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  1. Ambitious Arts Trial Seeks to Spark Cambodia’s Creativity
  2. Unexploded Chemical Drums Buried Under School for Years
  3. Carbon-Credit Conservation Deal Reached for Cardamoms
  4. ‘Reform or Die,’ Governor Tells City Officials
  5. Laos to Lend a Hand in Drugs Crackdown, Gov’t Ministers Say
  6. Adhoc Five’s Families Ask for Pardons From King, Hun Sen
  7. Plane Skids to Stop in Siem Reap; No Injuries
  8. Be Proud About Sand Exports, Spokesman Says
  9. ‘Death Knell’ for Casinos on Vietnam Border
  10. SCW – CONSULTANT for accompanying the IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS of 38 SOLAR PUMPS in Sie
  11. Final Witnesses Testify in Tycoon’s Lingering Murder Trial
  12. Nearly 49,000 Children Are Living in Care Facilities, Study Says
  13. CNRP Lawmakers Request Probe Into Drowned Sex Worker
  14. Rice Seeds Spark CNRP Border Complaint in Svay Rieng Province
  15. CPP Sets Date to Relieve CNRP of ‘Minority Party’ Status
  16. Kratie Villagers Storm Forestry Administration to Reclaim Tractors
  17. Nixon Advised to Risk ‘Embarrassment’ With Sihanouk: CIA
  18. Singapore, Cambodia Say Sand Exports Have Stopped
  19. No Wood, But Permit in Protected Area Extended
  20. Livelihoods Burned in Phnom Penh Market Fire
  21. Farmers, Officials Destroy Illegal Fishing Gear
  22. Workers Urge Kandal Court to Hand Over Factory’s Deposit
  23. Deportations of Vietnamese Dropped Last Year
  24. Hun Sen ‘Unpredictable and Easily Angered,’ CIA Files Say
  25. Scrap Investigation, Chea Vichea’s Brother Says on Anniversary
  26. One Fatally Shot in Phnom Penh Robbery
  27. Post-Obama, Hun Sen Faces Uncertain US Policy
  28. Returning to Action in Provinces, Kem Sokha Looks for Unity
  29. Nigerian Arrested While Trafficking $1.4M of Cambodia-Bound Meth
  30. PM Calls Global Witness ‘Crazy’ in Latest Spat
  31. Facing Stigma, Many Divorcees Enter Abusive Relationships
  32. City Hall Relocates Blind Street Performers
  33. Japanese Authorities Arrest Trio Suspected of Sex Trafficking
  34. Hun Sen Decries Global Witness As ‘Crazy’ Amid Latest Criticism
  35. Man Caught With Kilo of Meth Charged With Trafficking
  36. Cursing Ceremony of Evicted Boeng Kak residents
  37. Bak Mai’s Second Chance
  38. Terrorist-Branded Zaman Institutes Get Big-Name Backing
  39. Military Needs Basic IT Training, Top Officer Says
  40. CPP Makes First Move to Revoke CNRP’s ‘Minority’ Status
  41. NGOs Urge Gov’t to Legalize Sex Industry
  42. Courts ‘Must Solve’ Corruption Conundrum
  43. Declassified Files Portray Lon Nol as ‘Shaken’ Man
  44. R’kiri Trash Conflict Spills Over Again
  45. Public Hearings Into Suspect Voters Are Cut Short
  46. Public Hearings Into Suspect Voters Are Cut Short
  47. Cambodia Open for Business, Closed for Dissent
  48. Ringleader, 4 Teens Sentenced After Meth Bust
  49. Try Pheap Opens Motorcycle Assembly Plant
  50. Only 23 Rapes Recorded in Phnom Penh Last Year in Crime Spike
  51. Ministry Reports Illegal Forest Clearing Doubled Last Year
  52. Hun Sen Files $1 Million Lawsuit Against Rainsy
  53. Embassy Hotline Created to Assist Foreign Nationals in Need
  54. Second Deminer Killed in Less Than a Week
  55. Kampot Police Official Arrested for Methamphetamine Trafficking
  56. Former Military General Begins Push for Minor-Party Mergers
  57. Supreme Court Hears Appeals From Six Jailed Gov’t Critics
  58. Minister Defends Cancellation of Joint Military Exercises With US
  59. Celebrating Forced Marriages That Blossomed, Through Ballet
  60. Construction Investment Skyrockets in 2016
