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  1. Workers in Kompong Chhnang End Protest
  2. Police Destroy Mountaintop Marijuana Farms
  3. After Prolonged Protest, Villagers Win Back Land
  4. Former US
  5. Tea Banh Says More Soldiers are Headed for Phnom Penh
  6. Preah Vihear on the Agenda for Visiting Thai General
  7. Sales Executive
  8. Internship in Digital Media
  9. Second Chance Awaits 75% Who Failed Exam
  10. Land Dispute Victims Continue to Press Case in Phnom Penh
  11. KR Prison Survivor Recounts Purges Under Ta An
  12. Lor Peang Villagers Bailed After CPP Lawmaker’s Intercession
  13. Brothers Torture Teenage Coconut Thief, Post Pictures to Facebook
  14. Unions Must Have Factory Sign-Off to Register New Branches
  15. Need to Improve Knowledge of Arrest Rights, Lessen Use of Force
  16. Gov’t Must Probe ‘Enforced’ Disappearance: UN
  17. Rice Paddy Bank Opens to Stabilize Supply
  18. Rainsy to Lobby ADB Over Railway Concerns
  19. Singaporean Embassy Condemns Egging by Protesters
  20. Two Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking Deaf Girl
  21. Census Continues; Vietnamese Receive Immigration Papers
  22. Man Arrested With Stash Of Fake Shower Gel
  23. Ratanakkiri Police Nab Drug Smuggler in Operation
  24. ‘Perfect’ Military Police Honored With Cash
  25. Health Ministry To Move in Deal With Yeay Phu
  26. Researchers Probe Alleged KR Island Massacre
  27. KDC Workers Petition Against the Release of Five Villagers
  28. Cambodia’s Rice Exports to European Union Soar
  29. Lawmakers Told to Act on Gender Disparity
  30. ACU Chief Applauds Teachers, Threatens Jail Time at 2nd Exam
  31. Nearly 200 Migrant Workers Duped Out of $260
  32. Cambodia, US Share Concerns Over Lao Dam
  33. Boeng Kak Protesters Egg Embassy, Ex-Governor’s Photo
  34. Monkeys Sent to US
  35. Work Permits Now Required for Foreigners
  36. CPP Blocks Opposition Commission Selections
  37. Guards Move Batons Aside in Rare Show of Benevolence
  38. Event Manager, Second Cambodian Rice Festival
  39. Kem Sokha Says CNRP Supports Term Limits for Prime Ministers
  40. Hopeful Taiwanese Investors Unfazed by Politics
  41. Bus Staff Hold Counterprotest Against Drivers
  42. Corruption an Inescapable Reality for SMEs
  43. Villager Says CPP Lawmaker Reneges on Deal
  44. Man Arrested, Charged for Stabbing Royal Guard
  45. Witnesses Questioned on TV Station Gun Incident
  46. New Assembly Leadership Sits Following CPP Theatrics
  47. In Rural Kandal Province, an Industrial Hub Rises
  48. Report Calls for Foreign Teacher Trainers, Higher Salaries
  49. Art to Think On
  50. Families Demand Information From ADB
  51. Smartphone Software to Help Rice Farmers
  52. Two Arrested for Rape of 17-Year-Old Girl
  53. Argentina Asks for Cambodian Support on Debt
  54. Battambang Families to Petition Prime Minister
  55. Lor Peang Villagers March to Justice Ministry, National Assembly
  56. National Assembly to Select Parliamentary Commission Heads
  57. Interpol Joins Probe of Suspected Baby-Trafficking Ring
  58. Police Arrest Sixteen in Stung Treng Drug Bust
  59. Residents Say 7NG Is Buying Up White Building
  60. Amid Overcrowding, Inmates Build New Prison
  61. Multiple Positions, Engineering World Health
  62. Head of Sales Division
  63. Health Equity Fund (HEF) Finance Assistant
  64. Senior Program Manager, Australian Embassy
  65. Body of Maid Found in Suspected Rape-Murder
