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  1. C. Crave: Missed Opportunity to Discuss Race
  2. Tattoo Artist Stabbed in Battambang Bar Fight
  3. Karaoke Worker Found Strangled to Death
  4. Half a Million Voters Registered by Weekend
  5. Hun Sen’s Bodyguard Unit Marks Seven Years
  6. Activists, Balloon Vendors Arrested in Prey Sar Demonstration
  7. Unions Will Negotiate for a $180 Minimum Wage
  8. Hun Manet Case Hasn’t Moved Ahead, Lawyer Says
  9. Escapee Charged for Child Rape Still at Large
  10. Tuk-Tuk Drivers, Vendors Help Patrol Beaches
  11. Ministry Asks Locals to Help Prevent Zika Outbreak
  12. Military Truck Seized With Wood; Driver Gone
  13. Despite Ban, Opposition to Visit Embassies
  14. Cambodian Traders Test Derivatives Market
  15. Behind the Bluster
  16. C. Crave: Missed Opportunity to Discuss Race
  17. Debt and Drought
  18. Appeal Court Rejects Request to Dismiss Adhoc Officers’ Case
  19. Police Threatened My Family, General’s Bodyguard Testifies
  20. Government Asks Canada to Restart Aid Programs
  21. Farmer Killed by Old Anti-Tank Mine in Battambang
  22. Hun Manet Torture Case Advances
  23. Angkor’s Tourism Boom Fails to Lift Locals
  24. Workshop for Young Musicians Cultivates Original Music
  25. UNICEF – Consultancy
  26. SIPAR – Mobile Libraries Unit Coordinator
  27. Hun Sen Hopes Days of Post-Election Protests Are Finished
  28. Australian Bar Owner Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Abuse Charges
  29. Military Deployment Was Flood-Relief Exercise, Official Says
  30. Japanese Company to Rebuild White Building
  31. Timber Warehouse of Businesswoman Raided
  32. Suspected Shooters ID’d, But Remain at Large
  33. Khmer Rouge Death Toll ‘Highly Exaggerated,’ Lawyer Says
  34. Free Ambulances for Traffic Accident Victims
  35. Indian Mining Firm Prepares To Dig Deep in Ratanakkiri
  36. Hun Sen and Vietnam: Best Friends Forever?
  37. CNRP Lawmaker Stripped of Immunity; Case Returns to Court
  38. Cam Centro Development
  39. Save Cambodia’s Wildlife
  40. From My Gut: Reflecting on My Deportation From Cambodia
  41. Private Firm Takes Over Responsibility for Work Permits
  42. Deported Researcher Claims Officials Beat Her
  43. Ex-Police Officer Convicted Of Rape, Torture and Murder
  44. Hanoi Decries Online Posts Slamming Prime Minister
  45. Exam Proctors Summoned Over Bribery, Scoring
  46. As Budget Drops, Commission Prepares for New Laos Dam
  47. Lawmakers Will Vote on Senator’s Immunity
  48. Khmer Rouge Tribunal Hears of North Zone ‘Traitors’
  49. Man Confesses to Murdering Father With Hammer
  50. Boats and Choppers Deployed Near CNRP HQ
  51. Hun Sen, Looking to Army, Sees Old Comrades
  52. Sword-Swinging Robbers Nabbed in Phnom Penh
  53. Men Arrested for Logging In
  54. Senate Committee to Meet Over Senator’s Immunity
  55. Ministry Intervenes in Case of Fishermen in Indonesia
  56. Condo Sales Slide as Government Seeks ‘Soft Landing’
  57. C. Crave: Black Ambassador to Khmer Culture
  58. Prices Leave Garment Sector in a Pinch: ILO
  59. More Than 60 Arrested In VoIP Raid
  60. Cambodia and Vietnam Split Over Border, Official Says
  61. ‘Brilliant’ Law Student Among Crash Victims
  62. Samphan Wanted Khmer Rouge Progeny for Defense, Tribunal Hears
  63. After ABC Incident, Ministry Orders Free Corpse Transport
  64. Family of Slain Analyst Flees Country
  65. Army Would Ensure CNRP Leaders’ Arrests
  66. As Garment Factories Close, Motives Debated