  61. Hun Sen Comments Put CPP Meeting With CNRP on Hold
  62. Rainsy Hit With New Facebook Lawsuit as Appeal Is Heard
  63. District Police Chief Being Investigated for Timber Trafficking
  64. Land Disputes Up, Resolutions Down, Ministry Data Shows
  65. Homeless Children Rounded Up and Dropped on NGO Doorsteps
  66. Hundreds Called In to Defend Voting Rights
  67. Facebook Plea Saves Women Trafficked to Japan for Sex
  68. City Hall Confirms Relocation Of Freedom Park to Outskirts
  69. Cambodia Opposes N Korea’s Nuclear Program
  70. Expanding E-Commerce Sector Promising, But Remains Unregulated
  71. Cambodia’s Economy Ranked as PM Visits WEF in Davos
  72. Singapore’s Gov’t Breaks Months of Silence Over Sand Scandal
  73. PM Makes Move to End Future TalksWith CNRP
  74. China Dam Construction Is Putting Pressure on Mekong River
  75. When Brutal Killers Die, What Becomes of Their Remains?
  76. Thailand, Cambodia Meet to Seek Solution to Poipet Border Issues
  77. Remembering Ancestral Past Provides Path to Uneasy Reconciliation
  78. Election Committee Rejects CNRP’s Foreign Voter Complaints
  79. Cambodia Cancels Exercise With US Military
  80. Lessons From Japan to Help Affordable Housing
  81. Mother Hacks Man Trying to Rape Her Daughter
  82. ILO Warns of Brexit ThreatTo Garments
  83. Uber Meets Minister, But Not Yet Ready to Launch
  84. January 7 Criticism a Historical Reminder, Not Personal Attack
  85. Ratanakkiri NGOs Are Hit by Series of Major Resignations
  86. Cambodian Football Star Is Headed for Japan
  87. Gov’t Accuses NASA of Incitement Over Deforestation Data
  88. Three Relatives Charged Over Revenge Acid Attack; One at Large
  89. Driver Charged After Six Killed In Van Accident
  90. Hun Sen, as Journalism Professor, Wines and Dines the Media
  91. One Deminer Killed, Another Injured by Landmine in Pailin
  92. Official Bailed in Flopper Case After Outcry
  93. Adhoc Prisoner Talks Left Off Upcoming Meeting Agenda
  94. A Year On, Logging Force Proving Skeptics Right
  95. Jailed Foreigner Dies of Suspected Kidney Failure
  96. Widowed Fortune-Teller Murdered by Boyfriend
  97. Mass Food Poisoning After Pursat Election Event
  98. Socially Conscious Startups Closer to Launch
  99. Deminer Killed by Explosive in Pailin
  100. Wife Douses Romantic Rival With Acid; 2nd Attack of Year
  101. Hundreds of Workers March Over Unpaid Salaries
  102. Judge Approves Bail for CNRP Official Accused Of Driving into Poipet Official
  103. Six Killed, Six Injured in Prey Veng Van Accident
  104. Man Sought in Rape, Murder of Mentally Ill Woman
  105. Opportunity Falls
  106. Phnom Penh-Ho Chi Minh Expressway Plan Moves Forward
  107. Firms Found Guilty of Illegal Copper Mining
  108. Against PM’s Advice, Jailed Anti-Drug Chief Is Released
  109. Official’s Son Jailed for Abetting Drug Use in Karaoke Parlor
  110. Amid Tensions Over Flopper, Governor Cancels Crossing Fee
  111. Gov’t Axed Plan to Link CNRP to Kem Ley’s Death: HRW
  112. Fifteen More Trafficked Maids Are Repatriated From Malaysia
  113. Country’s First University Speech Therapy Course Set for Enrollment
  114. Students From Around Region Combat Trash
  115. New Strawberry Farmers See Small-Scale Success in Pursat
  116. Secretary of State’s Son Arrested in Drug Raid on KTV Parlor
  117. Developer Might Buy White Building Units—if Gov’t Asks
  118. Rights Group Calls on Gov’t To Protect Migrant Workers
  119. Thousands of Cases of Illegal Fishing Found by Task Force
  120. Man Dreams of Flight With Airplane Built From Scratch, Scrap
  121. No Prisoner Talks While Rainsy Bites, CPP Says
  122. Sugar Company Worn Out by Empty Promises
