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  1. Battambang Official Files Campaign Complaint Against CNRP
  2. Kandal Court May Release Men Charged With Odong Relic Theft
  3. Provincial Governors Get RCAF Promotions
  4. Singers Killed as Truck Carrying Band Crashes
  5. CPP-Friendly Businessman Launches Newspaper
  6. Caltex Workers Launch Strike In Phnom Penh
  7. Illegal Wood Exports to China Tripled in 2013
  8. Court Temporarily Halts Lease Transfer for Victory Beach
  9. HRW Says Trial of Stung Meanchey Pair ‘Flawed’
  10. Villagers in Svay Rieng Angry Over Planned Canal
  11. Down to Earth
  12. We Need to Discuss How Corruption Negatively Affects Students
  13. Tax Revenue up 9.5 Percent in First Quarter
  14. Government Says 3.4 Million Land Titles Issued
  15. Ivory Haul Investigation Kept Under Wraps
  16. No Clubs Near Schools, Council of Ministers Says
  17. Union Leader Ready to Pay Bulk of Bail
  18. Another Three Textile Union Reps Arrested
  19. Two Cambodian Deminers Die in Battambang Minefield
  20. Government Spokesman Summons Student Over Facebook Post
  21. Fifth Bail Request Denied for Vorn Pao, 20 Other Detained Men
  22. Massive Ivory Haul Seized in Sihanoukville
  23. RCAF Plates Still Widely Used, Despite Ban
  24. Family of Dave Walker Says Evidence Points To Murder
  25. CNRP, K Chhnang Governor File Dueling Election Complaints
  26. Memories of Khmer Rouge Regime Explored in Musical Works
  27. For Union Leader on Run, Militant Attitude Prevails
  28. Report Shows Workforce Still Lacks Skills
  29. Insurance Companies Set Fire Premium Floor Rate
  30. Court Finds Four Guilty in Two Human Trafficking Cases
  31. Turkish Man Arrested for Buying Children’s Virginity
  32. In Siem Reap, CNRP Supporters Are Joyous, Leaders Vitriolic
  33. Cambodian Red Cross Sets New Record in Annual Funding Drive
  34. Baby of Slain Dutch Woman Dies in Hospital
  35. Party of Ideas Resigned to Fate in Council Vote
  36. Governors of Preah Sihanouk, Ratanakkiri and Pursat Replaced
  37. Gov’t Played Politics With Land in 2013: Adhoc
  38. Murdered Dutch Woman’s Baby Dies in Bangkok Hospital
  39. Sorya Drivers Called to Court Over Intimidation, Defamation
  40. Government Wants Money for Use of .kh Suffix
  41. Police Net 5 Cubic Meters of Luxury Wood in Raid
  42. Helmet Use Means Huge Savings, Study Finds
  43. Lawyer Who Paid for Sex With Boy Avoids Jail
  44. Man Charged Over Alleged $1M Note Scam
  45. Survey Says Firms Confident Despite Deadlock
  46. Opposition Officials Receive Death Threats
  47. Friends of Dave Walker Concerned Over Lack of Investigation
  48. Gov’t Failing to Implement Fake Milk Law
  49. Rubber Firm Accused of Illegal Logging Puts Work on Hold
  50. Two More Looted Statues Set to Be Returned
  51. Six Unionists Charged With Incitement After Roadblock
  52. In Northwest, CNRP Resumes Campaign Attacks on CPP
  53. After 2nd Adjournment, Speedy Trial for 23 Protesters Unlikely
  54. Cambodian Players Selected To Play for Asean All-Star Team
  55. Survivor Against Inscribing Names of All S-21 Victims
  56. Khieu Samphan Hospitalized, Appeals Scope of Case
  57. Man, Boy Killed, Children Injured by Lightning
  58. Two Military Officers Killed, Two Seriously Injured in Collision
  59. Illegal Vietnamese Fishermen Caught in Nighttime Operation
  60. Families Petition City Hall Over Wall Built in Road
  61. Garment Protest Trial Defendants Deny Charges
