiff
  47. Suspected Over Forestry Shooting, Soldier Charged Over Illegal Gun
  48. Garment Industry Facing Subcontracting Threat: ILO
  49. U.S. Congressmen Urge Gov’t to Respect Voters’ Rights
  50. Security Guards Remove CNRP Campaign Election Stickers
  51. Expert View: What do you think will be the key issue for voters in these commune elec
  52. CNRP Sneaks In Extra Phnom Penh Rally
  53. Parties Battle For Lonely Ratanakkiri Commune
  54. Canal-Side Community Will Receive New Plots, Land Titles
  55. Government Bans Alcohol, Citing ‘Disorder’
  56. No Investigation Into Prime Minister’s Comments: NEC
  57. Four Monk Activists Detained Following Opposition March
  58. Svay Rieng Police Halt Training Session For Election Observers
  59. Forestry Shooting Suspect Held Over Weapon
  60. CNRP Official Detained After Rally Hit-and-Run
  61. Opinion: Violent Threats Could Spur ICC Investigation
  62. Voter Voices: Chan Samon, 39
  63. Court Complaint Filed Against Cambodia Daily Reporters
  64. Four Activist Monks Detained After CNRP Rally
  65. $500k Commune Pledge Will Stem Migration: Sokha
  66. NEC: No Complaints Filed Against Prime Minister Over War Rhetoric
  67. Sibling Rivalry: Two Brothers Face Off in Tightly Contested Takeo Province Commune
  68. Seventh Refugee From Nauru Arrives Under Deal
  69. Seventh Refugee From Nauru Arrives Under Deal
  70. Soldiers Questioned in Forestry Official’s Death
  71. Hun Sen Goes on Tirade Against Opponents
  72. With CNRP Victory, Sam Rainsy Could Return Home, Sokha Says
  73. Malaysia Maid Ban Status Unclear Amid Reported New Deal
  74. Two Kidney Traffickers Nabbed, Questioned
  75. Ministry, NEC Tell Police, Military Not to Intimidate Voters
  76. UN to Grill Government Over Montagnards
  77. Members Confirm CPP-Linked ‘Cyber War Room’
  78. Monitor Raises Concerns Over Commune Election Integrity
  79. NGO Law Restricts Election Observers’ Activities: Monitor
  80. Competition, Economic Status Leave Garment Sector at Risk
  81. CNRP Commune Candidate Convicted, Fined in Defamation Case
  82. Voter Voices: Heng Sou Chheng, 63
  83. Wat Langka Meditation
  84. Letter to the Editor: Cambodians Should Vote With Heads, Hearts
  85. Voter Voirces: Brak Sao, 25
  86. Press Club Slams Government for Reporter Treatment
  87. Let Workers Return Home for Elections: Unions
  88. CPP Lodges 15 Complaints In First Stretch of Campaign
  89. Police Say Angry Timber Traders Behind Forestry Office Murder
  90. Appeal Court Upholds Adhoc Officials’ Detention Extension
  91. Man Dies After Detention Without HIV Meds, Methadone
  92. Salary, Energy Rate Reforms Validate CNRP Agenda: Sokha
  93. Low-Skilled Workers Left Behind as Job Markets Go Online
  94. Despite Relief Ruling, Cambodian Still Faces US Deportation
  95. Supreme Court Upholds Sentences in 2014 Killing
  96. Government Launches $60 Million Project to Help Small Farmers
  97. Breaking Tradition, Hun Sen Announces CPP Parade Plans
  98. Opposition, Ruling CPP Warn of Dire Election Consequences
  99. Election Committee Rebuts Opposition Over Airtime Dispute
  100. Vietnamese Minister Will Investigate Illegal Timber Trade Reports
  101. Government Funds Return of ‘Shadow’ Election Monitors
  102. Trial Date Set for Boyfriend of Toddler Torturer
  103. Pair Charged, Detained After 60 Kg Drug Bust
  104. Voter Voices: Sem Sarim, 56
  105. Reporters Targeted Over Election Questions
  106. Construction Industry Sees 43 Percent Investment Increase
  107. Gov’t Funds Return of ‘Shadow’ Election Monitors
  108. Thirty Tons of Fake Cosmetics Confiscated in Latest Bust
  109. Eight Cleaners Being Repatriated From Malaysia
  110. A Salute to ‘A Man for All Regimes’ Article
  111. CNRP’s Use Of Rainsy Ad Draws Ban
  112. RCAF Chief Tells Troops to Fight Against ‘Color Revolution’
  113. ‘Forced’ Montagnard TV Confessions Aired
  114. Kem Ley Lives On for Grassroots Democracy Party in Elections
  115. CNRP Would Slash Ministry Funds by 20%, Spokesman Says