  123. More Suspects Sought in Chinese Student Trafficking Investigation
  124. Evidence Stage Ends in Khmer Rouge Trial
  125. Road Crew Unearths Vishnu Statue in Kratie
  126. Cambodians Remit Millions From S Korea
  127. Weaving Past and Present Together With Civilized Sampots
  128. CNRP to Meet City Hall Over Latest TV Plans
  129. Congolese Pair Gets Eight Years for Laundering
  130. Gov’t to Give ‘Donations’ To Sister of Sex Worker
  131. Gov’t Reviewing US Repatriation Agreement
  132. Court Questions Party President Over Alleged Death Threat
  133. Prey Lang Carbon Study Moves Ahead
  134. Meas Muth Is Unfazed as Tribunal Investigation Concludes
  135. Witness Accuses Border Official of Acting in Poipet Flopper Case
  136. Hun Sen Visits Laos Dam Site, Again Promises Cheap Power
  137. Opposition Election Complaints Focus on Vietnamese Voters
  138. In Trial, No More Half-Days for Primary Pupils
  139. Resort Owner Questioned Over Beach Fire
  140. Killing Fields Bones Not Brought In, Expert Says at KR Tribunal
  141. Religion Minister Questioned Over Efforts to Promote Buddhism
  142. Some S’ville Beaches to Be Protected Areas
  143. Singaporean President Skirts Controversies Over Sand, Maids
  144. Rights Worker TerminatedAfter Surprise Defection
  145. Wildlife Sanctuaries Issued First Zoning Plans
  146. Black Monday Starts Again as Adhoc Officers Languish in Jail
  147. Provincial Governor Declares End to 10-Year Land Dispute
  148. Ministers Tell CPP Lawmaker to Return Stolen Land in Kandal
  149. Candidate Nominations Begin for Upcoming Commune Elections
  150. Block Residents Angry Over Delayed Land Titles
  151. Witnesses Called in Poipet for CNRP Official’s Assault Case
  152. Illegal Gold Miners in Court After Violence
  153. Bun Rany Granted Yet Another Honorary PhD
  154. Cambodian Industries Wary of Tax-Free Trade with Vietnam
  155. CPP Honors ‘Second Birth’; Sokha Visits Kem Ley’s Grave
  156. Military Looks to Project Softer Image With January 7 Games
  157. CPP Endorses Rights Worker as Its Candidate
  158. Drug Crackdown Nets More Than 650 People in First Week
  159. Paratrooper Falls to Death In Exercise
  160. Hopeful Fashion Students Trafficked to China to Work in Factory
  161. Police Arrest Seven for Theft, Murder; Four Still at Large
  162. Passenger Train Driver Blamed for Collision
  163. Leaked Letter Purports to Show CPP’s Bid to Divide CNRP
  164. Four Arrested in Years-Old Child Rape Case
  165. Police Ends Public Health Center’s Fee Collection
  166. Evoking the Past, Festival Presents Indian Lineage of Arts
  167. Slowing Rice Export Growth‘Worrisome’
  168. Fire Razes Five Minibar Shacks in Sihanoukville
  169. Paratrooper Falls to Death During Exercise
  170. CPP Agrees to Long-Awaited Meeting with CNRP—Later
  171. Social Anxiety
  172. Rise in Deadly Diabetes Hitting Poor the Hardest
  173. Rights Worker Reluctantly Resigns From Adhoc to Join CPP
  174. Police Probe Hack of VoterList Website
  175. Drug Center Plan Revives Deal With Tycoon
  176. Thai Drug Smuggler Receives Life Sentence
  177. Borei Keila Occupiers Given One Month to Vacate Building
  178. Preah Vihear Villagers Fend Off Sugar Company’s 10 Bulldozers
  179. Appeal Court Delays CNRP Senator’s Hearing
  180. Five Men Released Despite Logging Accusations
  181. Temple-Goers to Appeal to PM Over Statue Spat
  182. Suspect Arrested Over Throat-Slitting Murders
  183. Chinese Firm Unveils $3B Plan for Hotels in Capital, S’ville
  184. Minister Claims Land Disputes Over: ‘We Have Solved Them All’
  185. Sister of Drowned Sex Worker Seeks Justice