  62. Protests See Some
  63. Union Says Three Workers Arrested Over Wing Star Protest
  64. City Hall Security Guards Tear Up Petition at Land Rights Protest
  65. Internet Speeds in Cambodia Faster Than Others in Region
  66. Candidates Vie to Head New Rice Federation
  67. Two Hackers Who Allegedly Targeted Gov’t Site Charged
  68. Journalists Garner Support, Monks Silent in Wake of Attacks
  69. Tourist Arrivals to Cambodia Increase
  70. One Man Dead, 2 Injured In Mine Explosion
  71. Opposition Councilors Bemoan Ministry Directive
  72. CNRP Again Campaigns on Secret CPP Defections
  73. Forensics Team Completes Autopsy on Canadian
  74. Protest Planned for 2nd Day Of Garment Protest Trials
  75. CNRP Activist Detained Over Political VCDs
  76. Modest Campaign Plans for CPP, Funcinpec
  77. More Evidence Points to Murder in Vallier Case
  78. Families Ask Hun Sen for Help to Reclaim Farms
  79. Aeon Microfinance Booms With Mall on Horizon
  80. Back in Town
  81. Counting Calories
  82. CNRP to Investigate Digging at Battambang Bridge
  83. Suspect in Dutch Woman’s Murder Charged
  84. Gov’t Dismisses Judicial Reform Concerns
  85. Ministry Fails to Settle Fears Over Koh Kong Dam
  86. Injured to File Complaints Over Crackdown
  87. Chinese Woman Stabbed to Death in Pur Senchey
  88. Anonymous Claims Hack of Cellcard, Vows More Attacks
  89. Gov’t Official Among Three Bailed After Alleged Gang Rape
  90. Monk Charged With Raping Girl, 8
  91. European Diversity to Be Celebrated at EU Festival
  92. Five People Arrested in Anti-Trafficking Raid
  93. Military Stops CNRP Rally in K Cham
  94. UN Human Rights Official Wraps Visit, ‘Saddened’ by Violence
  95. Violence, Dancing Bookend First Campaign Day
  96. Twenty-One Men Detained After Strikes Seek Bail for Fifth Time
  97. Experts to Study Remains of Canadian Journalist
  98. Inconsistencies Emerge as Woman’s Murderer Questioned
  99. Father Charged for Attempting to Bury His Newborn Alive
  100. Amnesty International Urges Gov’t to Scrap Asylum Seeker Plans
  101. Two Members of Hacking Group Anonymous Arrested
  102. Two More Anonymous Hackers Arrested
  103. Six Lightning Deaths, Dozens Of Homes Destroyed in Storms
  104. Labor Minister Says Solution to Bavet Strike in the Works
  105. Time for Asian Development Bank to Rethink Displacing the Poor
  106. Teen Murders Neighbor Over Banana Tree Dispute
  107. Anti-Corruption Unit Charges Takeo Official With Embezzlement
  108. Hackers’ Lawyer Has Yet to Hear From Court
  109. Details Emerge in Murder of Dutch Woman
  110. During Campaign, CNRP to Refrain From Attacks on CPP
  111. Ministry to Open One-Window Service for Migrants
  112. Father Has Newborn With Cleft Lip Buried Alive
  113. May 1 Rallies Marred By Police Violence
  114. Body of Missing Journalist Found in Siem Reap
  115. Body of Missing Canadian Journalist Found, Police Say
  116. Preserving an Ancient Pottery Tradition, With a Modern Twist
  117. Villagers in Land Dispute With Phanimex Petition Authorities
  118. On Labor Day, Peaceful Protests Met With Violence
  119. Cancer Clinic Still Operating Without License
  120. Police Say Man Stabbed Friend Over $10
  121. French Pedophile’s 7-Year Sentence Upheld in Court
  122. Customs and Excise Director to Retire
  123. Unions Plan to Defy Protest Ban, Hold Rally
  124. Police Make Arrest, File Complaints in Violent Bavet City Strike
