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  1. Boeng Kak Activists Self-Harm, Husband Says
  2. Graphic Novel Depicts the Years Before Zero
  3. Vietnamese Jailed for Dealing Ice in Bavet Casinos
  4. Foreigners Reminded to Get Their Work Permits
  5. Gov’t Not Following Suit to Ban Thai Airlines
  6. Driver Questioned Over Crash Outside PM’s Villa
  7. Crime Level ‘Critical’ in Cambodia: US
  8. Police Release Logger Who Implicated Official
  9. Preah Sihanouk Police Chief Removed
  10. Nationality Rule Swayed NEC Decision: Licadho Chief
  11. Harsh Sentences Meted Out in 14-kg Methamphetamine Bust
  12. Female Passenger Dies While Boarding Cruise Ship in S’ville
  13. Justice Minister Seeks Briefing Over Years-Old Land Dispute
  14. Urgent Action Badly Needed to Save Threatened Riverine Bird
  15. Mines and Energy Ministry Warns Sand Dredgers
  16. One Killed, Four Injured in Severe Storms in B’bang
  17. KR Survivor Tells ECCC She Was ‘Buried Alive’ by Cadre
  18. Election Expert Vows Reform As ‘Neutral’ NEC Member
  19. Drunk Driver Injures Guards Outside PM’s Villa
  20. Police Searching for Russian Accused of Sparking Casino Brawl
  21. Minister Blames Authorities in Sihanoukville for Crime Wave
  22. Minister Tells Police to Target Drug Gang Bosses
  23. S’ville Court Denies Bail to Doroshenko
  24. Government Should Protect Indigenous Peoples and Their Forests
  25. Police Arrest Another Russian Over Casino Brawl in Sihanoukville
  26. Reporter Says KR Put ‘Best Foot Forward’ During Visit
  27. Ministry Will Conduct Unannounced Inspections of Schools
  28. As Refugees Spurn Cambodia, Locals Voice Opposition to Deal
  29. Fewer Airport Arrests Lead to Drop in Drug Seizures
  30. Meeting Between Koh Kong Families, Development Firm Fruitless
  31. NGO Director Appointed New ‘Neutral’ NEC Member
  32. Eight Killed After Truck Overturns on Plantation
  33. Michelle Obama’s Delegation Spent Nearly $250K on Hotel
  34. Pung Chhiv Kek Declines NEC Nomination
  35. Gov’t Team Starts Enforcing Sand Dredging Rules
  36. Rasmei Kampuchea Editor Dead at 54
  37. Activist Demands Plaintiffs Show Up in Court
  38. Hun Sen Meets With Nancy Pelosi, US Delegation
  39. King Sihamoni Approves Two New Election Laws
  40. After Kampot Cockfight Raid, Police Fail to Seize Motorbikes
  41. Thirty-Six Still Ill After Eating Tainted Sandwiches
  42. ‘Same Faces’ Protest Against PM’s Comments
  43. Kem Sokha Says Judicial Laws Need Changing
  44. Rights Group Asks Gov’t to Disclose True Land Figures
  45. Transport Ministry Calls for Crackdown on Illegal Checkpoints
  46. Six Vietnamese Charged Over Logging; Military Collusion Alleged
  47. Truck Owner to Pay to Reconstruct Collapsed Bridge
  48. Nancy Pelosi Leads US Delegation to Cambodia
  49. Hundreds Fall Ill After Eating Sandwiches at NGO Event
  50. Man Kills Boy, 7, for Kicking His Nephew During Argument
  51. Husband of Acid Attack Victim to File Complaint Against Court
  52. Monks Defrocked After Partying At Karaoke Parlor in Kompong Cham
  53. UN Approves New Human Rights Envoy to Cambodia
  54. Fashion Forward
  55. Lens Romance
  56. ‘Insurrection’ Trial Begins for Opposition Figures
  57. KRT Charges Second Suspect In Case 004
  58. Coca-Cola Guides ‘Rebranding’ Cambodia Event
  59. Woman Gets 15 Years for Kidney Trafficking
  60. UN Due to Announce New Human Rights Envoy
  61. Another Montagnard in Phnom Penh, UN Says
  62. New Film Seeks to Revive Forgotten Monument
