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  1. Surrogacy Ban Temporary as Government Drafts Law
  2. Three Men Arrested for Gang Rape of 15-Year-Old
  3. Six Chinese Men Sentenced in NagaWorld Hostage Case
  4. Pen Sovann’s Daughter Reflects on Imprisonment
  5. Officials Charged for Selling $80,000 of State Land
  6. Fearing Ghosts, 200 Workers Drop ‘One by One’
  7. Boeng Kak Granny Denies Making Threat
  8. Human Trafficking Survivors Inspire Short Films
  9. Incubator Opens a New Home for Tech Startups
  10. Opinion: The Paris Agreements at 25: Requiem Instead of Celebration
  11. Cement Salesman Nabbed for Facebook Post in Alleged Extortion
  12. Drug Dealer Confesses at Trial Following Shootout
  13. New Drone to Search for Landmines by Reading the Leaves
  14. Hun Sen Breaks Ground on $192M Road Project
  15. Kampot Writers Festival Returns With Emphasis on Listening
  16. Khmer Rouge Witness Escaped Pol Pot; Detained by Vietnamese
  17. Lawyer Claims to Keep Proof Senator Is Innocent for Appeal
  18. Celebrating Birth of Founders, Baha’is Maintain Buddhist Ties
  19. Rhino Horn Valued at up to $7 Million Seized at Airport
  20. Shakespeare Meets Khmer at Phnom Penh Music Festival
  21. Alleged Buffalo Rustlers Detained and Charged
  22. Customs Officer Blames Bribes on ‘Extravagance’
  23. Ahead of Cremation, Body of Pen Sovann Arrives in Phnom Penh
  24. Ministry of Health Bans Surrogate Pregnancy
  25. Illegal Sand Dredging Eradicated, Mines Ministry Claims
  26. Opposition Faces a Future Shaped by CPP
  27. Lawmakers Call for End to Notorious Guards
  28. Ministry Blames ‘Ineffective Practices’ for Over $400M in Missing Sand
  29. At Last, Freed Hostages to Return to Villages
  30. Sokha Hotel Drug Traffickers Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison
  31. Patrol Detains Illegal Loggers in Preah Vihear
  32. CNRP Approves Agenda, Plan to Grill Ministers
  33. Man Accused of Killing Sister-in-Law With Machete
  34. Former Medic Plotted Against Regime, Khmer Rouge Tribunal Hears
  35. Long-Running Biofuel Fraud Case to End This Year, Judge Says
  36. Telecoms Ministry Promises Punishment for Non-Registration of Phone Users
  37. Police Official Arrested for Shooting Honking Visitor
  38. Military Official Shoots Drunk Staffer in Throat
  39. Police Nab Suspects in Poipet City Casino Scam
  40. Bangladeshi Man Gets 7 Years for Human Trafficking
  41. Three Provinces to Get New Police Chiefs This Week
  42. Pen Sovann Anonymously Accused of Underage Sex
  43. Engineering
  44. For Second Time, Missing Officers Asked To Appear
  45. No Public Cremation for Pen Sovann, City Hall Says
  46. Police Raid Den of Suspected Buffalo Rustlers, Find Meat
  47. Very Few Disabled Cambodians Receive Government Aid, Study Shows
  48. Opinion: Duterte Should Look to Cambodia for Foreign Policy Lessons
  49. RCAF General Says Khmer Rouge Treated Vietnamese Prisoners Humanely
  50. KNLF Suspects Sing CPP’s Praises in Court
  51. CNRP Shirts Burned at Defection Ceremony
  52. Illegal Logs Stashed in Pond, Military Truck in Stung Treng
  53. Journalists Admit to Incorrectly Reporting Illegal Wood Case
  54. Fight Breaks Out Between Party Officials at Registration Station
  55. Government Is Watching You, Official Tells Protesters
  56. Consultancy Announcement
  57. Village Director
  58. Historian Discusses Communist Policies of Terror and Control
  59. Green Business Grows, But Still a Rich Niche
  60. Letter to the Editor: Politics in Cambodia Still Suffering From Lack of Civility
  61. Captive Fishermen Return After Four Years in Somalia
