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  1. Girl’s Body Found Floating in Pond, Suspect Sought
  2. Four Military Police Under Investigation for Accepting Bribes
  3. City Governor Rules, But Does Not Represent
  4. Deadly Rabies Virus Gets Overdue Attention
  5. Appeal Court Upholds Injunction on Russian Tycoon’s Property
  6. Three More Refugees Volunteer From Nauru
  7. Thousands Watch as Annual Boat Racing Kicks Off in Kandal
  8. Border Soldiers Arrested Moving Meth in Vietnam
  9. Man Hacked to Death in Prey Veng Rice Field
  10. Cambodian Commercial Centers to Open in China
  11. Government Asks Interpol to Help Recapture Escaped Terrorist
  12. Teen Girl Found Dead in Forest in Rape, Murder Case
  13. No Refugees Yet Among Montagnards
  14. Two-Thirds Vote Installs New Bar Association President
  15. Procession Closes 100-Day Ceremony for Slain Analyst
  16. Timber Trafficking Grandma Charged in Phnom Penh
  17. Kem Sokha Calls on Soul of Sihanouk to Help Unite Divided Country
  18. Civil Unrest
  19. Reopened Battambang Gallery Shows Ordinary People at Work
  20. Drunk Driver Crashes Into Shophouse, Killing Three
  21. Frustration Festers at Kem Ley Ceremony
  22. Decomposed Corpse Pulled Out of Phnom Penh Pond
  23. Bodyguard’s Alibi for Murder: Khmer Healer
  24. Efforts to Reform Child Sector Slowed by Lack of Resources
  25. Authorities Mum on Wood Trafficker’s Whereabouts
  26. UN Envoy Visits Notorious Prey Speu Center
  27. NCDDS – Qualitative Governance Survey
  28. NCDDS – Evaluating Capacity Development in the IP3
  29. Consultancy Opportunity
  30. Assistant to director, sales and marketing executive
  31. Infested Farm Fields Lead to Increase in Poisonous Snake Bites
  32. As Vehicle Inspection Units Head to Provinces, Skepticism Persists
  33. Prime Minister Tells Diaspora to See Cambodia for Themselves
  34. Survivor Explains Life of Misery After Khmer Rouge Forced Marriage
  35. Factory Workers Injured In Crash; Driver Arrested
  36. China’s President Xi Arrives Bearing Gifts
  37. Wood Trafficker Arrested, But Where Is She?
  38. Hun Sen Rejects CNRP Request for Pardons
  39. Homeless Detained Hours Ahead of Xi Visit
  40. Tax Revenue Rises 20% for First 9 Months Of the Year
  41. Murder Suspect Still at Large, Wife Released
  42. Cambodia Gears Up for First National Games
  43. Deputy Police Chief’s Wife Found Dead in Ditch
  44. Husband and Wife Sentenced for Murder of Lover
  45. Border Officer Loses Leg to Landmine
  46. UN Envoy Talks of Change Amid Worsening Rights Situation
  47. Abandoned Forest Town Reflects Beauty of ‘Golden Past’
  48. Opinion: Cambodian Government Needs Better Plans to Reduce Disaster Risks
  49. Ahead of Xi Visit, Relations With China at Level ‘Never Seen Before’
  50. Letter to the Editor: Will Hun Sen’s Government Break the Heads of Millions Who Oppos
  51. Tribunal Hears Brutal Tale of Rape, Forced Marriage
  52. Foreign Ministry Formalizes Public Service Fees
  53. ‘Terrorist’ Group Hatches Plan for Denmark-Based Exile Government
  54. More Evictees May Have Recourse Through IFC
  55. City Hall Relents, Lets Kem Ley Ceremony Proceed
  56. 170 Vietnamese Asylum Seekers Given Two Weeks to Leave
  57. Floating Gas Stations, Garages Ordered to Close in K’Chhnang
  58. UN Envoy Offers Help With Surrogacy Laws
  59. Ministry Investigating Commander Who Treats Soldiers Like ‘Dogs and Cats’
  60. Convicted RCAF Terrorist Still at Large After Hospital Escape
  61. Forum Promotes Ties Between Chinese, Cambodian Media