  63. New $2.9M Mosque Inaugurated in Phnom Penh
  64. Multiple Jobs
  65. Ceo
  66. Doctor, Surgeon
  67. WASH Advisor
  68. Addressing Factory Violations Is Task of All Concerned Parties
  69. Police Shut Down Center Promising Jobs Abroad
  70. Defrocked Monks Questioned at Court
  71. CNRP Will Not Protest at Meach Sovannara Trial
  72. Government Confirms Trip to Nauru
  73. Japan to Provide $236M in Development Aid, Loans
  74. Seven ‘Loggers’ Released Over Clearing State Land
  75. Doroshenko’s Lawyer Seeks Bail; Son Vows Legal Action
  76. PM Questions Awarding of Global Teacher Prize
  77. Four Children Injured by UXO Blast Near School
  78. UN Envoy, Gov’t Discuss Divisive KRT Cases
  79. District Police Chief Stands Trial on Graft Charges
  80. NGO Says Cambodian Officials Back on Nauru to Meet Refugees
  81. Judges Consider Moving Biofuel Case Back to Banteay Meanchey
  82. Police Official Denies Involvement in Trucker Beating
  83. Prime Minister Announces Hefty Raises for Ruling Party Staffers
  84. Assembly Panel to Accept NEC Nominations Beginning Friday
  85. Princess Resigns as First Vice President of Funcinpec
  86. Doroshenko Jailed on Fraud Charges in S’ville
  87. Ukrainian Politician Struck From Wanted List
  88. In the Garment Sector, Underage Workers Are the Exception
  89. American Man Convicted Over Child-Sex Trips to Cambodia
  90. Sar Kheng Leaves for Australia
  91. Four Deny Charges in Violent Koh Rong Robbery
  92. In Logging Hotbed, 7 Arrested for Felling Trees
  93. Controversial Newspaper Editor Dies Aged 76
  94. Workers Submit Petition to Gov’t Over Labor Law, Severance Pay
  95. Father of Nightclub Fire Victims Paid to Keep Quiet
  96. ADB Expects Cambodian Economy to Pick Up
  97. Officials in the Dark About Ukrainian Politician’s Rape Case
  98. Taxes From Casinos Rise 15 Percent in 2014
  99. Gas Stations Worried Over New Safety Standards
  100. Four More Suspects Arrested Over Violent Koh Rong Robbery
  101. Commission Set Up to Probe Military Police Beating of Truck Driver
  102. Police Ordered to Monitor Jewelry Shops Around the Clock
  103. One Killed, Dozens Injured in Battambang Tour Bus Crash
  104. Hun Sen Offers Condolences Over Lee Kuan Yew’s Death
  105. **Hun Sen Steps In to End Dredging Row
  106. Five Killed in Bavet City Nightclub Fire
  107. Ukrainian Politician Sought for Rape in Cambodia
  108. Senate Passes Reformed Election Laws in Quick Vote
  109. US First Lady Says Education Gives Girls a Voice
  110. Five Monks Summoned to Court Over Pagoda Attack
  111. Acid Attack Victim Dies; Court Official Seeks Murder Charge
  112. Police Investigate Murder of Vietnamese Girl in Svay Rieng
  113. Armed Robbers at Large After Pursat Market Heist
  114. City Authority Rejects Water Quality Claim
  115. Military Police at Large After Firing at Truckers
  116. Villagers Mark Six Years Since Violent Eviction
  117. New Film Takes Hard Look at Practice of Arranged Marriages
  118. Police Arrest Suspect in Violent Koh Rong Attack
  119. Phnom Penh Municipality Plans City Expansion
  120. Far From Zion
  121. Michelle Obama Should Pay Her Respects to Victims of War
  122. Minister Says Minorities Should Rely Less on Forests
  123. Food Safety Law Being Drafted by Government
  124. More Than 5,000 Guests Attend Royal Group Chairman’s Wedding
  125. Hopes of Returning Pre-Khmer Rouge Urns to Families
  126. Two Foreigners Attacked on Koh Rong
  127. Fake IDs Make Mockery of Factory Age Rules