  186. Two Months On, SIM Card Crackdown Fizzles
  187. Army Convoy Trundles to Games to Commemorate January 7
  188. More Soldiers Depart for UN Mission
  189. Hundreds of Cameras Installed on City Roads
  190. Singapore Could Face Legal Action Over Sand Importation
  191. Tonle Sap Fishing Communities Cast Doubt Over Crackdown
  192. ‘Breaking the System Is Not Bad’: Artist Paints for Freedom
  193. Judge Releases Owner of Money Kiosk Accused of Stealing $1M
  194. Union Set to Gather in Memory of Chea Vichea
  195. Preliminary Voter Lists Made Available to Public
  196. Landmine Injuries Dip Below 100 for First Time
  197. Quiet Affair Marks Anniversary of Veng Sreng
  198. Evictees Met With Violence on Anniversary
  199. Surrogates Seized in Philippines
  200. No Search for Missing Woman’s Body in River: Guard Chief
  201. Rights Worker to Run as CPP Commune Chief Candidate
  202. Woman Accused of Acid Attack on Ex-Boyfriend, His Fiancee
  203. Forestry, Military Officials at Odds Over Legality of Seized Timber
  204. Repatriated Maid Accuses Malaysian Employer of Raping Her
  205. Men Admit Using Fake Passports for Laundering
  206. Koh Kong Protesters Submit Petitions to Hun Sen
  207. Worker Arrested for Beating Foreman to Death
  208. First Large-Scale Marine Fish Farm in Works
  209. Governor Blasted for Skipping Land Meeting
  210. LOY NAS: Cambodia Considers Adopting Vanity Car Plates
  211. Sex Worker Missing in River After Fleeing Security Guards
  212. No Sign of Investigation Into Timber Trafficking Tied to Try Pheap
  213. Illegal Timber Transporters Linked to Singaporean Plantation
  214. Migrants Urged to Watch Their Health
  215. Military Officer Dies in Central African Republic
  216. Concern Over Slow Growth of Angkor Visitors
  217. New Year Crackdown on Drugs Sees 71 Arrests
  218. Evictees Plan Occupation on 5th Anniversary
  219. Two Rice Farmers Charged for Raping Teenager
  220. National Museum to Show First Zero Inscription
  221. Optimism Over Release of Adhoc Prisoners Proves Premature
  222. Hopes, Doubts as Environmental Code Finalized
  223. Gov’t IDs 3 Suspects Over Photoshopped Porn Image of King
  224. Journalists Accused of Extorting Trader Linked to Try Pheap
  225. Five Airlines Hope to Fly in Cambodia Soon
  226. New Year’s Brings Wishes of Good Luck and a Fair Election
  227. Ex-Girlfriend Charged With Selling $2M of German Man’s Land
  228. Two Murdered, One Injured in Home Invasion in Siem Reap City
  229. Grenade Murder-Suicide Kills Uncle, Nephew
  230. Chinese Firm to Build 133-Story Twin Towers
  231. Lawyer Convicted for Bribery Still at Large
  232. Mosque Road Splits Imam and Worshippers
  233. Murder, Buried
  234. Facebook in Frenzy Over Surveillance Footage
  235. Divorced Women More Likely to Report Abuse
  236. Border Closed as Poipet Protesters Detained
  237. Minister Warns NGO Over Brick Kilns Report
  238. Health Minister Evades Tough Questions at Plenary Session
  239. Court Upholds Sentence Over Facebook ‘Color Revolution’
  240. Senior Diplomat Takes Thailand Post in Shakeup
  241. Governors Warned Over Illicit Fishing
  242. Supreme Court Clerk Found Guilty of Corruption
  243. Government Proposes New Drug Rehabilitation Centers
  244. US Denies Government Request for New Repatriation Agreement
  245. Preah Sihanouk Government Land Swap Gets Axed
  246. Military Police Arrest Farmer Over Fatal Ax Attack
  247. Ministers Meet Displaced Families Seeking Return
  248. No Place Left for the Poor in Sihanoukville
  249. Child Labor, Debt Bondage Still Rife at Brick Kilns
  250. Guilty Verdicts Bring Epic Fraud Case to End