  66. Ice Bucket Challenge Spreads to CPP Progeny
  67. Timber Dealer Accuses Firms Of Fraud, Wants Hun Sen’s Help
  68. University Program Cultivates Local Researchers
  69. Buildings Near Sihanoukville Beach Targeted for Demolition
  70. Foreigner Census Begins; Official Tours Vietnamese Communities
  71. Villagers Petition Against Allegedly Corrupt Chief
  72. Hard-Pressed Funcinpec to Move Headquarters
  73. Factories Ask Gov’t to Punish Strike Leaders
  74. In Final Report, UN Envoy Sees Progress on Human Rights
  75. Three CNRP Youth Freed On Bail
  76. Land-Dispute Villagers Protest Outside Cabinet Meeting
  77. Government Revokes Contract for Takeo Resort Development
  78. Rubber Giant to Hear Villagers’ Complaints
  79. Researchers Attempt to Ease Racial Tensions
  80. Japanese Delegation Offers Lawmakers Assistance in Electoral Reform Process
  81. Hun Sen Congratulates Chan-Ocha on Election
  82. NGO Coalition Blasts Refugee Deal Secrecy
  83. Live Cattle Deal Between Australia, Cambodia
  84. Cambodia Bayon Airlines Marks Official Opening
  85. Google Launches Street View in Cambodia
  86. Prime Minister Condemns US
  87. Hun Sen Announces Raises for Teachers, Nurses
  88. Lawmaker Urges Land Dispute Villagers to Go Home
  89. Prime Minister Calls Land Dispute Critic a ‘Stupid Boy’
  90. Gov’t Says 660,000 Workers Now in Thailand
  91. Ministries to Tighten Checks on Foreign Workers
  92. Police Arrest Three Villagers Over Decade-Old Land Row
  93. Striking Factory Workers Thwart Police Arrests
  94. Fine Line Separates Activists, Citizen Journalists
  95. Cambodia to See Biggest GDP Gain From AEC
  96. Book Profiles Lives of Cambodia’s Prime Ministers
  97. Rival Orphanage Programs Get Shut Down
  98. Boy, 15, Rapes and Kills 3-Year-Old Neighbor
  99. Police, Officials Quiz Villagers After Protest in Phnom Penh
  100. Unions Say Gov’t Blocking Branch Registrations
  101. Official Rejects Vietnam’s Reports of Punishment for Flag Burners
  102. US Chief of Pacific Command Meets With RCAF Commander
  103. Wealthy Family Denies Torturing Their Workers
  104. First Agriculture Census Gives Planners New Tool
  105. Cambodia Community Justice Assistance Partnership, Capital Works Adviser
  106. CPP Senator Denies Ties to Sugar Plantations
  107. Hun Sen’s Growth Estimate Met With Skepticism
  108. Gov’t Says Workplace Injuries on the Rise, Reforms Needed
  109. Garment Workers at Two Factories Go on Strike for More Pay
  110. Judge Orders Interior Ministry to Reinvestigate Vallier Case
  111. ACU Calls in Officials Over Pepper Shakedown
  112. NGO Says Legal Action Over Land Disputes on the Rise
  113. Protesters Say Foreign Minister Condoned Flag Burning
  114. Police Shoot Suspected Drug Dealer in His Stomach
  115. Water Festival to Return to Phnom Penh
  116. Project Coordinator
  117. Health Equity Fund Monitor
  118. Multiple Jobs, European Union Funded Programme
  119. KrisEnergy to Sell $400M Worth of Debt
  120. Hun Sen Again Stresses Need To Develop Irrigation Systems
  121. Push to Transform
  122. Thais Free Border Traders, Detain Dozens More
  123. More Factories Hit by Faintings; 1 Forced to Shut
  124. Officials Trade Blame Over Kratie Land Dispute
  125. Police Find Ecstasy Precursor Buried in Pursat Backyards
  126. Land Dispute Protesters Crash RCAF Graduation Ceremony
  127. Union Official Arrested for ‘Inciting’ Workers
  128. Five Guilty in $2.7M Canadia Bank Fraud