  128. Borei Keila Evictees Denounce ‘Resolutions’
  129. Michelle Obama, Tell the President to Forgive Cambodia’s Debt
  130. Plantations and Families Set Rules for IFC-Mediated Talks
  131. **Preah Sihanouk Court Evicts Scores of Villagers
  132. Vietnam’s Metfone to Absorb Struggling Beeline
  133. Second Suspect Charged Over Club Shooting
  134. Khmer Rouge Traded Pigs, Gold For Supplies, Ex-Official Claims
  135. Prime Minister Ramps Up Threat Against Kem Sokha
  136. Assembly Passes New Election Laws
  137. Special Police Team to Probe Violence in Sihanoukville
  138. Mob Violence Leads to Two Deaths in Separate Incidents
  139. National Assembly Passes Election Laws
  140. Mondolkiri Villagers Tell of Rampant Logging, Blame Authorities
  141. Ministry Attempts to Explain Its Interference in Sen Sok Dispute
  142. Man Arrested for Blackmailing Girlfriend With Video of Rape
  143. City Hall Makes Offer on Land to Families of Chroy Changva
  144. Prime Minister Warns of Legal Action Against Kem Sokha
  145. Young Cambodians Embracing Graft, Survey Says
  146. Deminer Was Likely Digging Up Explosive When Killed
  147. PM
  148. At UN, Cambodian Delegation Rejects Claims of Prison Abuses
  149. Controversial Election Laws to Be Passed Without Amendments
  150. Michelle Obama Asked to Intervene for Activists
  151. March 18, 1970: ‘Revolutionary’ Group Moves Against Sihanouk
  152. Deminer Dies After Mine Explosion in Pailin Province
  153. Court Charges Man for Fishing With Grenade
  154. Government Approves Pact to Send Maids to Malaysia
  155. Mercedes Fire Latest Incident In Restive Sihanoukville
  156. Villagers, Police Face Off in Dispute Over Road Expansion
  157. Customs Official’s Son Charged In Shooting at Rock Nightclub
  158. Villagers Prevent Police From Taking Back Seized Bulldozers
  159. National Police Chief Calls for Crackdown on Petty Criminals
  160. Witness Tells of Digging Mass Graves at Khmer Rouge Hospital
  161. Five Men Arrested for Posing as Police to Extort, Rob Civilians
  162. Sonando Agrees to Pay Fired Staff, But Refuses Severance
  163. Lawyer Jailed for Aiding Escape Demands Retrial
  164. Japan to Send Voter Registration Experts to Cambodia
  165. Ex-Khmer Rouge Official Denies Sending Prisoners to Be ‘Eliminated’
  166. Rival Tuk-Tuk Associations Agree to Truce
  167. Ministry Reviewing Russia Extradition Treaty
  168. EDC Plans Power Line Linking Lake Provinces
  169. Kem Sokha Was Unhappy With July 22 Political Deal
  170. Customs Official’s Son Quizzed on Nightclub
  171. Project Finance Assistant
  172. Immunity for Lawmaker Will Expire, Assembly Spokesman Says
  173. Court Charges Swiss Man for Having Sex With Boys
  174. Man Arrested for Knifing Woman and Her Daughter
  175. Lawmaker Requests Funds to Help Pay HIV Villagers’ Debt
  176. Drunken RCAF Soldier Accidentally Shoots 12-Year-Old Boy
  177. More Cigarette-Butt ‘Fertilizer’ Seized in Country’s Northwest
  178. Cockfighting Inspires Artist’s Meditation on Nature and Death
  179. Government Rejects Report Alleging Abuse of Workers
  180. Customs Official’s Son Involved in Club Shooting
  181. Police Draft Plan to Protect Foreign Nationals and Investors
  182. Urban Visions
  183. A New Hero
  184. Mam Sonando Blames Union for Protests at Beehive
  185. Trafficking Victims Rescued From Malaysia, Indonesia
  186. After Ministry’s Intervention, Families Ask Hun Sen for Help
  187. After Visit, Refugee Deal Still Shrouded in Doubt
