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  1. Duterte Defends Bloody Drug War on Arrival
  2. Police Pay Off Family Over Fatal Beating
  3. Dentists Protest Private Clinics for Nurses
  4. Sordid Tales of Evictions, Development Laid Bare in Study
  5. PM Agrees to Questioning of Ministers of Health, Mines
  6. Closing Arguments Begin in Yearslong Biofuel Fraud Case
  7. No Signs of Investigation Into Sokha Threats
  8. Chamber to Open Hubs Abroad to Boost Ties
  9. A Year on, Government Says Malaysia Maids Deal Close
  10. Witness Cites Memory Loss, Tells Tribunal Of Rebellion
  11. Cambodia Set for UK Royal’s Award for Traffic Safety
  12. Three Weeks Later, No Arrests in Fatal Surgery Case
  13. Filipinos Protest Duterte’s War on Drugs, Briefly
  14. Authorities Demand All Surrogates Step Forward
  15. Local Voices Turn to Jazz for Authentic Notes
  16. Police Hunting for Commune Police Chief After Hit-and-Run
  17. Soldiers Accuse a Vietnamese Instructor of Attempted Rape
  18. Producer of Methanol-Tainted Wine That Killed 15 Is Charged
  19. Court Upholds Guilty Verdict Against Tycoon
  20. Human Rights Day Goes Off Without a Hitch or a March
  21. Police Find 49 Videos of Man Torturing Boy
  22. Threats, Guns Enter Crusade Against Kem Sokha
  23. Preparations for Potential Pacquiao Visit in Works
  24. Heedless Motorists Blamed for Train Crash
  25. Military Police Offer Reward for Murder Suspect
  26. PM Says No Fees for Small-Scale Vendors
  27. Logging Task Force to Widen Scope of Investigations
  28. Two Released, One Detained Over Tainted Wine
  29. Whitewash
  30. New Center to Bring Biogas to Industrial Scale
  31. Father Charged in Rape of 13-Year-Old Daughter
  32. Singapore Silent Amid Sand Smuggling Claims
  33. Imprisoned Senator Testifies at Rainsy Facebook Post Trial
  34. Protesters Anticipate Human Rights Day Clash
  35. US Expatriate’s Body Found Near Koh Pich
  36. Pedophile Sentenced to 22 Years in US
  37. Alleged Killer Blames Actions on Violent Movies
  38. Two More Die From Tainted Funeral Wine, 40 in Hospital
  39. Dutchman Charged in Child Torture Case Denies Accusations
  40. Authorities Eager to Demolish Tilting Villa
  41. In Candidates, CPP Seeks Youth; CNRP Wants Unity
  42. Man Accused of Killing 3-Year-Old Daughter
  43. Mail Online Bases False News on Child Torture Case
  44. Robbers Get 20 Years for Killing Moto-Taxi Driver
  45. Tycoon Charged in Fraud Over Police Offices Swap
  46. Commune Chief Freed, More Pardons to Come
  47. Tainted Rice Wine At Funerals Kills 13
  48. Dutchman to Be Charged in Connection With Child Torture
  49. Assembly Wants Answers From Mines Minister
  50. US Man Presumed Dead After Tonle Sap Fall
  51. Lawyer Denies Trying to Bribe Judge on Behalf of His Client
  52. Military Official, Three Others Charged Over Illegal Logging
  53. Military Officer Charged Over Impersonation of Hun Manet
  54. Court Grills Convicted Boeng Kak Activists About Tep Vanny
  55. Primates and Bushmeat Seized From Stung Treng City Market
  56. Filipino Leader Duterte to Visit Cambodia Next Week
  57. ‘Catch Up With History’ or Perish, Witness Recalls
  58. With Rainsy Out, Sokha Takes Helm at Assembly
  59. Suspected Child Torturer Captured In Vietnam
  60. CNRP Says Adhoc Prisoners Set to Be Freed
  61. After Sentencing, Former Dissidents Still Praise Ruling CPP
  62. Villagers Allege Tycoon Burned Down Spirit Forest
  63. Activists Alarmed After PM Promotes Don Sahong