  62. Expert Witness Calls KR Forced Marriages ‘National Service’
  63. Nephew Confesses to Murder of Snail-Farming Couple
  64. 62 Workers Injured in Bavet City Truck Crash
  65. 19 Nabbed for Luring Locals Into Gambling
  66. Cuffed Suspects Escape Police Car En Route to Court
  67. Shark Fin Trade Swims On, Despite Ban
  68. Rainsy Called to Court Over New Case, No Details Given
  69. Police Can’t Find Witnesses to Protest Beating
  70. Technical Expert on Multilateral Environmental Agreement (MEA), Capacity Development
  71. Snail-Farming Couple Fatally Stabbed in Rice Field
  72. Two 15-Year-Olds Arrested in 9-Year-Old’s Rape
  73. UN Human Rights Envoy Begins Third Country Visit
  74. Letter to the Editor: Economic Ties With U.S. Cut in 1963; Relations in 1965
  75. Warning Banned Politician, General Cites Khieu Samphan Beating
  76. Bangladeshi Man Denies Trafficking Charge at Trial
  77. Hun Sen Requests Assistance for Migrants in Thailand
  78. Khmer Rouge Marriages Not Forced, Expert Says
  79. Lapsed Deal With UN Another Bump in Rocky Relationship
  80. Guards Beat NGO Official During Land Protest
  81. Fugitive Terrorist Dupes Guards With Spiked Cake
  82. Opposition Lawmaker Sentenced Over Facebook Posts
  83. First National Police Test Seeks 4,000 New Recruits
  84. Ceremony Planned for Kem Ley Despite Government Ban
  85. Activists to Protest at Eviction Site Despite Ban
  86. Government Pledges to Reduce Environmental Hazards
  87. New Tax Exemptions to Raise Take-Home Wage for Workers
  88. Shattered Statue Leaves Local Fears Of Bad Luck
  89. Additional Lifeguards Hired In Sihanoukville After Drownings
  90. Architecture Students Imagine Future in ‘City of Memory’
  91. World Bank Helped Fund Controversial Dam: Report
  92. CPP Hits Back Against Australian Politician Behind Protests
  93. De Gaulle’s Visit: A Time Before Glory Faded
  94. Unpunished Purge
  95. Waffling Opposition Skips Assembly Session
  96. Documentary Paints Moving Portrait of ‘Killing Fields’ Star
  97. Declining Rights Focus of UN Envoy Visit
  98. Protesters Slam Manet Over Kem Ley in Australia
  99. 20 Trafficked Migrant Workers Rescued in Indonesia
  100. Land Evictees Left Waiting as EU Plan Stalls
  101. Ton of Poached Coral Confiscated in Preah Sihanouk
  102. Timber Owner Sought After Soldier Charged in Wood Seizure
  103. City Hall Rejects New Request for Kem Ley Ceremony
  104. SCW – Seeking Consultant for Redesign of Children Storybooks
  105. Government Proposes to Slash Salary Tax for Civil Servants
  106. Stepfather Accosted, Raped, Threatened to Kill Daughter
  107. Nearly 30 Agreements to Be Signed at Xi’s Visit, PM
  108. Defiant Young Monks, Students Forced Out of Residences
  109. Land Deal Leaves Bitter Taste For Sugar Plantation Evictees
  110. Government Rejects Request for Kem Ley Memorial in Public Park
  111. Number of Migrant Worker Repatriations Rising
  112. Suspects in Sokha Hotel Meth Bust Deny Dealing
  113. Sokha Back in Hiding at Party HQ, But Why?
  114. Opposition Ends Boycott Of National Assembly
  115. Minister Says Timber Barons Agree to Stop Illegal Logging
  116. JRfC & WAfC – English and Computer Teacher
  117. Khmer Rouge Tribunal Delayed Due to Heavy Rain
  118. Design Exhibit Promises Beauty, With No Need for Philosophy
  119. Translator Stabs Wife to Death, Then Attempts Suicide
  120. Vendors Selling Porcupine, Monkey Meat Flee Arrest
  121. Markets Peddle Toys, Jewelry Laced With Toxins, Study Finds
  122. Sugar Plantation Caught Again with Illegal Wood
  123. ADB Offers Cambodia New $1B Loan Package