  67. Vietnam Denies Violating Border Zone, Official Says
  68. Activists Turn to US’s Hillary Clinton for Help
  69. Government Says 6,900 Undocumented Cambodian Wives in China
  70. Former Khmer Rouge Soldier Recounts Chinese, Vietnamese Killings
  71. Search Continues for Escapee Charged Over Rape of Minor
  72. Villagers Say Canal Drained Water From Their Rice Fields
  73. Conjuring Memory and a Sense of Place in Southeast Asia
  74. Factory Staff Return to Work Ahead of Meeting
  75. Garment Workers Block Roadway Demanding Pay
  76. Nine Dead in Battambang Bus Crash
  77. Malaysia Abuse Claims Drive Agency to Call for Urgent Fixes
  78. Boeng Kak Activists Summoned in Years-Old Case
  79. Sam Rainsy to Be Tried Again in November
  80. Trafficked Brides in China Overlooked by Officials: Report
  81. Khmer Rouge History Phone App to Educate Cambodian Youth
  82. Woman Stabbed To Death by Ex-Boyfriend
  83. Education Association Defends Zaman University
  84. Thai Soldiers Arrest Youths for Logging Across Border
  85. With Rivals Isolated, Hun Sen Goes on Tour
  86. Man Escapes After Being Arrested for Raping Minor
  87. Vietnam Must Act on Facebook Commenters, Ministry Says
  88. Farm Tech
  89. Bearing Witness
  90. Ten Migrant Workers Repatriated From Malaysian Prison
  91. Date for Kem Sokha’s Trial Set for Next Month
  92. Files Show US View of Khmer Rouge Siege
  93. Korean Father, Son Latest to Drown in Sihanoukville Waters
  94. No Farmland Leased to Vietnamese, Official Says
  95. Controversial Domestic Abuse Law Under Government Review
  96. To Boycott or Not? The CNRP’s Quandary
  97. Court Charges Defrocked Monk Over Sihanoukville Crash
  98. Man Arrested for Raping Girl, 11, in National Park
  99. Khmer Rouge Tribunal Hears of Heartbreak and Skeletons in Forest
  100. Zaman Says Closure Threats Are Just ‘Rumors and Myths’
  101. NEC Tells Migrants to Come Home and Vote
  102. Angkor Park Tour Guides to Carry First-Aid Kits
  103. Land Leases Continue on Border, CNRP Says
  104. Riel Usage Up, But Full Adoption Still Far Away
  105. Defendants Deny Charges Of Bribery
  106. As Surrogacy Trade Grows, Government Charts Course
  107. Mine Action Center Resumes Breeding Dogs as Fundraiser
  108. Garment Workers Protest Over Alleged Mistreatment
  109. Dispute Over Beer Strike Heads to Arbitration Council
  110. Factory Property to Be Sold to Compensate Workers
  111. Western Pair Mixes Marxism With CPP Ties
  112. More Cambodian Women Trafficked to Saudi, Officials Say
  113. Sokha’s Case Going to Trial, Court Says; Appeal Planned
  114. Some Transgender Victims Chose Suicide Over Khmer Rouge Marriages
  115. Government Pledges Thirty Percent Boost in Forest Rangers by 2017
  116. Convicted Sword-Murderer to Appeal 12-Year Prison Sentence
  117. Cafe Cultivates a Playful, Thoughtful Space for Young Artists
  118. Phnom Penh Crown’s Match-Fixing Ban Overturned
  119. Soldiers Rally Against Plans For Kem Ley Statue
  120. Appeal Court Splits CNRP Insurrection Case
  121. Beer Factory Halts Brewing Amid Strike
  122. Don’t Mention South China Sea, Government Tells Asean
  123. Resisting Forced Marriage Led to Rape, Woman Tells Tribunal
  124. Land Ministry Tells Evictees it Won’t Help Them Anymore
  125. Teenage Monk Arrested Over Ten-Meter Joyride and Crash
  126. Boy, 14, Arrested for Rape of 5-Year-Old Neighbor
  127. US Court Will Hear Case Against Hun Manet, Lawyer Says