  64. Clinic Owner on the Run Amid Slow Probe Into Fatal Surgery
  65. Adhoc Officers, Election Official, Commune Chief to Be Released, CNRP Says
  66. CPP Praise Doesn’t Save KNLF Members From Guilty Verdict
  67. Freedom Park May Move North of City, Hun Sen Says
  68. Health Minister Under Fire Over ‘Irregularities’
  69. Medical Staff to Be Trained to Respond to Domestic Violence
  70. Official, Driver Accused Of Fleeing Hit-And-Run
  71. With HIV Rates Declining, Drug Treatment Funding Shrinks
  72. Homegrown Commune Police Officers Wanted
  73. Immigration Chief Disobeyed Order Over Hawking Condos
  74. Messenger Tells Tribunal of Purge in Northwest
  75. CPP to Hold Congress This Month to Prepare for Elections
  76. Police Crack Down on Robbers on Motorbikes
  77. Husband Arrested Over Wife’s Alleged Murder
  78. Child Torture Videos Lead to Three Arrests
  79. Im Chaem’s Case Sent to Judges at Khmer Rouge Tribunal
  80. Five-Year Sentence for Chief in Sokha Case
  81. With Sokha Pardon, What’s in It for Hun Sen?
  82. Immigration Officials Hawk Condo Project
  83. Cuban-Trained Doctors Remember Castro’s Communism
  84. Villagers Block Road as State Evictions Begin
  85. Official Caught Smuggling Gold Into Vietnam
  86. Military Police Investigate Company Over Illegal Timber
  87. NGO: Airline Verifications Just ‘Routine Checks’
  88. Khmer Rouge
  89. Ministry to Conduct Inspections Over Sand Dredging
  90. Deported PI to Be Moved Between Australian States
  91. Cambodia Takes Another Gold Medal in Madagascar
  92. Sokha to Replace Rainsy in Parliamentary Position
  93. Hun Sen Rips Into US Ambassador at New Factory Opening
  94. Kem Sokha Back Home After Royal Pardon
  95. No Evidence of Child Labor at Brick Factories, Gov’t Says
  96. PM Deals ‘Strong Blow’ to West as Human Rights Day Begins
  97. Land Management Officials Flood White Building
  98. Popular Monk Sam Bunthoeun Cremated 14 Years After Death
  99. African NGO Pair Hassled On Way to Cambodia
  100. Nine Suspects Nabbed After Trouser Truck Heist Attempt
  101. Thousands Attend Chea Sim’s Remembrance Event
  102. Thailand Deports Australian Man Freed by Cambodia
  103. Vagabond Arrested for Molesting a 3-Year-Old Girl
  104. Family Sought After Fire Burns Down 12 Buildings
  105. Police Arrest 7 Vietnamese Fishermen in Siem Reap
  106. Airline Looks to Chinese Tourists With New Craft
  107. Quality Control
  108. Tale Follows Overworn Path But Emerges With True Heart
  109. Kem Sokha Pardoned, But Next Step Unknown
  110. Siem Reap Wants to Wean Tourists From Bottled Water Habit
  111. Guppy Fish Making a Splash in Dengue Fever Prevention
  112. Adhoc President Wins Human Rights Award While in Exile
  113. Construction Worker Crushed by Collapsed Ceiling
  114. Unrecorded Rapes Prevent ‘Access to Justice’
  115. Kem Sokha Granted Royal Pardon at Hun Sen’s Request
  116. Brick Factories Built on Illegal Child Labor, Debt Bondage
  117. PM Rebuffs Governor’s Proposal to Ban Imports of Used Cars
  118. Unesco Adds Chapei Dang Veng to Heritage List
  119. Shelters Opened For Migrants In South Korea
  120. Beer, Sex and Violence:
  121. Photojournalist’s Unwavering Lens Captured Wartime Suffering
  122. Tribunal Hears of Plot Between Sao Phim and Heng Samrin
  123. $1.5B Project Inked at China Business Forum
  124. Police Nab Mechanic for Acid Attack on Wife Over Jealousy
  125. Grenade Trap Discovered on Cambodian-Thai Border
  126. Carrying a Stranger’s Child Through an Uncertain Time
  127. Government Institutes $20 Koh Rong Fare