  116. Land Victims Blocked From Delivering Petition to National Assembly
  117. Unsafe Sex With Personal Partners Endangering Sex Workers
  118. Political Parties Can Distribute Leaflets Inside Markets, NEC Says
  119. Seven Vietnamese Nationals Charged for Detaining Gamblers
  120. Undercover Operation Nets Tons of Allegedly Counterfeit Cosmetics
  121. Cambodian Tourism Startups Selected as Finalists in Program
  122. Hun Sen Gives Stamp of Approval on Election Ink
  123. Voter Voices: Ly Monyrath, 25
  124. Voter Voices: Keo Naren, 48
  125. Two Provisionally Charged Over 60 Kg Drug Trafficking Bust
  126. Justice Ministry’s Facebook Hacked
  127. CPP Complains of CNRP March
  128. US Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Cambodian Government
  129. Election Rules for Media Called a Threat and a ‘Reminder’
  130. Bodies of Four UN Peacekeepers Killed in CAR Arrive Home
  131. Change Is Coming, Kem Sokha Promises at Mass CNRP Rally
  132. Ruling Party Rally Assembles Crowd of Mixed Allegiances
  133. Three Who Led Cambodians Into Fishing Slavery Sentenced
  134. KNLF Member Charged, Detained for Incitement
  135. Over 80 Percent of White Building Residents Agree to Deal
  136. Live Coverage: Commune Election 2017
  137. Oknha Nabbed In 50 Kg Drug Bust
  138. Bamboo Wonder
  139. Rainbow Tuk-Tuk
  140. Commune Vote Pits CPP Roots Against CNRP Momentum
  141. Khmer Rouge Massacres Relived in Victims’ Brief
  142. Pain, Politics on Display at Annual Khmer Rouge Memorial
  143. Kompong Speu Police Stop Petitioners From Reaching Capital
  144. KNLF Member Detained, Two Suspects Released After Arrests
  145. Foreign Homeland
  146. Lack of Witnesses Prolongs Commercial Surrogacy Trial
  147. Independent Election Monitor Will Dispatch 15,000 Observers
  148. Healer Charged With Raping 12-Year-Old Girl
  149. Nine Alleged Loggers Are Detained in Thailand
  150. NEC Won’t Probe Teeth-Smashing Threat
  151. Police Seize 50 Kg of Heroin, Methamphetamine in Capital Raids
  152. Letter-to-Editor: Media and Gov’t Need to Work Hand-in-Hand
  153. A Study in Contrast to ‘A Man for All Regimes’
  154. World Bank Economists Grilled Over Pervasive Rural Debt
  155. CNRP Re-Elects Trio of Vice Presidents Under New Bylaws
  156. NGO Publishes More Evidence of Illegal Logging Operation
  157. CNRP, Observers Put Election Ink to Test
  158. CPP Spokesman Warns That Army Will Not Stay Neutral
  159. Prosecution: Pol Pot’s ‘Double Shadow’ Is Guilty of Genocide
  160. NGO Cheers Opening of Animation Studio in Phnom Penh
  161. Seven More Cambodians Deported From US Arrive in Phnom Penh
  162. In Wage Protest, Hundreds of Garment Workers Block Road
  163. KNLF Members Set to Appear in Court Today
  164. City Pays to Let Tourists Glide Through Capital
  165. Four Arrested for Concealing Relative’s Murder
  166. HEKS/EPER – Project Coordinator based in HEKS/EPER Office Cambodia, Phnom Penh
  167. General Banh to ‘Smash Teeth’ Of Opponents
  168. Police Link Kith Meng to Illegal Wood Racket
  169. Opposition Leader Returns to Country After 17-Day US Trip
  170. Two KNLF Members Arrested at News Conference
  171. To Win Election, CPP Seeks to Win Party Merchandise Race
  172. Chinese Companies to Develop New Cambodian Railways
  173. NEC Considers CNRP Request to Reverse Election Rally Ban
  174. Military Officials Accused of Intimidating CNRP Activists, Members
  175. Struggling to Compete, Pig Farmers Request Government to Curb Imports
  176. More Illegal Migrant Workers Repatriated From Malaysia
  177. CPP Dusts Off Defector Tactics Ahead Of Election
  178. Dam Will Not Damage the Environment, Hun Sen Says
  179. Tribunal Lawyers Seek Acquittal, Blame Vietnam
  180. Elections May Affect Compensation for White Building Residents
  181. Woman Wielding Butcher’s Knife Slays Brother
  182. Driver on the Run After Collision With Minivan Kills Four
  183. Royal Birthday
  184. Dethroning Cash: Less than 20 Percent of Adults Use Bank in Cambodia