  128. After Arrests, Saudi Arabia Trafficking Route Probed
  129. Ministry Hails Successful National Exam, Says No Cheating at All
  130. Cambodian Laborer Confesses to Murder in Thailand
  131. Students Face Pat-Downs at National Exams
  132. Ministry Considers Turkey’s Request to Close Zaman Schools
  133. Angkor Beer Factory Strike Hits Production
  134. At Environmental Forum, Hun Sen Spreads the Blame
  135. Pakistanis Nabbed for Alleged Trafficking Attempt
  136. ‘Comrade, You Have to Get Married,’ Khmer Rouge Victim Recalls
  137. Three Siblings Drown in Siem Reap Irrigation Canal
  138. Heng Samrin’s Absence Leaves Holes at Tribunal
  139. One Activist Released, One Still Jailed After Sentence
  140. Boeng Kak Activists Sentenced to Six Days in Prison for ‘Insulting’
  141. Three Years On, Challenges Remain for Education Minister
  142. Olympic Bid Ends With Sorn Seavmey Loss
  143. CPP, CNRP Diverge Over Leniency for Immigrants
  144. Forces Deployed to Beaches Over Drownings
  145. Pokemon Go Safety Caution at Angkor Temples
  146. Government Leaves Railway Evictees Deep in Debt
  147. New Communes in Phnom Penh Draw Concern
  148. Schools, Parents Get Tax Breaks Through 2018
  149. Angkor Beer Factory Workers Go on Strike
  150. Project Expands Mental Health Treatment for Khmer Rouge Victims
  151. History on the Rocks
  152. Jailed Activist Grilled Over ‘Moribund’ Case
  153. With Reforms Stalled, Local Government Hamstrung
  154. Government Official Convicted in Corruption Case
  155. Ministry to Probe Logging in National Park
  156. Surrounded by Officers, Suspect Shoots Himself
  157. Dutch Pedophile in Prison After Third Arrest
  158. Sam Rainsy a No-Show in Kem Ley Defamation Case
  159. Phnom Penh Rated One of the World’s Least Livable Cities
  160. Malaysian Government Denies Abuse Claims
  161. Activist Brothers Plan Return to Cambodia
  162. Pub Street Pickpockets Picked Up by Police
  163. Independent Media Advocate Questioned on Sokha Case
  164. Judges Order Closed Session Amid Contradictory Coup Claims
  165. Romanian, Nigerian Charged Over Seized Cocaine
  166. Prison Conditions for Officials Are Better, CNRP Says
  167. Border Meeting Will Discuss Outpost Construction
  168. Electric Bills Come With Threat: No Online Gripes
  169. Let Deportation Be a Warning, Government Says
  170. Court Rejects Senator’s Second Delay Request
  171. Former Soldier Tells of Fighting That Tore Apart East Zone
  172. PM Grants Families Land, Urges End to Vietnamese Leases
  173. Moonlighting Military Police Officer Pays Assaulted Worker
  174. Visitors to Cambodia Spike After Thai Terror
  175. Train Kills Man Who Slept on Tracks After Quarrel
  176. Top Court Keeps Lawmaker Behind Bars
  177. CNRP Lawmaker Requests Kem Ley Statue
  178. National Park Workers Accuse Bosses of Colluding With Loggers
  179. Bailed Russian Tycoon Back In Business—Often Overseas
  180. Spanish Academic Deported; Activists Jailed for Incitement
  181. Three Charged in Fatal Mini-Mart Shooting
  182. Debtor Charged in South Korean Businessman’s Shooting Death
  183. Activists Jailed for ‘Incitement;’ Spanish Academic to Be Deported
  184. Media Mogul Declares Victory Over Government ‘Monkeys’
  185. Government Refutes Claims of Abuse in Malaysia
  186. Five Chinese Nationals Acquitted of Murder
  187. Chinese Man Nabbed With Rhino Horn
  188. PM Declares That Market Vendors Can Keep Stalls Forever
  189. CPP Youth Leader to Replace Preah Vihear Governor