  125. Suspects in Killing of Alleged Sorcerer Still at Large
  126. Sin Sisamuth’s Family Requests Copyright Protection for Songs
  127. ADB Says Aid Plan for Railway Evictees Still Under Negotiation
  128. Suspect in Murder of Dutch Woman Arrested
  129. Freedom Park Locked Down Ahead of Labor Day
  130. Cambodian Short Feature Film Selected for Festival in Cannes
  131. Police Arrest Suspect in Murder of Dutch Woman
  132. Weaving Pidan
  133. Calls for Speedier Indigenous Communal Titles
  134. Revisiting Cambodia’s Laws on Nationality and Immigration
  135. Insurance Industry Revenue Up 14 Percent
  136. Women Get Decades in Jail for Meth Smuggling
  137. World Heritage Status for Battambang City Proposed
  138. Anti-Phanimex Roadblock Causes Traffic Snarl
  139. Budget Cuts Force Out KRT Spokeswoman
  140. Villagers Protest After Sand Dumped on Land
  141. Anonymous Cambodia Vows to Continue Its Cyber-Crusade
  142. FTU Bows Out of May Day Rallies
  143. Alleged Sorcerer Beaten to Death Is Cremated
  144. Government Agrees to Review of Railway Evictees
  145. Gov’t Agrees In Principle to Take Australia’s Refugees
  146. Six Taiwanese Human Traffickers Sentenced to 10 Years Each
  147. Police Quiet But Details Emerge in Murder of Dutch Woman
  148. Uneasy Calm In Bavet as Factories Ordered Shut
  149. Government Agrees In Principle to Accept Refugees From Australia
  150. Hun Sen Praises Son’s Massive Rice Cake
  151. UN Rep Asked to Focus On Public Assembly Ban
  152. Four Injured in Roller Coaster Accident
  153. Bodies of Migrants Killed in Crash Returned
  154. Former Boeng Kak Activists Protest at City Hall
  155. France Gives $15M for Water, Electricity Loans
  156. Rice Tax Break Hopes to Strengthen Industry
  157. Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh Expressway Plans Announced
  158. Families, Monks Want Chinese Dam Canceled
  159. Families in Dispute Want More Compensation
  160. Protesting Bus Drivers Met by Counter-Protest
  161. 10,000 Workers Still Striking for Bonus Pay
  162. 600-Strong Mob Kills Accused Sorcerer in Takeo
  163. Anonymous Cambodia Takes Local News Website Offline
  164. Cobra House Family Again Accuses Security Guards of Arson
  165. Hun Sen Hits Back at Judicial Reform Criticism
  166. M’kiri Villagers Petition Over Illegal Logging
  167. Dutch Woman Murdered, Baby Critically Injured
  168. Dutch Woman Found Murdered in Phnom Penh Home
  169. Delegation Returns From Azerbaijan, Belarus
  170. General in Land Dispute With Another General
  171. Rainsy Says Campaign Protests to Go Ahead
  172. Despite Dolphin-Saving Plan, Dam Threat Remains
  173. UK, Cambodian Police Meet Over Cybercrime
  174. UN Official Arrives for Five-Day Mission
  175. Late Penalty Kick Miss Prevents Naga Victory Over Crown
  176. Aeon’s Mega Mall Scheduled to Open in June
  177. Official Sentenced in Pension Corruption Case
  178. Villagers Protesting Gate in Road Take a Break
  179. Authorities Block Journalists From Site of Logging
  180. Empty Building Represents KRT’s Uncertain Legacy
  181. Supporters Mark Anniversary of Chut Wutty’s Death
  182. Government Urges Land Concession Firms to Respect Law
  183. KR Tribunal Rules Defendants Fit to Stand Trial
  184. Bavet City Garment Strikes Gain Momentum
  185. Union Leader Appeals Court Orders Restricting His Activities
  186. Mass Trials of Garment Protesters Commence
  187. Major General Arrested On Defamation Charges
