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  1. Grenade Attack Remembered Amid Promised Reform
  2. Cambodia’s Carbon Credit Scheme Still Not Making Gains
  3. Statue of King Father to Be Unveiled October 11
  4. CNRP to Hold Ceremony for Grenade Victims
  5. Flooding in Phnom Penh Nears Emergency Level
  6. National Assembly Claims CNRP Acting Unconstitutionally
  7. CNRP Plans ‘People’s Congress,’ More Mass Demonstrations
  8. Two Foreigners Shot in Phnom Penh Robberies
  9. Sar Kheng Says ‘Change’ Needs to Go Beyond New Names
  10. Circus Students to ‘Provoke’ Emotions in Audience
  11. Striking Garment Workers Stopped by Military Police
  12. Mekong River Flooding Threatens Parts Of Phnom Penh
  13. Mob Ruled and People Bled While Police Watched
  14. UN Resolution on Cambodia Soft on Human Rights Issues
  15. German Pedophile Sentenced to 7 Years in Jail
  16. Investors Play Down Impact of Labor Strikes
  17. Former Boeng Kak Residents Demand More Compensation
  18. Democratic Reform Needed to Ensure Growth, Prosperity
  19. Post Bank Opens, Boosts Confidence in Sector
  20. New Ministers Welcomed Into Government, Journalist Refused Entry
  21. Suspects Freed; No Hope of Justice for Slain Union Leader
  22. After CPP Reshuffle, Sok An’s Fiefdom Trimmed
  23. Compensation for Falsely Jailed Men Unlikely in Cambodia
  24. Floods Kill Eight More as Evacuees Face Health Problems
  25. Thai Soldiers Kill Man Illegally Logging Rosewood
  26. Alleged Shooting Suspect Proves Elusive
  27. Thai Woman Tried for Drug Trafficking
  28. Students Call for KR Sex Crimes to Be Included in Curricula
  29. Thousands Affected by Flooding, More Predicted in Coming Days
  30. UN Rights Envoy Subedi Vows to Continue Work in Cambodia
  31. NGOs Learn Digital Ways to Combat Trafficking
  32. US Asks Parties to ‘Work Together’ for the People
  33. Opposition Party Threatens Nationwide Labor Strikes
  34. Ministers Told to Prepare for Public Scrutiny
  35. Hun Sen’s 6-Hour Reform Promise Met With Yawns
  36. Jubilation as Pair Acquitted of Union Leader’s Assassination
  37. Scholar Says Share Preah Vihear With Thailand
  38. Two Months Prison for Driver Who Killed Three
  39. Chinese Hospital Ship Docks in Sihanoukville
  40. Women Speak Out About Sexual Violence Under KR Regime
  41. UN Envoy Subedi Shares Concerns Over Post-Vote Violence
  42. ILO to Publicly Disclose Identity of Non-Compliant Factories
  43. Call to Release Men Convicted of Vichea Murder
  44. Foreign Ministry Condemns Diplomats’ Arrogance
  45. Daun Penh Authorities Deny Involvement in Wat Phnom Attack
  46. CNRP Wants Presidency of Assembly Before Taking Seats
  47. Five More Years For Hun Sen; Some Ministers Reshuffled
  48. Heavy Security Amid a Loss Of Legitimacy For CPP
  49. After 50 Years, US Soldier’s Body Discovered
  50. Businessman’s Son Has Prison Sentence Cut
  51. Flooding Kills 7, Spreads to Kandal Province
  52. Workers Say Large Military Police Presence at SL Factory
  53. Commuter Anger as Security Forces Close City Roads—Again
  54. Bruised but Not Beaten, Protesters Return to Wat Phnom
  55. Cambodian Rice Exports Double in the First Seven Months
  56. Two Decades On, Constitution Fails to Live Up to Promises
  57. CNRP Pledges to Continue Boycott, Stage Demonstrations
  58. US Ambassador’s ‘V Sign’ During Ceremony Causes Confusion
  59. With Just One Party Present, King Convenes New Parliament
  60. KRT Radio Show Relaunched Amid Money Issues
  61. Two Children Drown in Kratie as Mekong Flooding Continues
  62. After Violent Demonstrations, Hun Sen Encourages Peace
  63. King Convenes Opening of Contested National Assembly