  124. Government Officials Deny Authorizing Land Maps
  125. Ministry of Education to Punish Nine Exam Proctors
  126. Sokha Leaves HQ for First Time in Months
  127. ‘Footloose’ Garment Sector Continues to Drive Growth
  128. Massive Security Deployment Planned for President Xi’s Visit to Cambodia
  129. Japanese Luxury Builder Makes White Building Plans
  130. Mondolkiri Teen Confesses to Murder of Sister-In-Law
  131. Father and Three Children Drown in Siem Reap River
  132. Sokha to Leave Party Headquarters This Morning
  133. Soldier Nabbed for Guarding Vietnam-Bound Wood
  134. Drunken Driver Kills 1, Injures 6 in Hit-and-Run Spree
  135. US Terror Law Helps Case Against Hun Manet, Lawyer Says
  136. US
  137. Voter Registrations Hit Peak On Final Day of Pchum Ben
  138. Government Considers Delay of Business Registration
  139. Police Chief Arrested for Firing AK in Dispute
  140. Government Sets Deadline for Shutting Down Unregistered SIMs
  141. Opposition Wobbles Toward End of Boycott
  142. Government Deal With UN Hangs in the Balance
  143. Ex-Officials Accused of Taking Bribe
  144. Teenager Admits Stoning, Sexually Assaulting Child
  145. Oversized Truck
  146. Police Find Woman’s Body Near Vietnamese Border
  147. Reports on ‘3 Missing Deputies’ Not ‘Intellectual Dishonesty’
  148. Thousands Flock to Northeast For New Pchum Ben Vacations
  149. Navy Chief’s Son Starts Speedboat Service
  150. Pchum Ben Festival Road Death Toll Drops
  151. Bathroom Break Pit Stop Ends in Road Rage
  152. Kem Ley’s Baby Born as Ceremony Tensions Rise
  153. For Migrants, Votes in Phnom Penh ‘Wasted’
  154. NEC Says Soldiers Registered for Vote in Wrong Commune
  155. Request for proposal terms of reference for the assignment of individual consultant s
  157. Security Guard Charged With Raping Minor
  158. Tourism Venues to Be Vetted and Ranked by Government
  159. Elite Soldier Charged For Unlawfully Firing Gun
  160. Xi to Make First Presidential Visit This Month
  161. Spirits High, But Buffalo Numbers Waning, at Annual Races
  162. Rare Wood Rules Tightened; to What Avail?
  163. Prosecutor Appeals Release of Illegal Fishermen in Kandal
  164. Kem Sokha to Leave Refuge to Register
  165. Sketches Show Process Behind Artist’s Memorial
  166. Government Target for Eliminating HIV
  167. Program Looks to Keep Psychologists Sane
  168. New App to Help Cambodians in Korea Send Money Home
  169. Cambodia’s Envoy to UN Hits Back at EU
  170. Cambodian Zika Fears Prompt US Travel Warning
  171. Fake Pistol Helps Woman Escape From Prey Speu
  172. Alleged Mule Charged in Cocaine Case
  173. Man Charged for Murder With Homemade Gun
  174. Despite More Wood Seizures, Official Insists Logging Is Over
  175. Paddy Prices Hit New Low Ahead of Pchum Ben Holiday
  176. Beaten CNRP Lawmaker Plans US Lawsuits Against Government and Manet
  177. Defensive Cambodia Hastens Pivot to China
  178. Two Men Arrested for Rapes of Female Relatives
  179. City Hall Rejects CNRP Lawmaker’s Plan for Kem Ley Statue
  180. Garment Sector Minimum Wage Set at $153
  181. Motorbike Thief Gets 14 Years Added to Sentence
  182. Woman Uses Fake $100 Bills to Defraud Pagodas
  183. Gambling Website Draws Bad Hand at Karaoke Parlor
  184. Media Mogul Claims Victory in Journalist Feud
  185. Family of Man Mauled to Death Seeks Buyer for Killer Elephant
  186. New Garment Wage Decision Expected Today
  187. Probe Sought Into Official’s Release After Fatal Crash
  188. Using Condoms as Evidence, Police Flout Law
  189. Rice Body Stirs National Pride and Anti-Competitive Enforcement