  129. Hun Sen Asks Japan for Help Renovating Bridge
  130. Siblings to Appear in Court Over Torture Claims
  131. Illegal Gold Mines Raided in Preah Vihear
  132. Thai Police to Visit Over Surrogate Case
  133. Thai Military Arrests Poipet Border Traders
  134. Graft Agency Says It Will Prosecute ‘Ghosts’ on State Payrolls
  135. City Hall Blocks Bike Ride Against Koh Kong Hydro-Project
  136. Education Ministry Sets Date for High School Re-Examination
  137. Workers Faint at Six Factories in Vattanac Park
  138. Another CNRP Youth Summonsed Over Protest
  139. Prison Without Water Supply After Broken Pipe
  140. Jean-Baptiste Phou’s Brilliant Interpretation of Soth Polin’s Novel ‘L’anarchiste’
  141. Refugees Face Tough Times if Australia Deal Moves Ahead
  142. Rainsy Meets With Villagers From Land-Dispute Community
  143. Government Approves New Traffic Law
  144. Cambodia Garment Sector Small Fry for Suppliers
  145. Weeklong Indian Cinema Festival Underway
  146. Soldier Commits Suicide After Killing His Wife
  147. After Vietnam Raises Concern, Khmer Krom Community Resolute
  148. Man Arrested for Sexually Assaulting 5-Year-Old Girl
  149. Foreigners, Tourists to Pay More for Entry Visas
  150. Sixth Chinese Dam in Koh Kong Begins Test Phase
  151. Amid Credit Expansion, Riel Loans Minimal
  152. Police Chiefs to Receive Training in China
  153. Boeng Kak Activists Ask For Rice, Compensation
  154. Workers March to Ministry to Demand Backpay
  155. ANZ Refuses to Help Evictees of Senator’s Sugarcane Farm
  156. Five Who Sent Brides to China Jailed for Trafficking
  157. Khmer Rouge Tribunal Past, Future Under Spotlight at Debate
  158. Minor Parties Question Two-Party Control of Election Committee
  159. Rainsy Visits Lor Peang Villagers in Boeng Kak
  160. Six Charged Over Alleged Murder of Rubber Plantation Owner
  161. Vietnam Calls For Action on Flag Burning
  162. Festival Puts Youth in Touch With Their Cultural Roots
  163. Cambodia to Export 100K Tons of Rice to China
  164. Despite Police Blockade, KDC Villagers Reach Phnom Penh
  165. Gov’t Seeks Compensation for Victims of Building Collapse
  166. Minister Says Kidney Program is Not Secret
  167. Judge Questions CNRP Official; 3 Get Court Date
  168. Police Accused of Attacking Drivers in B’bang
  169. Trafficker Guilty Again; Jail Time Unchanged
  170. Four Tried for Drug Possession, Smuggling
  171. Khmer Krom Protests Conclude With Another Ultimatum
  172. Thai Human Rights Body Says Plantations Stole Land
  173. Kampuchea Krom Protests Speak to Larger Fears
  174. After $65M Deal, KrisEnergy in Familiar Position
  175. City Hall Lays Out Plan for Borei Keila Evictees
  176. Khmer Krom Protesters Burn Vietnamese Flag
  177. Man Arrested in Murder of Woman and Her Child
  178. On International Youth Day, Calls to End Graft
  179. Police Break Up Moto Laundering Racket
  180. China Gives $3M for Phnom Penh Surveillance System
  181. Fresh Arrests For Embattled KDC Villagers
  182. Confusion Surrounds Ministry’s Kidney Program
  183. French Autopsy Results Confirm Vallier Case Was Murder
  184. Multiple Positions, URC Cambodia
  185. Provincial Operation Support Coordinator
  186. Rubber Firm to Stop Marking Disputed Land
  187. Khmer Krom Test the Waters for Demonstration
  188. Chevron Bought Out of Oil Block for $65 Million
  189. Police Say Mistake Made, Kidney Transplants Legal
  190. Lawyer Says Court Won’t Question Lawmakers
