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  1. Cambodians and Koreans Join Protest in Seoul
  2. Vietnamese Prime Minister Arrives for Three-Day State Visit
  3. Relatives Call On Government To Release 23 Detainees
  4. Former Banteay Meanchey Official Arrested for Corruption
  5. Unions Want Government, Factories to Resume Wage Talks
  6. CNRP Reaffirms Commitment to Nonviolence
  7. With 4.5 Million Vaccinated, Campaign Considered Success
  8. Committees to ‘Research’ Minimum Wages, ‘Study’ Killings
  9. Petition Against Provincial RCAF Chiefs Not Yet Filed
  10. A Lost, But Not Forgotten, Rock ‘n’ Roll Legacy
  11. Rainsy Says CNRP Backs China, Not Vietnam, in Sea Dispute
  12. Groups Demand Mandatory Minimum Wage, Threaten Protest
  13. Adhoc Workers Say They Were Targeted by Driver
  14. Group Condemns Threats Against Leader of NGO
  15. Over $1,500 Raised for Paralyzed Protester
  16. Opposition Youth Sing Against the Ban as Armed Police Patrol
  17. 100 Factories Suing Unions Behind Strike
  18. Japan Asked Government to Protect Its Interests During Strike
  19. Banteay Meanchey Soldiers File Complaint Against Superiors
  20. Lawyers Prevented From Seeing Protest Detainees at CC3
  21. Families of Killed and Missing Protesters Compile Complaints
  22. Government Creates New CPP-Majority Province
  23. Civil Servants Urged to Strike for Higher Pay
  24. Three Cambodian Filmmakers Shortlisted for Global Festival
  25. Conflicting Figures on Number of Slain at Garment Protest
  26. Brigade 911 Had Brutal History Before Garment Factory Strike
  27. For Nonviolence to Prevail Over Brutality, Discipline Is Needed
  28. Demolition of Illegal Phnom Penh Buildings Delayed Again
  29. For Workers, Wage Rise Is Shift From Surviving to Thriving
  30. Clothes Made in Cambodia Are Tainted in Blood
  31. GMAC Doesn’t Support Violence to End Industrial Disputes
  32. Businesses Assess Damage From Clashes Along Veng Sreng Street
  33. Twenty-Three Arrested Protesters Held in Kompong Cham Prison
  34. South Korean Embassy Denies Role in Strike Suppression
  35. Authorities Begin to Clamp Down on Striking Teachers
  36. International Condemnation Grows in Wake of Deadly Clash
  37. As Strikers Return to Work, Factories Sue Garment Unions
  38. Crushing Protests, CPP Has Abandoned Constitution
  39. Teenager Stabbed to Death; Poker Player Killed
  40. Cambodia Listed as a Top Retirement Destination
  41. ‘Tsunami’ of Tobacco-Linked Deaths Predicted
  42. Rights Groups Condemn Killing of Protesters
  43. Teachers to Recommence Strike for Higher Wage
  44. Lawyer to Assess Whether Government Crimes Worthy of ICC
  45. Vietnamese Shops Worry Over Possible Violence
  46. Cpp
  47. Arrested Protesters’ Whereabouts Still Unknown
  48. Unions Tell Garment Workers to Suspend Strike
  49. Wounded Recount Rampage by Military Police
  50. NCHADS Repays Bribes Paid to Official
  51. Police Block, Search Garment Workers’ Vans in Svay Rieng
  52. US Congressman Calls for Hun Sen’s Resignation
  53. Flouting Law, Government Holds Protest Prisoners Incognito
  54. Military Police Deny Their Bullets Killed Five Protesters
  55. Sar Kheng Summons Diplomatic Corps to Explain CPP
  56. Anti-Eviction Activists Grabbed Off Street, Detained
  57. Government Finds Deniability in District Security Force
  58. School Teachers Sit Out Class in Protest for Higher Wages
  59. Garment Strike Cost Industry $200 Million, GMAC Says
  60. A Year Marked by Cambodia’s Disputed Election
  61. Man Arrested for Raping 5-Year-Old Daughter in Kandal Province
  62. Five Boeng Kak Activists Arrested