  188. Lawmaker, Lawyer Given 2-Year Prison Sentences
  189. Daughter of Land-Dispute Family Questioned Over Cobra Attack
  190. Artist Turns Within to Explore Human Condition
  191. Record Store Aims to Revive Cambodia’s Pop Past
  192. CPP Lawmaker Rejects Claims of Government Overspending
  193. Research Officer
  194. Japanese Investment Drops, But Trade Spikes
  195. Plantation Workers End Strike With Little Gain
  196. Australia, Cambodia Discuss Refugee Test Run
  197. Cambodia Trounces* Macau in Qualifier for 2018 World Cup
  198. Lawmaker’s Lawyers Ask Court Not to Issue Verdict
  199. National Assembly to Pass Two New Election Laws Next Week
  200. Khmer Rouge Commune Chief Denies Role in Purge Plans
  201. PM Calls Out Tech-Averse Officials
  202. Woman Kills Children, Commits Suicide Over Spouse’s Drinking
  203. Court Orders Family off Khun Sear’s Land: Lawyer
  204. Group Finds ‘Systematic’ Labor Abuse at Garment Plants
  205. Ministry Sold Land From Under 163 Families
  206. Conservation Programme Manager
  207. Partnering to Save Lives
  208. One-Third of Cambodians Now Online Thanks to Mobile Phones
  209. Takeover of Star Vegas Casino Closer After $100M Loan Secured
  210. Hopes Low as Cambodia Begins World Cup Quest
  211. Court Official to Enforce Verdict In Long-Running Land Dispute
  212. Beehive Radio Employees on Strike; Sonando Defiant
  213. Judge Rebukes Defense Lawyers at KR Tribunal
  214. Rosewood Seizures Drop in Banteay Meanchey: Gov’t
  215. Court Delays Questioning of Anti-Dam Activist
  216. Drug Smuggling Suspects Questioned at Court
  217. Government Considering National Oil Company
  218. Workers Protest After Factory Owner Disappears
  219. Hun Sen Acknowledges Misstep Over HIV Outbreak
  220. Accused KR Chief Admits Signing Execution Order
  221. No More ADB Funding to Finish Stalled Railway Project
  222. Court Questions General Charged in Corruption Case
  223. In New Election Body Law, Room for Mischief
  224. Anti-Pedophile Group Founder Denies Meddling
  225. Assembly Secretary-General Stonewalls Over Misspending
  226. Prime Minister Diagnoses NGOs With ‘Main Character Syndrome’
  227. Man Who Shot 33 Times Over $3 Fine Surrenders
  228. Alleged Khmer Rouge District Chief Denies Role
  229. Sixth HIV-Positive Villager Dies in Battambang
  230. Gov’t to Examine Vietnamese Grave Site on Bokor Mountain
  231. Man Charged Over Dumping Murdered Co-Worker’s Body
  232. In Court, Kidney Trader Denies Running Transplant Enterprise
  233. CPP, CNRP Defend New Election Laws
  234. Hun Sen Slaps Freeze on New Gov’t Positions, Departments
  235. Woman Strung Up and Killed; Young Grandson Beaten
  236. Soldier Arrested Over His Ex-Wife’s Shooting Death
  237. Thailand Deports Monks Across Border
  238. Cambodia Joins Treaty To Protect Trademarks
  239. Acid Attacker Among 22 Released From Prison
  240. Lawmaker Orders Photos, Video of Event Erased
  241. Acid Attacker Admits Guilt, Due in Court
  242. Woman Shot Dead by Soldier Ex-Husband
  243. TVK Cameraman Nabbed After Encounter With Police Official
  244. Former Garment Workers Hold Protest Outside of Union Office
  245. Widow of Murdered Tycoon Questioned at Municipal Court
  246. NGOs to Boycott Workshop on Election Law
  247. Meas Muth Falls Ill, Treated in Phnom Penh, Thailand
  248. Official Summoned Over Gross Misspending
  249. Layers of Life
  250. In Phnom Penh, Women Still Don’t Feel Safe on the Streets