  62. Ex-Boyfriend Arrested in O’Yes Guesthouse Murder
  63. Street Gamblers Warned in Illegal Betting Crackdown
  64. Eleven-Year-Old Arrested for Dealing Crystal Meth
  65. Pen Sovann, Former Prime Minister, Dead at 80
  66. White Building Residents Want Buyout, Not New Homes
  67. Man to Stand Trial for Alleged Hun Sen Threats
  68. Vietnam Won’t Stop Border Building, Minister Says
  69. Government Sells Last of Timber Seized by Task Force
  70. Prince Threatens to Leave ‘Divided’ CNRP
  71. Selfie Stream
  72. Activist Twins Detained, Barred From Vietnam
  73. Opposition Senator’s Defamation Trial Begins
  74. Migrant Worker Nabbed for Cursing Hun Sen
  75. Brides-to-Be Intercepted at Sea En Route to China
  76. Artist Reflects on Cambodia’s Modern History in Multimedia Works
  77. National Games Opening Ceremony Goes Off With a Bang
  78. Fearing for Safety, Coup Plotter’s Family Flees to Thailand
  79. Court Extends Detention of Adhoc Officials
  80. City Unveils $80M Plan For White Building Site
  81. Letters Rebuking Sokha’s Daughter Are Fake, CNRP Says
  82. PJ Prison Investigated Over Terrorist Escape
  83. Commutes Under Scrutiny as Truck Crammed With 80 Workers Overturns
  84. Six Paratroopers Miss Stadium; One Left Dangling on Lamppost
  85. After Boost in Funding, State Schools Seek Hands-On Help
  86. Families Living Near Sihanoukville Waterfall to Get Land Titles
  87. Government Approves Latest Refugee Transfer from Nauru
  88. Deputy
  89. Former Soldier Accused Of Killing Father With Ax
  90. Ministry Submits Plan for Car-Free
  91. Teenager Arrested for Rape of 10-Year-Old Neighbor
  92. Former Commander Tells Tribunal: ‘I Didn’t Know’
  93. US Diplomat Praises ‘Good Year’ for Relations
  94. Election Body Asks Government to Help Soldiers Register Outside Bases
  95. World Bank Pans New Online System as Step Backward
  96. ‘Decomposition’ Unearths the Cycle of Life, Decay and Rebirth
  97. Tribunal Hears Of Pol Pot’s Request for Repopulation
  98. Three Officers Sought Over Alleged Beating
  99. Victim’s Identity, Details Emerge In Murder Case at Guesthouse
  100. Police Hunt for Commune Chief Who Punched Teen
  101. Son Confesses to Raping Mother Multiple Times
  102. New Ministry Department to Combat Illegal Gambling
  103. Activists Wish Death Upon Ex-Municipal Governor
  104. First National Games Kick Off in Phnom Penh
  105. Escaped Terrorist Captured En Route to Monkhood
  106. Boycott Will Cost CNRP Their Salaries—Starting Today
  107. Senator Remains Defiant as Trial Nears Close
  108. Draft Budget Moves Ahead, Boosts Education
  109. Commune Chief’s Punch Gives Guard Brain Damage
  110. Man Nabbed for Attempted Rape of 15-Year-Old Cousin
  111. After a Decade of Listening, a Khmer Pronunciation Guide
  112. Escaped Terrorist on Interpol’s Wanted List
  113. Prosecutor Investigating Alleged Police Beating in Kandal
  114. CNRP, CPP to Discuss Judicial Reform at National Assembly
  115. Union Threatens Strikes of 800 Staff at Airports
  116. Chinese Men Charged for Trafficking 50 Kg of Drugs
  117. Police Raid Vietnamese Coffee Shop, Arrest Sex Workers
  118. Make Babies to Protect Motherland, Khmer Rouge Witness Was Told
  119. Underwater Internet Cable Nears Completion
  120. Indonesian Sailors Arrested, Released After Drunken Nightclub Brawl
  121. Woman Found Strangled in Phnom Penh Guesthouse
  122. Opportunities for TEACHERS & SCHOOL STAFF IN PHNOM PENH
  123. Mob of Kratie Villagers Take Back Trucks From Police
  124. Ministry Seeking to Curb Sexual Images Online