  64. Investigation Into Man Shot Dead During Protest Yields Nothing
  65. Mothers Still Wait for Justice in Chea Vichea Murder Case
  66. Interior Ministry Releases Its Account of Monivong Bridge Clashes
  67. Riot at Garment Factory Leaves 11 Injured
  68. Report Finds Garment
  69. ABC Radio Owner Calls Off Mass Rally at Olympic Stadium
  70. Petitions Urge King to Eschew National Assembly Appearance
  71. Violent Mob, Police Attack Peaceful Protesters
  72. CNRP Lawmakers in Siem Reap as Boycott Starts
  73. King to Convene Opening of Contested Parliament
  74. Amrita Arts Founder Leaves Legacy Intact
  75. Report Finds Speech Therapy Services in Cambodia Lacking
  76. Hacker Group Publishes Anti-Corruption Unit Passwords
  77. Floodwaters Reach Emergency Level in Stung Treng Province
  78. Government ‘White Paper’ Brands CNRP Leaders as ‘Hopeless’
  79. Rainsy Urges King to Delay Parliament Meeting Until November
  80. Illegal Construction Rampant in Angkor Heritage Site
  81. Rally Planned in Support of King Convening New Parliament
  82. Military Police End Prince Thomico’s Wat Phnom Hunger Strike
  83. Jarai Community Leader Murdered in Ratanakkiri
  84. Fertilizer Scam Referred to Anti-Corruption Unit
  85. Foreigners Arrested for Smuggling Heroin
  86. Cambodian-US Naval Commander Arrested in Bribery Case
  87. A Year On, Cambodia’s Role as Asean Chairman a Bitter Memory
  88. Norwegian Energy
  89. Still No Progress in Police Probe of Monivong Bridge Killing
  90. Report Says Election Results Not Reflective of People’s Will
  91. Monks With Message for King Met by Barriers, Riot Police
  92. Government Reminds Citizens to Respect King Sihamoni
  93. US Ambassador Says Corruption Scares Off American Firms
  94. CNRP Sends King Official Boycott Announcement
  95. Hun Sen Gets More Plaudits for Election
  96. Three Charged for Logging Rosewood in
  97. Beauty Shop Owner Sues CNRP for Vandalism
  98. Report Says EU’s Trade Scheme Is Impoverishing Villagers
  99. Opposition Supporters Insist on No Compromise With CPP
  100. Mystery Donors Step In to Pay Khmer Rouge Tribunal Salaries
  101. CNRP Non-Committal On King’s Second Assembly Invite
  102. Police Question Friend of Man Shot in Monivong Bridge Clash
  103. Hun Sen Offers ‘Back Pay’ to Ousted Opposition Lawmakers
  104. Cambodia, US Extend Artifacts Trade Agreement
  105. Flash Floods Leave Villagers Trapped on Roofs
  106. Kompong Speu Court Awaits More Forensic Results in Vallier Case
  107. Stone-Throwing Youth Should Not Be Mistaken for Opposition
  108. Volleyball Game Leads to Samurai Sword Killing
  109. Six Charged With Assault in Wake of Clashes With Police
  110. Did Anti-Vietnamese Rhetoric Result in Sunday’s Shooting? Rhetoric Result in Shooting
  111. After Second Day, CPP and CNRP Reveal Few Details of Talks
  112. King Sihamoni and Queen Mother Donate to Sunday’s Victims
  113. Threat of National Assembly Boycott Presents Royal Conundrum
  114. CNRP’s Next Challenge—How to Compromise
  115. CNRP Vows More Protests if Demands Not Met
  116. Thai Newspaper Responds to Official’s Allegations of Bias
  117. Donations to Sustain CNRP Protests Continue to Flood In
  118. Tourists in Phnom Penh Find Novelty Among Demonstrations
  119. CNRP Touts Success on Second Day of Demonstrations
  120. Global Hacking Group Anonymous Warns Government in
  121. International Schools Closed in Aftermath of Violent Clashes
  122. Victims Describe Deadly Clash at Monivong Bridge
  123. US
  124. Six Sent to Court Following Clashes With Police
  125. Election Talks Fail to Breach Political Divide