  128. Disgraced Ambassador Gets Five Years in Prison
  129. Voter Registration Ends With 81% Enrollment
  130. As Meth Abuse Rates Increase, Treatment Options Lag Behind
  131. Environmental Activism Captured at Angkor Photo Festival
  132. Seven Months on, Adhoc Officials Denied Bail
  133. Killer Elephant Finds Home at Foundation
  134. Khieu Samphan Warned of Killings, Civil Party Tells Tribunal
  135. Unions Call For Workplace Protections
  136. Tycoon’s Lawyer Makes Final Plea for Clemency
  137. Huawei Backs Away From Crash Involving Executive
  138. Rice Farmer Arrested For Raping 5-Year-Old
  139. Rice Farmer Confesses to Raping Teen Neighbor
  140. Eyes in the Sky Put Illegal Logging in Focus
  141. No Plans to Probe Claims That PM Promised Cash to Sovantha
  142. Police Offer Payout to Family After Fatal Beating
  143. Procrastinators Get Another Day to Register
  144. Surplus of $400M in 2015 Due to ‘Poor Budget Planning’
  145. With UN Rights Office Under Fire, Donors Offer Quiet Support
  146. Cargo Train Derails in Kandal; Royal Railways Not Concerned
  147. Riot Police Told by National Chief to Fear Color Revolution
  148. Pol Pot Was ‘Gentle,’ Nephew Tells Khmer Rouge Tribunal
  149. Notorious Police Chief Loses Yet Another Top Posting
  150. Man Kills Housemate With Machete Over Cigarette Purchase
  151. After Ban, Surrogacy Brokers Look To Laos
  152. Cambodia Football Coach Threatens to Quit in Facebook Rant
  153. Alleged Chats Between Thy Sovantha and Hun Manith Leaked
  154. Ministry: Budget Critics Don’t Value ‘Flesh and Blood’ Sacrifices
  155. Mammoth Voter Registration Effort Ends Today
  156. Sweden Pledges $5.3M to Mekong River Body
  157. Armed Soldiers Accused of Stealing Seized Timber
  158. $10M Expansion Aims to Curb Child Mortality
  159. Witness Says Khmer Rouge
  160. Appeal Denied for Adhoc Officers, Election Official
  161. No Montagnards Granted Asylum as Process Nears End
  162. Dealers Get Prison Terms and Fines in Meth Case
  163. Butcher Sentenced to Life For Fatally Stabbing Wife
  164. Huawei Boss Crashes; News Stories Disappear
  165. Corrupt Justice System Failing Rape Victims
  166. SCW – Individual or Firm
  167. Young Men Experiment With Film to Fight Sexual Harassment
  168. Yellow Vine Processing Facility Shut Down in Koh Kong
  169. Hun Sen Says New Border Map Will Be ‘Accurate’
  170. Youth Share Big Ideas at Most Recent TEDx Talk
  171. Cambodia to Open Ports to Laos Exports
  172. Facebook Fortune-Teller Arrested for Rape of Client
  173. Rainsy Keeps Away From Cambodia and Mother-in-Law’s Funeral
  174. Two Die After Landslide At Digging Site
  175. Man Charged for Rape Of 9-Year-Old Girl
  176. Surgery Pushed to Center of Health Planning
  177. Plans Floated For $100M Underwater Aquarium
  178. Expecting Delays
  179. Officials Inspect Walkway Slated for Redevelopment
  180. Battambang Artists to Treat ‘City of Heart and Art’ to a Show
  181. Two Arrested Over Knifepoint Kidnapping, Extortion Scheme
  182. Rainsy’s Facebook Post Trial Postponed Until Next Month
  183. Ministry Asks NGOs to Help Monitor Sand Trade
  184. IS Recruiter With Cambodian Links Turns Up in Turkey
  185. CNRP Pushes for Rights of Migrants to Vote in 2018
  186. UN Rights Office Told to Cave or Shut Down
  187. Rainsy Asks to Enter Country for Funeral Visit
  188. Touting Cheap Power, Hun Sen Denies Damage From Dam
  189. New Legal Code Proposes Plan for Environmental Courts
  190. One Ministry Allows Yellow Vine, One Stops It