  125. For Better Pay and Hours, Stay in School: Study
  126. Cambodia, Vietnam Seek Help From Abroad in Border Dispute
  127. Cambodian Border Official Nabbed With Meth in Thailand
  128. Two Plaintiffs Drop Out of 2013 Wat Phnom Attack Case
  129. Bus Driver Sought After Kampot Hit-And-Run
  130. Rapist Husband ‘Not Brutal,’ Khmer Rouge Tribunal Told
  131. Contest Highlights Baristas’ Pride in Perfect Pours
  132. Adhoc President No-Show in Court, Missing From Cambodia
  133. Crew Tells of Four Years at Pirates’ Mercy
  134. Locals Say Police, Not Mob, Left Man Dead
  135. UN Calls for Immediate Explanation for Sam Rainsy’s Exile
  136. Consultant: Design the Child Protection Pagoda Programme, Training Manual and Operati
  137. Consultant: Design the Child Protection Pagoda Programme, Training Manual and Operati
  138. Consultant: End-line Assessment of Project “Improving MNCH among deprived populations
  139. Commercial Assistant Wanted
  140. Head of Finance and Accounting
  141. Opposition Backs Off Paris Peace Rally at Freedom Park
  142. Sam Rainsy Officially Exiled From Cambodia
  143. Somali Pirates Release 4 Cambodian Hostages
  144. Poipet Military Police Officers Jailed for Taking Bribes
  145. Turning a Winning Rat Trap Into a Hot Product
  146. Land-Mine-Detecting Drones Put to the Test
  147. In New Exhibition on Khmer Rouge, Devil Is in the Details
  148. Clown Steps on Landmine (But Not Really)
  149. Police Arrest 2 Suspects After Body Found in Pond
  150. Father At Large After Murdering Son in Pursat
  151. Opinion: The Secret Underbelly of the Cambodian Garment Industry
  152. Chinese Suspects Arrested Over 50 Kg Drug Haul
  153. Patronage Politics
  154. Government Tells Airlines, Airports to Bar Rainsy’s Return
  155. Dismissing Ban, CNRP Pledges to Hold Rally
  156. Lawyer for Sam Rainsy Snubs Court in Latest Case
  157. Security Guard Arrested for Rape of 6-Year-Old Girl
  158. Psychology Students Cut Off From Teacher Training Path
  159. Government Seeks Greater Child Protection Measures
  160. Soldiers Allowed to Register in Wrong Commune
  161. Salaries to Drive 16 Percent Increase in Government Spending
  162. Pastor Charged With Procurement of Child Prostitution
  163. Land Claims in Mondolkiri Lead To Inter-Department Lawsuit
  164. Neighbor Confesses to Killing Girl for Earrings
  165. Police Chief Demoted For Illegally Firing AK-47
  166. Toddy Cats Rescued Along River on Vietnam Border
  167. Two Boys Drown in Canal Swollen by Rain
  168. Hun Sen Says His Own Win-Win Deal Trumps Peace Accords
  169. French Minister Pressures Cambodia on Rights
  170. Siem Reap Pastor Arrested Over Multiple Sex Abuse Claims
  171. Half-Built Dreams Languish in ‘Diamond Island’
  172. Khmer Rouge Foreign Policy Hastened Occupation, Tribunal Hears
  173. Man Charged for Organizing Forest Occupation in Pursat
  174. Despite Dissent, Rainsy Pushes Prisoner Swap
  175. US
  176. Chinese Investment Firm to Build $2B Food Processing SEZ
  177. Sam Rainsy’s Latest Legal Woe: Call to Mass Protests
  178. Three Trafficked Migrant Workers Repatriated
  179. More Families Evacuated As Flooding Continues
  180. Government Rejects CNRP’s Peace Accord Rally
  181. Manet Questions Motives of Australia Protesters
  182. UN Envoy Departs With Barrage of Criticism
  183. ‘Paranoid’ Purges Undercut Khmer Rouge, Tribunal Hears
  184. New Guidelines Expected To Boost Domestic Adoptions
  185. Dentist Takes Fraud Fight To US Court
  186. Three Military Police Officers Admit To Taking Bribes
  187. Animated Film Festival to Showcase Foreign, Local Work