  126. Potato Foragers Find UXO in Oddar Meanchey
  127. Adhoc Says Ratanakkiri Murder Covered Up
  128. Siem Reap’s Secret Multimillion Dollar Land Swap
  129. Security for Demonstration Brings Parts of City to Standstill
  130. CNRP Demands TV Station, NEC Reform, New Voter Registry
  131. Cambodian TV Fails to Cover CNRP Protests
  132. One Dead, Several Injured as CNRP Supporters, Police Clash
  133. Strong Turnout on First Day of Opposition Protest
  134. CPP, CNRP Will Meet Monday to Discuss Election Impasse
  135. Government to Consider New Minimum Wage
  136. Seven Journalists in Firing Line After Articles Target Prosecutor
  137. Two Men Arrested in Separate Child Rape Investigations
  138. Two Explosive Devices Discovered, Disposed of Safely in Phnom Penh
  139. CNRP Confirms Attendance at Royal Palace Meeting With CPP
  140. Foreign Ministry Takes Umbrage at Thai Newspaper’s Editorial
  141. As Another Rape Emerges, Women Speak of Disillusionment
  142. Landmark Hopeful of Future Retail
  143. Anonymous
  144. Opposition CNRP Files Lawsuit Against Senior NEC Officials
  145. King Calls CPP, CNRP to Royal Palace to Break Election Impasse
  146. Constitutional Council Warns Critics Could Face Jail
  147. CNRP to Forge Ahead With ‘Camp-In’ Despite Prohibition
  148. CPP to Reshuffle Cabinet Ahead of National Assembly Opening
  149. FTU Requests Week Off for Workers to
  150. Authorities Say Petrol Stations Must Be Licensed
  151. Colonel Involved in
  152. Cambodian Actress Declares Support for CNRP
  153. KR Tribunal Lacks Funds to Pay Reparations
  154. Insurance Sector Sees Growth in
  155. Phnom Penh Municipality Rejects CNRP’s Protest Request
  156. Men Unsurprised by Statistics Showing Prevalence of Rape
  157. Political Rivals Gather for King Sihamoni’s Return
  158. Sar Kheng Warns NGOs Not to Aid CNRP’s Demonstrations
  159. New Life Given to Forgotten Cambodian Songs
  160. Ethnic Minorities File Illegal Logging Complaint
  161. Further JICA Support Hinges On Fertilizer Scandal
  162. Civil Parties Call for UN to Save KR Tribunal
  163. Boeng Kak Women March for Activist’s Release
  164. Apsara Authority Moves to Offices Far From Siem Reap City
  165. Singapore Invests in New Cambodian Bank
  166. US Continues Call for Investigation Into Election
  167. Hun Sen, Rainsy to Greet King Sihamoni on Return From
  168. Rainsy Says King Has Not Set Date for Assembly
  169. Khmer-Language Film Wins Jury Award at Venice Festival
  170. Bus Crash Kills Woman, Seriously Injures 3
  171. Four Arrested In Child Rape Cases
  172. Bank Offers Local Journalists Money in
  173. Slain Reporter’s Wife Marks 1 Year Since Death
  174. NagaCorp to Invest in
  175. Water Authority Share Price Hits
  176. Senior CPP Officials Agree to Give Up Lawmaker Positions
  177. International Prosecutor Resigns From KR Tribunal
  178. Apsara Authority Staff to Be Compensated From
  179. CNRP Promotes Plans for Demonstrations
  180. King Sets Date for First Session of Parliament
  181. Cambodia Still Undecided About Signing Cluster Munitions Treaty
  182. Security Buildup Remains in Effect After Peaceful Mass Protest
  183. Four More Named in Fertilizer Embezzlement Scandal
  184. Buddhist Monks Suffer Blows for Planning to Attend CNRP Rally
  185. National Bank Launches New Financial Security
  186. Contractor Says Senior Official Approved Siem Reap Land Swap
  187. One Year After Journalist’s Slaying, Still No Justice in
  188. Peace Reigns at Opposition’s Day of Prayer and Protest
  189. CPP Victory Ratified, CNRP Promises More Protests
  190. Fresh Faces on CPP’s Shortened List of Lawmakers