  188. Second Polonsky Extradition Request Denied
  189. Volunteers Sought to Help KRT Investigating Judge, Prosecutor
  190. GMAC Boycotts Workshop on Minimum Wages
  191. Seven Migrant Workers Killed in Crash While in Thailand
  192. Eighteen Fired Bus Drivers Protest in Front of Firm’s Office
  193. Cambodian Circus Schools to Host Festival
  194. Crown Coach Is Confident Ahead of NagaCorp Match
  195. Book Celebrates Cambodia’s 598 Bird Species
  196. Land Dispute Villager Questioned for Incitement
  197. NagaCorp’s Quarterly Revenue Increases
  198. Government Plans to Boost Trade With Belarus
  199. Chinese Carmaker Eyes Local Assembly Plant
  200. Protest Over Tycoon’s Construction of Gate in Road
  201. Prosecutor Seeks Case 004 Rape Investigation
  202. Hacking Group Threatens Government
  203. Gov’t Still Considering Taking Refugees From Australia
  204. Government Audit Five Years Late, Lacking
  205. Families: World Bank Wants B Kak Dispute Settled
  206. Man Injured by Landmine in Poipet
  207. Factories Mostly Skip Minimum Wage Meeting
  208. Cambodia Route Reopens for Uighur Refugees
  209. Thousands Expected at Municipal Court in Support of 23
  210. Heads of New Departments of Immigration, Identification Sworn-In
  211. Cambodia Asks for Help in Oil and Gas Industry
  212. Punish Khmer Rouge Sex Crimes, UN Representative Says
  213. Customs Reform Key to Asean Integration
  214. Two Vietnamese Men Saved From Kidnappers
  215. Workers Protest Over Reps Summoned to Court
  216. Concern Over Migration Chief’s Family Connections
  217. UN Critical of Pending Asylum Seeker Deal
  218. Police Release Video of ‘Anonymous’ Hackers Being Arrested
  219. ADB Loans $75M for Flood Recovery Efforts
  220. Post-New Year Protests in Svay Rieng Decline
  221. 21 Strike Detainees Transferred to Prey Sar Prison Ahead of Trial
  222. With Bundith at Large, New Bavet Governor Named
  223. As Protesters Prepare for Court, No Justice for Dead
  224. Toyota Says Recalled Vehicle Model is Hilux
  225. Conviction Against ‘Grandma Crocodile’ Upheld
  226. Exports Increase 12.8 Percent in First Quarter
  227. Sacked Bus Drivers Petition Labor Minster
  228. Trucks Hauling Luxury Wood Busted
  229. CNRP to File Lawsuit Against Deputy Governor
  230. State Secretariat of Civil Aviation to ‘Swap’ Headquarters
  231. Suspended Sentence for Driver Who Crushed Garbage Worker
  232. Free HPV Tests Target Married Women, Nearly 500 Screened
  233. Palace Seeks Removal of King Father Statue
  234. Harsh Restrictions Imposed on Union Leader
  235. Isolated Protests Emerge in Wake of Failed Garment Strike
  236. CNRP Tries to Balance Foreign Powers in Post-Deadlock Campaign
  237. Hackers Arrested in Joint Operation With FBI
  238. Anonymous Cambodia Hackers Arrested
  239. Toyota Recalls More Than 100 Cars in Cambodia
  240. US-Cambodian Military Training Event Begins
  241. UN Concerned About Detainees’ Presence at Trials
  242. B Meanchey Court Chief Moved to Phnom Penh
  243. Sihanouk Statue Waves Down on Royal Palace
  244. Wood Confiscated in Stung Treng Province
  245. Stay-at-Home Strike a Bust as Workers Return to Factories
  246. Garbage Collector Crushed by Drunk-Driver
  247. Unrest Among Disabled Security Guards at SL Garment Factory
  248. Hundreds Rally To Support Union Leader
  249. Helmeted Gov’t Guards Beat Onlookers at Freedom Park
  250. Security Guards Assault CNRP Supporters Near Freedom Park