  190. Asian Countries Defend Cambodia After UN
  191. Dormant CNRP Emerges With Reform Plans
  192. Lightning Kills Pregnant Mother as She Unplugs Phone
  193. Household Income Falls, Debt Rises Sharply After Drought
  194. After Suicide, Judge Says Fraud Case Is Nearing Its Conclusion
  195. Women in Land Conflicts Suffer Disproportionately, Study Finds
  196. Listen Up Graduates, It’s Your Prime Minister Speaking
  197. Police End First Round of Riot Control Course But More to Come
  198. Sokha Seeks ‘Impossible’ Clemency for Jailed Rights Activists
  199. Ministry Seeks Dialogue After Media Mogul’s ‘Thieves’ Insult
  200. Garment Exports Keep ADB Forecast Strong
  201. Thailand Plays Catch and Release With Fishermen
  202. Election Officials Brace for Pchum Ben Rush
  203. CPP Faces Moment of Reckoning Over Agriculture Failures
  204. Radio Host Goes to Court Over Defamation Lawsuit
  205. Political Arena Calm as Compromise Remains Elusive
  206. Rice Sector Intervention to Bolster CPP Support, Official Says
  207. Government Bites Back as ‘Black Monday’ Returns
  208. CNRP Youth Leader Resigns Ahead of Reforms
  209. Better Nutrition Alone Won’t Stop Stunting, Study Says
  210. Gambling Schemers Deny Taking Men Hostage
  211. Third Time Not the Charm for Wage Negotiations
  212. Three Nabbed in Raid as Drug Arrests Climb
  213. Japan Pledges $32 Million for Buses, Mine Clearance
  214. Police Admit Drug Mule Attracted by Lax Security
  215. Bank Says ‘No Issue’ With Rice Sector After Intervention
  216. Five More Suspects Charged in Grenade Attack
  217. Council Paves the Way for Lenient Traffic Law
  218. Christian des Pallieres, Founder of Child NGO, Dies at 82
  219. Sihanoukville Set for Boost in Trained Tour Guides
  220. Worker Crushed to Death At Sihanoukville Port
  221. Comparing Prince Sihanouk to Present Government a Failed Endeavor
  222. DEA Tip-Off Leads to Suspected Drug Mule Arrest
  223. Phnom Penh Wat Not ‘Hotbed Of Anti-Government Activism’
  224. Vietnamese Fishermen Arrested in Kandal
  225. Minister Tells UN ‘Perfect Democracy’ Not Realistic
  226. Timber Trader Blasts Journalists for Snitching
  227. CNRP Official Sends Veterans Memorial Plan To Prime Minister
  228. Starving Spirits
  229. ‘Freedom Fighter’ Charged With Drug Trafficking
  230. Woman Killed, Family Wounded in Ax Attack
  231. Phnom Penh Hyatt Hotel to Retain Royal Villa
  232. Eight Conspired in Grenade Blast, Police Say
  233. ‘Failed’ Electoral System Ranked Asia’s Worst
  234. Election Body Probes Alleged Irregularities
  235. Farmer Jailed Over Rape of 7-Year-Old Neighbor
  236. Three Dead, Seven Injured in Tour Bus Crash as Driver Flees
  237. Central Bank Invites Public to Exchange Damaged Riel Notes
  238. Police Hunt Trio After Shots Fired at Military Police Office
  239. Hyatt Seeks Entry Into Phnom Penh’s Crowded Luxury Market
  240. Bodyguard Tells Tribunal of Trip to Border to Collect Uniforms
  241. Kratie Man Released After Free Land Rumor Quashed
  242. Protesting Evictees Block Highway in Sihanoukville
  243. Cash Influx a Band-Aid for Failing Rice Sector
  244. Civil Society ‘Under Threat’ As Official Sentenced
  245. Hun Sen Declares Fragile Political ‘Cease-Fire’ With CNRP
  246. Two 10th Century Sandstone Artifacts Seized in Siem Reap
  247. Election Official Sentenced to Six Months for Criticizing Court
  248. Supreme Court Rejects CNRP Lawmaker’s Appeal
  249. Court Upholds Logging Conviction Against Activist
  250. Cambodia Promises to Sign Climate Treaty by 2017