  191. Soldier Shoots Relative Dead; Another Injures Bystander
  192. Protesting Families Demand Answers From ADB
  193. Sorya Drivers Resume Protest, Demand Jobs Back
  194. Students Who Failed Exam Get Second Chance
  195. Hun Sen Mocks Obama Over Airstrikes in Iraq
  196. Jailing of US Citizen Arbitrary And Unfair, Legal Experts Say
  197. Kratie Case Exposes Flaws in Land-Titling Scheme
  198. Man Claiming to Represent Hun Sen Arrested for Wire Fraud
  199. Unions, Factories Set Positions on Minimum Wage Raise
  200. Man Killed, 12 Injured in Latest Garment Worker Truck Crash
  201. Workers End Protest After Taking Sewing Machines
  202. Court to Question Lawmakers Over ‘Insurrection’
  203. Japanese Man Suspected of Trafficking Babies
  204. Khmer Krom to Resume Vietnam Embassy Campaign
  205. Hun Sen’s Son-in-Law Earns Promotion, Third Star
  206. Police Arrest 9 for Suspected Kidney Ring at Military Hospital
  207. Sihanoukville Struggles to Shake Its Seedy Image
  208. Assembly Rules Amended In First Bipartisan Sitting
  209. After Khmer Rouge Verdicts, Lawyers Fear Bias for Next Trial
  210. Villager Hit by Police Truck During Land Dispute Protest
  211. Battambang Villagers Ordered Off Local Businessman’s Land
  212. Young Lawyers Face a Future in Corrupt Courts
  213. Training Program Focuses On Treating Swallowing Disorder
  214. Laws Needed to Protect Rights Of LGBT People, Report Says
  215. Man Jailed for Claiming to Be the New Leader
  216. Farmers Set to Abandon Farmland, NGO Says
  217. K Chhnang Villagers Protest Arrests for 3rd Day
  218. NagaCorp Revenues Rise By 26 Percent Year on Year
  219. Charge, Sentence Reduced for Pedophile
  220. Purported ‘Buddha’ Blames Followers for Wealth, God-Like Status
  221. Representatives To Meet Over Factory Fire
  222. Hun Sen Issues Warning to CNRP as Activists Refused Bail
  223. Ex-Cadre, Victims Hail ‘a Good Day for the People’
  224. Nuon Chea, Khieu Samphan Found Guilty, Jailed for Life
  225. Exam Proctors Cry Foul as Ministry Stems Bribes
  226. Nuon Chea, Khieu Samphan Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity
  227. Cambodia to Bid on Philippine Rice Tender
  228. Slower Growth in China Could Trouble Cambodia
  229. Woman Shot Dead by Gunmen on Busy Street
  230. Judgment Day for Nuon Chea, Khieu Samphan
  231. Freedom Park Open as City ‘Returns to Normal’
  232. White-Robed Spiritual Leader Apologizes to Buddhist Monks
  233. Cambodian-American Arrested Over Anti-Gov’t Banner
  234. Migrants Skipping Gov’t Plan for Thai Alternative
  235. World Bank Blacklists Building Firm for Fraud
  236. Hun Sen Rebuffs Claims His Son to Take Over
  237. CNRP’s Plans in Opposition Break With the Past
  238. Razor Wire Comes Down Around Freedom Park
  239. National Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
  240. Consultancy: Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) Specialist
  241. Multiple Positions
  242. Aiming to Boost Revenue, Farmers Turn to Pepper
  243. Accused Relics Thieves to Know Fate This Month
  244. One Family Settles Land Dispute, 2nd Holds Out
  245. ‘Fake’ Buddha’s Followers Defend His Teachings
  246. King Swears In Opposition Lawmakers
  247. Australian, 65, Arrested for Having Sex With Minors
  248. Observer Attacked, Students Faint on Final Day of Exam
  249. Partner NGOs Again in the Dark Over City’s Street Sweep
  250. Police Chief Questioned About Smuggling Rosewood