  185. The 13th Annual Gay Pride Week
  186. Minister Tells White Building Residents to End Negotiations
  187. Opinion: Microcredit Sector Hits Wall of Own Making
  188. Nuon Chea Defense Goes On Attack in Closing Brief
  189. Hun Sen Hijacks Forum Session to Scold Media
  190. Keat Chhon: A Man for All Regimes
  191. Wives of Killed UN Peacekeepers Tell of Shock and Sadness
  192. Laos PM Calls Reports of Border Clash With Cambodia a ‘Rumor’
  193. Organizations Call on Gov’t to Pass Laws for LGBT Rights
  194. NEC’s New Election Ink Can’t Be Erased, Spokesman Says
  195. Prince Ranariddh to Visit North Korea, Make Plea Against War
  196. CNRP Lawmaker Requests Explanation for Regional Trade Deficit
  197. Most Boat Owners Who Fled Fish Deaths Return
  198. Malaysian Caught With Heroin Admits to Crime
  199. Woman Found Strangled in Phnom Penh Condo
  200. Regional Leaders Seek Trillions in Infrastructure Spending
  201. Forum to Present ‘Dutertenomics’
  202. Room to Read – Country Director
  203. World Economic Forum Panel Talks Diversity, Democracy in Phnom Penh
  204. Shifting Economy Feeds Nation’s Uncertain Politics
  205. Bodies of Peacekeepers Headed Home
  206. Baby Endangered Royal Turtles Hatch in Koh Kong Province
  207. Voter Ink Can Be Washed Off, NEC Admits
  208. Three Montagnards Given Asylum; 65 Denied
  209. Bodies of Peacekeepers Headed Home
  210. Foot-and-Mouth Disease Hits Cows in Svay Rieng
  211. Rise in Meth Use, Trafficking Spur Cross-Border Drug Plan
  212. Police Order Adhoc Banner Stripped From Home
  213. Call for Workers in Thailand to Get Vote Leave
  214. Buddhist Celebration Quiet Year After Relics’ Return
  215. Opinion: WEF in Cambodia: Time to Address Rights Issues Head-On
  216. Caritas – Consultative meet of service providers, parents & caregivers to Autistic ch
  217. Three Missing Cambodian Peacekeepers Found Dead in Central Africa Republic
  218. Eight Top Police Generals Slated for Retirement
  219. Banner Removal ‘Attack on Free Speech’: NGOs
  220. Southeast Asia Photography Pioneers Recalled in New Book
  221. China to Build Tbong Khmum Referral Hospital
  222. Fish Take Up Residence in New Artificial Reef
  223. Cambodia’s First Private Prison Breaks Ground
  224. Political Parties Still Struggling With Female Representation
  225. Government Warns Local Officials Against Campaigning on the Job
  226. Despite Ban, Blind Singers Perform on Phnom Penh Streets
  227. Two Foreigners Get Life Sentences for Trafficking Cocaine
  228. Ministry Admits Spike in Illegal Logging, Orders Vigilance
  229. Government Records Show Spike in Timber Exports to Vietnam
  230. Villagers Fighting Korean Tree Farm ‘Hopeless’ After Meeting
  231. At Start of Economic Forum, High Hopes for Region’s Growth
  232. Cambodian UN Peacekeeper Killed, Three Missing in Central African Republic
  233. Kratie Tuk-Tuk Tour
  234. Cambodian Peacekeeper Killed, Three Missing in Central African Republic
  235. Hun Sen’s Stay in Hospital Raises Specter of Succession
  236. Prime Minister’s Brother Hun San Requests ‘Serious Action’ Against Top Cop
  237. US Wants Deportations to Continue, Foreign Minister Says
  238. KR Tribunal Judges Confirm Remaining Cases Endangered
  239. Victims of Ponzi Scheme Petition Courts, Government for Assistance
  240. Years After Eviction, Former Sambok Chap Residents Get Homes
  241. Customs Data Shows Banned Timber Exports Still Growing
  242. Hun Sen Takes Swipe at Opposition at Red Cross Fundraiser
  243. Interior Ministry Displays ‘Historic’ Haul of Fake Cosmetics
  244. With Petition, Black Monday Campaign Restarts
  245. Donor Countries Question Election Ink, Ballots
  246. Borei Keila Evictees Rally at Developer’s Home
  247. Cambodia Joins Asean Infrastructure Initiative
  248. Probe Finds Rampant Log Smuggling to Vietnam
  249. Tycoons Reveal Extent of Refinery’s China Links
  250. Japan to Contribute $200M to Second Sihanoukville Seaport