  63. CPP Plans Large Party to Mark 35th Anniversary of KR Fall
  64. GMAC Defends Use of Force Against Striking Workers
  65. After Deadly Clashes, Garment Workers Flee Veng Sreng Street
  66. Vietnamese Shop Near Protest Site Looted by Demonstrators
  67. Five Killed During Protest Confirmed as Garment Workers
  68. Government Blasted for Eviction of Freedom Park
  69. NGOs Call for Vote Reform, New Election
  70. Borei Keila Families Mark Anniversary Of Eviction
  71. Official Says Logging-Related Deaths Down
  72. Security Guards, Police Forcibly Clear Freedom Park
  73. Police Free Detained Monks, Rights Workers
  74. Court Charges Protesters as Supporters, Police Scuffle Outside
  75. Clairvoyants Predict Mixed Fortunes for Cambodia in 2014
  76. Police Kill 5 During Clash With Demonstrators
  77. Road Deaths Up Last Year, Number Likely to Rise
  78. Twenty Buddha Statues Stolen From Pagoda
  79. Three Killed as Police Open Fire on Garment Workers
  80. Rice Exports Rise by More Than 170,000 Tons
  81. Wat Lanka Monks in Dispute With State Electricity Provider
  82. CNRP Calls Off Talks After Paratroopers Break Up Protest
  83. Village Chief Starts Petition to Remove Opposition Monk
  84. Activist Monks, NGO Workers Held After Preah Vihear Protest
  85. Paratroopers Deployed at Garment Protest: 15 Detained, Injured
  86. At Least 15 Injured as Soldiers Clash With Strikers, Monks
  87. EU Commission’s Trade Policy to Cambodia Is Hypocritical
  88. Three Men Charged With Illegal Logging in Pursat Sanctuary
  89. Unions to Bring Demonstrations to Factory Gates
  90. Teachers Group Threatened Over Planned Pay Protest
  91. CPP, CNRP to Meet Friday to Discuss Negotiations
  92. Taxi Drivers Hold Rally Against Electric Cars
  93. Anti-Corruption Unit Reports on Health Sector Bribe Case
  94. Two Girls Raped by Stepfathers in Separate Cases
  95. Dengue, Malaria Cases Take Big Dip in 2013
  96. Rainsy Says Talks to Begin Over Negotiations
  97. On Facebook, Hun Sen’s Sister Compares Rainsy to Pol Pot
  98. Angry Mob Chases Down, Beats Commune Security Guard
  99. Hearing Held for Teenagers Over Stung Meanchey Violence
  100. Amid Strikes, Minister Raises Minimum Wage to $100
  101. Woman Found Murdered in Hotel Room in Phnom Penh
  102. Reasons Why Cambodian Protestors Must Remain Nonviolent
  103. Education Ministry, ADB to Probe Textbook Theft
  104. New Tuol Kok Mall to Add to District’s Growth
  105. Government Media Unit Deletes Protest Article
  106. RM-70 Rockets Hit the Mark 100 Percent
  107. After Protest, Government Speeds Up Land Titles for Kratie Families
  108. Gov’t Unveils Legal Plan to Break Garment Industry Strike
  109. Senior Government Officials Rebuff Opposition Protesters’ Demands
  110. Some Factories Stay Open Despite GMAC’s Call for Shutdown
  111. Two Arrests Made in Brutal Roadside Murder of Family
  112. Factories Closed Until Safety Guaranteed
  113. Protesters Unite Around Demand For Hun Sen’s Resignation
  114. UN Rights Envoy Urges Calm Amid Protests
  115. Royal Palace Ministry Denounces Fake Letter Opposing Hun Sen
  116. Call for More Women Representatives in Sub-National Politics
  117. Defense Minister Warns Protesters Against Blocking Streets
  118. Hun Sen, Tan Dung Sign 9 Agreements During Vietnam State Visit
  119. Another Election Monitor’s Report Finds Irregularities With Vote
  120. Workers Block Roads, Vow Further Strikes
  121. At Appeal Court, Ex-Soldiers Deny Violent 2012 Land Grab
  122. Garment Exports Rise to More Than $5 Billion
  123. RCAF to Begin Testing New Rocket Launchers