  188. Justice Minister Wants Law Banning Surrogate Pregnancies
  189. Cambodia’s Answer to Uber: Tuk-Tuk Apps
  190. Man, Sisters Convicted in Teenage Sex Slave Case
  191. Government Warned of Major Competition to Garment Sector
  192. US Businessman Ambushed, Beaten by Masked Sihanoukville Men
  193. Military Police Officer Freed Despite Obstruction Charge
  194. Vietnamese Targeted for Death, Tribunal Told
  195. Hundreds of Families Uprooted in Flooded Phnom Penh Outskirts
  196. For China, ‘Cambodia Is a Sideshow, But It’s a Loyal One’
  197. Venezuelan Caught With Cocaine in Siem Reap Airport Bust
  198. 25 Years After Peace Accord, Discussing an ‘Unfinished Project’
  199. Paddy Price Rises, But Not Back to Normal
  200. Kem Sokha’s Daughter Takes to Twitter to Rebuke Rainsy
  201. Proposed Prisoner Swap: Sam Rainsy for Colleagues
  202. China to Help Modernize Military, Defense Minister Says
  203. Dam Bursts After Heavy Rains in Kompong Speu
  204. Extra Charge for Grocery Bags Nears as Law Is Finalized
  205. 3 Years Later, Victims of Wat Phnom Attack Questioned
  206. UN Envoy Says Rights Not Threat to Sovereignty
  207. Coup Plans Prompted Khmer Rouge
  208. Girl’s Body Found Floating in Pond, Suspect Sought
  209. Four Military Police Under Investigation for Accepting Bribes
  210. City Governor Rules, But Does Not Represent
  211. Deadly Rabies Virus Gets Overdue Attention
  212. Appeal Court Upholds Injunction on Russian Tycoon’s Property
  213. Three More Refugees Volunteer From Nauru
  214. Thousands Watch as Annual Boat Racing Kicks Off in Kandal
  215. Border Soldiers Arrested Moving Meth in Vietnam
  216. Man Hacked to Death in Prey Veng Rice Field
  217. Cambodian Commercial Centers to Open in China
  218. Government Asks Interpol to Help Recapture Escaped Terrorist
  219. Teen Girl Found Dead in Forest in Rape, Murder Case
  220. No Refugees Yet Among Montagnards
  221. Two-Thirds Vote Installs New Bar Association President
  222. Procession Closes 100-Day Ceremony for Slain Analyst
  223. Timber Trafficking Grandma Charged in Phnom Penh
  224. Kem Sokha Calls on Soul of Sihanouk to Help Unite Divided Country
  225. Civil Unrest
  226. Reopened Battambang Gallery Shows Ordinary People at Work
  227. Drunk Driver Crashes Into Shophouse, Killing Three
  228. Frustration Festers at Kem Ley Ceremony
  229. Decomposed Corpse Pulled Out of Phnom Penh Pond
  230. Bodyguard’s Alibi for Murder: Khmer Healer
  231. Efforts to Reform Child Sector Slowed by Lack of Resources
  232. Authorities Mum on Wood Trafficker’s Whereabouts
  233. UN Envoy Visits Notorious Prey Speu Center
  234. NCDDS – Qualitative Governance Survey
  235. NCDDS – Evaluating Capacity Development in the IP3
  236. Consultancy Opportunity
  237. Assistant to director, sales and marketing executive
  238. Infested Farm Fields Lead to Increase in Poisonous Snake Bites
  239. As Vehicle Inspection Units Head to Provinces, Skepticism Persists
  240. Prime Minister Tells Diaspora to See Cambodia for Themselves
  241. Survivor Explains Life of Misery After Khmer Rouge Forced Marriage
  242. Factory Workers Injured In Crash; Driver Arrested
  243. China’s President Xi Arrives Bearing Gifts
  244. Wood Trafficker Arrested, But Where Is She?
  245. Hun Sen Rejects CNRP Request for Pardons
  246. Homeless Detained Hours Ahead of Xi Visit
  247. Tax Revenue Rises 20% for First 9 Months Of the Year
  248. Murder Suspect Still at Large, Wife Released
  249. Cambodia Gears Up for First National Games
  250. Deputy Police Chief’s Wife Found Dead in Ditch