  191. NGOs to Defy Government Over Rights Day March
  192. Officials Ask Foreign Couples To Claim Babies of Surrogates
  193. Experts Back Liquor Law to Help Prevent Spousal Abuse
  194. $50M Deal in Pipeline for Halal Meat Exporter
  195. Garment Workers’ Short Films to Screen in London
  196. Police Tight-Lipped About Arrests of District Officers
  197. Security Guards Hold Garment Workers for Ransom
  198. Police Raid Finds Over 100 Illegal Chinese Laborers
  199. Budget’s Biggest Item Is ‘Unallocated Spending’
  200. Government Seeks New Border Map From France
  201. Final Guilty Verdict Validates $260M
  202. Jinjin – Assistant Marketing Manager
  203. Two Men Injured in Fall From Third-Floor Scaffolding
  204. Homeless Woman Injured After Being Shot in Chest
  205. Arrested KTV Owners, Staff Released Without Charge
  206. Court Upholds Commune Chief’s Life Sentence
  207. Man Justified in Killing Brother, Official Says
  208. In Peacetime, Cambodia’s Military Spending Soars
  209. NGOs Urge Government to Shut Down Yellow Vine Processing Plants
  210. Supreme Court Hears Pleas for Release From Adhoc Officers
  211. CNRP Rues Missed Chance for Migrant Voters as Deadline Nears
  212. Angkor Wat Bridge Set to Close For 5-Year Restoration Project
  213. In ‘Striving,’ Artist Probes Ties Between Fantasy and Reality
  214. Trump’s Cambodia Policy: Don’t Meddle in Political Affairs
  215. Suspects in Fatal Breast Implant Surgery ‘Escaped,’ Police Say
  216. Life Sentences Upheld Against Khmer Rouge Leaders
  217. Next Year’s Budget Passed; CNRP Abstains
  218. Forests the Focus as Climate Pact Adopted
  219. No Prosecution for Surrogate Mothers, Parents, Police Say
  220. Khmer Rouge Left Me In a State ‘Lower Than Animals’: Witness
  221. Anti-Graft ‘Experts’ Deemed Maps To Be Fake
  222. Vigilance Urged 25 Years After First AIDS Case
  223. Revenue Falls Nearly 50% In Country’s Largest SEZ
  224. Families of Drowned Rowers Agree to $20K Compensation
  225. Driving School Shut Down After Alleged Meth-Peddling
  226. Government Establishes Workplace Safety Committee
  227. Government to Grant Owners Papers in White Building
  228. Letter to the Editor: Street Rubbish Is a Daily Concern, Not Just a Festival Issue
  229. Neighbors Questioned Over Farmer’s Murder
  230. Family Dispute Over Cigarettes Turns Deadly
  231. Plantation Thief Charged for Murder of ‘Sorcereress’
  232. Pregnant Surrogates Flee as Brokers Charged
  233. Deadly Breast Implant Leads To Closure Of Clinic
  234. Fugitive Senator Waiting for Political ‘Agreement’ to Come Home
  235. Interior Ministry Rejects Request To End Use of District Guards
  236. Black Monday Activists Rally for Tep Vanny
  237. Nuon Chea Spoke of Traitors in Northwest Zone
  238. Sihanoukville Families Dig In Heels Against Government Promises
  239. Locked-In Teenage Rape Victim Saved After Alerting Landlord
  240. PM Calls for Lower Interest Rates; Banks Balk
  241. Halal Group Established to Woo Muslim Tourists
  242. No Simple Solution for 2 Million Lost Voters
  243. SVC – Managing Director
  244. Kem Sokha Says People, Not Wall, Must Protect Borders
  245. Australian Founder of Surrogacy Firm Arrested After Ban
  246. Singer Returns to TV 9 Years After Shooting
  247. Government Says Asking Sweden to Return Thak Lay is ‘Useless’
  248. Man Charged With Setting Grandchild On Fire
  249. Housing Rights NGO Director Denies Illegally Seizing Land
  250. Cambodia Squanders Two Leads Against Malaysia