  124. Officials Abuse ADB-Funded Textbook Scheme
  125. Burger King to Open New Phnom Penh Branch
  126. Grandparents, Child Killed in Roadside Attack
  127. Hun Sen Encounters ‘Choh Chenh Tov’ Chants on Drive to Airport
  128. Eviction Activists End Four-Day Demonstration at City Hall
  129. Striking Garment Factory Workers Join CNRP Protest Again
  130. Factories Advised to Close as Wage Strikes Swell
  131. Japanophile on Trial for Fiery Emigration Attempt
  132. Cambodian Rice Is Produced In Cambodia, Not Vietnam
  133. Hotel Manager and Cashier Appeal Sentences
  134. Eviction Activists Stage Roadblock at City Hall
  135. Striking Factory Workers Join CNRP Protests
  136. Victims of Cobra Throwing Summoned to Court
  137. Lax Traffic Law Enforcement Hinders Safety
  138. Courts Resurrect Land Disputes After Election
  139. New Bridge to Link Cambodia and Vietnam
  140. US Government Clothes Producer Denies Abuses
  141. Monks to March to Odong Over Stolen Relics
  142. Khieu Kanharith Says No Need to Correct False Facebook Post
  143. Monthly Wage Increased to $95, Unions Vow to Strike
  144. KRT Issues Work Plan for Next Mini-Trial
  145. Monks Pledge ‘War’ on City Hall Until Governor Apologizes
  146. Witness Tells of Plot to Murder Timber Exporter
  147. Rice Trader Claims Being Wrongly Fined Bad Scale to Measure Her Truck
  148. Malaysia Fails to Guarantee Cambodian Maids’ Human Rights
  149. Hun Sen’s Son Says CNRP Is Paying Protesters
  150. Two French Nationals Robbed, One Hospitalized
  151. Property Prices on the Rise in Phnom Penh
  152. Drug Dealers Steal $15,000 From Police
  153. Boeng Kak Anti-Eviction Protesters Burn Tires, Block City Hall
  154. Hun Sen, Delegation of Senior Officials Set to Visit Vietnam
  155. CNRP Capitalizes on Hun Sen’s Trip to Vietnam
  156. Sam Rainsy Visits Svay Rieng’s Protesting SEZ Workers
  157. CPP Rallies to Hun Sen; NEC Says Early Poll Not Possible
  158. Study Catalogs Sexual and Physical Violence Against Children
  159. Rice-Exports Alliance Rejects EU
  160. Krt
  161. More Support Needed for Cambodian Women Leaders
  162. Council of Ministers Nullifies Telecom Law
  163. Barges Impounded for Breaking Sand Dredging Ban in Kandal
  164. No End in Sight for Svay Rieng SEZ Strikes
  165. CNRP Holds Biggest Demonstration in Decades
  166. Defense Team on Preah Vihear Case Honored
  167. Rithy Panh Documentary Makes Oscars Shortlist
  168. Rights Group Calls for Investigation of Thai Casino Torture Case
  169. Opposition CNRP Says Sunday’s Protest Will Be Biggest Yet
  170. Hun Sen Says He Will Not Resign, or Call Election
  171. CPP Parliament Approves Two Ministers, 2014 Budget
  172. Cambodia’s Deportation of Uighurs to China Remembered
  173. Phnom Penh Airport Hosts Full-Scale Emergency Rescue Exercise
  174. Three Held for Rape; 2 Wanted for Rape-Murder
  175. Ex-General, Partner Get 20 Years for Drug Dealing
  176. More Drugs Seized and Arrests Made in 2013
  177. Svay Rieng Workers Strike Again, Throw Rocks
  178. Opposition Warns It May Block All Roads to Phnom Penh
  179. City Hall Warns Monks Over Political Activism
  180. ACU Charges Hotel Tax Collector in Siem Reap Province
  181. Defense Minister Tells CNRP Boycotters to Get to Work
  182. Better Factories Cambodia Program Extended
  183. Suspects Deny Roles in Fatal 2011 Shooting
  184. Doubts Over New Directives on Migrant Labor
  185. Teenager Charged With Rape of 7-Year-Old
  186. Unions to Push for 100% Wage Increase in 2014
  187. Woman Detained in Bangkok Casino Rescued
  188. Despite Ban, Operators Offer Bonuses