  190. Two Men Arrested for Taking Gambler Hostage
  191. Four Farmers Killed by Lightning Strike
  192. Activists Still in Custody; Foreigner Grilled
  193. Government Scrubs Database That Exposed Hun Family Riches
  194. Child Victims’ Trauma Compounded by Courts
  195. Three French Women Stranded Overnight in Kep Forest Saved
  196. Muslim Leader Found Guilty of Defamation
  197. Ex-Bodyguard’s Alibi for Murder: Playing Cards
  198. At Tribunal, Farmer Tells of Escape From Well of Corpses
  199. Two Rounds of Arrests Mark ‘Black Monday’
  200. Government Official Tells Court He Didn’t Know Bribe Was a Crime
  201. Ex-Bayon TV Reporter Captured Years After Extortion Charges
  202. Suspects Questioned Over Fatal Mini-Mart Shooting
  203. Another Adhoc Employee Embroiled in Bribery Case
  204. Hun Sen Gives Ousted Director New Ministry Job
  205. Two Men Arrested in Airport Cocaine Bust After US Tipoff
  206. Mondolkiri Village Chief Arrested for Raping Disabled Daughter
  207. The Cycle of Rice: Urban Traders
  208. Two Helicopters, 200 People Dispatched for French Family
  209. Suspect Arrested in Shooting of South Korean: Embassy
  210. Man Arrested for Trying to Kill Family With Pesticide
  211. Australian Man Caught With Meth in*Sihanoukville
  212. Two Charged Over Fatal Samurai Sword Chase
  213. Defamatory Khmer Rouge Prison Claims Have Been Refuted by Courts
  214. Travel Industry Downplays Bombing Fallout
  215. Maids Claim Fatal Abuse at Malaysian Depot
  216. Nine Years on, Mute Woman Returns to Family in Vietnam
  217. PM Ousts Director Over Ambulance Ordeal
  218. Owner of Barbershop Brothel Charged; Shop Remains Open
  219. CNRP Takes Wary Steps Into ‘Black Monday’ Dress Code
  220. One Passenger Dead, Nine Injured in High-Speed Kampot Crash
  221. Judge Questions Kem Ley’s Suspected Killer; Officials Silent
  222. CNRP Lawmakers Request Protection Against Prison Violence
  223. Police Drop Probe Into Fatal Fall
  224. Government Impounds ABC
  225. A Modern Prayer Echoed on Angkor’s Walls
  226. Telemedical Center Opens Amid Organ Probe
  227. Third Man Arrested in Fishing Trip Double Murder
  228. Hor Namhong Was Khmer Rouge Prison Chief, Tribunal Told
  229. Four Arrested for Shooting Teen Outside ATM
  230. Court Upholds Sentence For British Pedophile
  231. Government Orders Search for Prisoners in Malaysia
  232. Rights Officer Testifies About Illegal Forest Clearing
  233. Evictees, Sugar Company Reach Deal at Last
  234. Court Presses Ahead With Cases Against Rainsy, Sokha
  235. Patronage Still Protects CPP, Scholars Say
  236. After Abandoning Auctions, Government Sells Off Seized Timber
  237. South Korean National Shot Dead at Rest Stop in Kandal
  238. CPP Threatens Prince Thomico Over ‘Beast’ Post on Facebook
  239. Opposition Senator Summoned for 2nd Time
  240. CNRP Locates New Plot Of Land for TV Station
  241. Six, Including 4 Vietnamese, Charged for Fatal Beating
  242. Railway Families Still Smarting After 2 Years
  243. Parliament Says Shadow Cabinet Plans Are Illegal
  244. Arrested Barbershop Staff and Owner Confess to Selling Sex
  245. Cambodians Repatriated From Vietnam in Failed Ransom Bid
  246. Cambodian-Born Politician Barred From
  247. Plans for Mondolkiri Road on Hold, Minister Tells EU
  248. Opposition Balances Desire for Votes, Female Representation
  249. WWF Slams Lenience for Civet Caterers
  250. Men Confess to Killing Friends on Fishing Trip