  191. Opposition Promises More Protests as CPP Election Win Confirmed
  192. Huge Crowds, Few Police, at Opposition CNRP Rally
  193. ‘Okhna’ Admits to Drug Use, Denies Dealing
  194. Constitutional Council Rejects Last of Opposition’s Complaints
  195. Election Was Not Free or Fair, Coalition of 21 NGOs Says
  196. Opposition Ready for Long-Awaited Demonstration
  197. Hopes That Better Educated Prison Officers Will End Jail Abuses
  198. Activists Blame Short Contracts for Strikes
  199. After Mass Protest, 700 Fired Factory Workers Reinstated
  200. NEC Releases White Paper Defending Election Process,
  201. After Land Swap, Siem Reap Government Moves Again
  202. Checkpoints Encircle City Ahead of Demonstration
  203. UN Statement Slams Government Over Refusal to Fund KRT
  204. Rainsy Meets Meanchey Supporters, Emphasizes Peace in Protest
  205. Village Chief Accused of Stealing
  206. NGOs Chastise City for Mass Arrest of Addicts
  207. Painter, S-21 Survivor’s Book Launched in Khmer
  208. Villagers Prevented From Leaving Commune for Christian Retreat
  209. Japanese Embassy Denies Approving Loan to KR Tribunal
  210. Constitutional Council Rejects Voting Complaint
  211. Rubber Farmers Accuse Big Firm of Encroaching on Their Land
  212. Japanese Investor in Talks to Take Stake in TV3
  213. CNRP Supporters Run Through Practice Sit-In for Saturday
  214. Boeng Kak’s Anti-Eviction Activists Defy March Ban
  215. Forest Cleared for Stung Treng Dam Construction
  216. Leaks Reveal Local Newspaper’s Link to US Intelligence Firm
  217. Limited Trafficking, Rampant Abuse in Thai Fishing Industry
  218. Constitutional Council Rejects Most CNRP Election Complaints
  219. Ratanakkiri Villagers Protest Against Community Forest Logging
  220. Wife of Slain Journalist Files Appeal Against Acquitted Suspects
  221. Intelligence Firm Scrutinized Cambodia’s US-China Relations
  222. New University to Offer Students Shot at American Education
  223. March On Supreme Court to Mark Anniversary of Activist’s Arrest
  224. Small Cigarette Price Rise to Boost Budget
  225. CNRP Pray-In Gets Backing From Opposition Supporters
  226. Japan to Give Life-Saving Loan to Cash-Strapped KRT
  227. Official Takes $200,000 in Cash From Donated Fertilizer Sale
  228. Graft—Not Such a Warm Welcome to Cambodia
  229. Anti-Terrorism Police Question
  230. Opposition Member Accused of Beating Wife for Voting CPP
  231. For Couple Accused of Sorcery, Still Not Safe to Return Home
  232. Blood Bank Says More Stocks Are Needed to Meet Demand
  233. ‘Terrorist’ Wanted for Incitement Says He’s Back in Cambodia
  234. CPP Rejects New NGO Proposal to Break Election Impasse
  235. CNRP Focuses On Peace Ahead of Mass Protest
  236. Political Will Lacking as Much as KRT Funding
  237. Government Raises Salaries for Commune, Village Officials
  238. Interior Ministry Issues Instructions to Police on Protest Oversight
  239. Local Wedding Planners Cater to More Sophisticated Tastes
  240. Storm Kills One, Injures Two, Destroys Homes in Svay Rieng
  241. Family of Slain Investigative Journalist to Appeal Court’s Verdict
  242. NEC Opens Kandal Voter Documents
  243. Students Urge All Sides to Keep Election Protests Peaceful
  244. Unpaid National Staff at KR Tribunal Strike for Second Time
  245. CNRP Pledges Legal Action Against NEC
  246. King Calls on Parties to Respect Constitution
  247. In Contrasting Styles, Police, Opposition Prepare for Protests
  248. More Than 50 Chinese Sentenced in Cambodia Phone Scam
  249. New Project Aims to Help Small Businesses in Cambodia
  250. Prosecutors Meet to Discuss Treatment of Incarcerated Minors