  189. Opening of Cambodia’s First Hard Rock Cafe Delayed
  190. Cold Snap Sees Temperature Fall to 11C in North
  191. Rights Group Reaffirms Stance on Use of ‘Yuon’
  192. Special Economic Zone Strike in Svay Rieng Ends—For Now
  193. USAID Review of Health NGO Finds Litany of Irregularities
  194. Buddhist Clergy Issue Statements Addressing Theft of Relics
  195. Rainsy Takes to Tuk-Tuk for Latest Opposition Protest Rally
  196. Stolen Buddha Relics a Symbol of Nation’s Ills
  197. Woman Allegedly Detained, Beaten in Thailand
  198. Three New Districts in Phnom Penh Approved
  199. Monitors Press for Start of KRT’s Next Phase
  200. Pursat Villagers Get No More Compensation
  201. CPP to Make Move Over Boycott of Parliament
  202. Hun Sen’s Niece Opens Tax Consulting Firm
  203. Court Picks Up Land Dispute Involving Senator
  204. CNRP Rally Continues Into Third Day With Buddhist Ceremony
  205. Protesting Monks Besiege Buddhist Clergy Over Stolen Relics
  206. Official Says ‘Strategic Partnership’ With Japan Won’t Irk China
  207. UN
  208. Disability Groups Put Focus on Speech Therapy
  209. Man Charged With Conspiracy to Murder Woman
  210. Government Proposes 100% Hike in Minimum Wage by 2018
  211. Interior Minister Says Opposition Divided Over Negotiations
  212. Monk in US Sex-Tape Scandal Suspended
  213. Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela Held in Phnom Penh
  214. Cambodia Upgrades Diplomatic Relations With Japan
  215. CNRP a Threat To Stability, Defense Minister Says
  216. CNRP Protest Enters Second Day With Motorcycle Rally
  217. Monks Gather to Pray for Return of Stolen Buddha Relics
  218. KRT Judges Maintain Pretense of Interest in Next Mini-Trial
  219. Mekong Countries Agree to Expedite Dam Study
  220. Classic Cambodian Rock to Feature in Berlin Mini-Festival
  221. Court Charges Missionary With Child Abuse
  222. Four Arrested for Attempt to Send Brides to China Brides to China
  223. Four-Year-Old Raped in Battambang
  224. Cambodia’s Wrestlers Pick Up More Medals at SEA Games
  225. Government Predicts Increase in Trade Volume
  226. Factory Owners Slam Government Over Handling of Strikes
  227. CPP to Inform King, NEC of Opposition’s Assembly Boycott
  228. Hun Sen in Tokyo for Meeting With Japanese Prime Minister
  229. Five Arrested For Theft of Buddha Relics
  230. CNRP Marches on First Day of ‘Non-Stop’ Protests
  231. Rainsy Considers International Complaint Over Election Result
  232. No Charges Yet for US Missionary Accused of Child Abuse
  233. Sotheby’s Ends Battle, Will Return Khmer Statue
  234. Monks and Cash Rewards Save Softshell Turtles
  235. Anger Over Stolen Buddha Relics Grows on Social Media
  236. Prosecutors Say More Charges Could Be Heard in Less Time
  237. Krousar Thmey to Be Integrated Into the Education Ministry
  238. Two Arrested in Separate Cases of Child Rape
  239. Opposition Confirms Plans for Weekly Rallies
  240. Arrested Missionary Faces Further Questioning
  241. Police Officer Rejects Blame For Kem Sokha Death Threat
  242. Debate on Land Reform Takes Place in Absence of the CPP
  243. Activists Say Chinese Embassy to Set Up Meeting With Dam Investors
  244. Consumers Feel the Effects of Tax Enforcement
  245. Relics of Buddha Stolen From Odong Stupa
  246. Swiss Bank Buys Further Into Firm Accused of Land Grabs
  247. Government Drops Challenge to Official Forest Cover Figure
  248. Interior Minister Says Electronic ID Cards to Become Standard
  249. Gibbons to Be Reintroduced to Angkor Forest
  250. Rainsy Visits Logging-Ravaged Prey Long Forest