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  1. Hong Kong Firm Opens Bank for Farmers in Cambodia
  2. Interior Minister Says No to Opposition’s Marching Plans
  3. Herbalife Promises Cambodians Health, Wealth
  4. Illegal Logging a Booming Business in Virachey Park
  5. Hun Sen Orders Anticorruption Education for Students
  6. Hor Namhong Explains ICJ Ruling to Preah Vihear Troops
  7. Two New Jails to Alleviate Prison Overcrowding
  8. City Hall Denies CNRP Request for Human Rights Day Marches
  9. Suy Sem Set for Reinstatement as Minister of Mines and Energy
  10. HRW Wants Drug Detention Centers Shut
  11. Air Pollution—The Latest Threat to Angkor Park
  12. SUVs Block Pagoda to Keep Out Monks on Peace March
  13. Citizens Warned to Wrap Up Against Cold Snap
  14. Prison Department Told to Tackle Overcrowding
  15. Bunong Living on Land Concession Evicted
  16. ‘Killer Karaoke’ to Be Made for Cambodian TV
  17. Government Sees 17% Increase in Tax Revenue
  18. CNRP Mulls Filing Complaint Over Death Threat
  19. Hor Namhong to Visit Troops in Preah Vihear to Explain UN Ruling
  20. Aid Pledges Continue Despite CNRP Calls for Delay
  21. China’s Official State News Agency Slams Hun Sen, CPP
  22. Monks on ‘Peace Walk’ Block National Road to Protest Ill-Treatment
  23. Health Ministry to Shut Down Cancer Clinic
  24. Reports of Major Congestion at Poipet Checkpoint
  25. Disability Services to Be Rolled Out in Provinces
  26. Freedom of Information Law Still Unrealized
  27. Buildings Near Palace to Be Partially Demolished
  28. Ban on Child Adoptions to Be Lifted in 2014
  29. Coverage of Sexual Violence Needs Sensitivity
  30. CNRP Requests Migrant Worker Draft Agreement
  31. After Reform Promise, a Return to Statecraft as Usual
  32. Regulator to Review Minimum Prices for Calls
  33. CNRP Announces Dual Marches to Angkor Wat, Assembly
  34. To Celebrate Relations With China, Hun Sen Plants Rosewood Tree
  35. Eight Men Gang Rape Woman, Three Arrested
  36. A Hard Road To Phnom Penh For Marching Monks
  37. Organizations Push for Employment of Disabled Persons in Provinces
  38. Land Dispute Families, District Official Meet to End Intimidation
  39. IMF Director Says Education Crucial to Growth
  40. Private Ship Registry Did Not Monitor Compliance
  41. Ex-Military Police Chief’s Sentence Reduced
  42. SL Garment Factory, Workers Agree on Terms to End Protest
  43. State-Owned Properties to Be Sold, Swapped
  44. Mobile Operators Told to End Price Promotions
  45. Rights Group Demands Probe of Parliamentarian’s Hit-and-Run
  46. Military Denies Receiving Request to Examine News Report
  47. Cambodia Drops Further In Corruption Index
  48. Try Pheap Firm in Talks to Replicate Timber Deal
  49. Man Jailed for Killing Garment Factory Union Leader Faces Court
  50. No Bail for Teens Arrested After Factory Clashes
  51. IMF Director Calls for Continued Reforms
  52. China Surprises Governor With Lesser Donation
  53. CNRP Gives Notice of Rally in Siem Reap
  54. Increase in Customs Taxes Raises Retail Prices in Cambodia
  55. New Health Center Claims to Cure Cancer Through Detox
  56. Obstacles Hinder Microinsurance Market
  57. Festival to Show Eclectic Mix Of Cambodian, Foreign Films
  58. Japan to Open ‘State-of-the-Art’ Hospital in Phnom Penh
  59. Villagers Say Illegal Loggers Claim to Work for Try Pheap
  60. Solidarity Front Inaugurates $3-Million Stupa in Kratie Province
  61. Website of Company Running Ship Registry Closed Down
  62. Military Court Asked to Scrutinize Newspaper Article
  63. Mekong Dams a Long-Term
  64. Scholar Fills Void, Publishes First Textbook on Old Khmer
  65. Educating a New Generation of Photographers—and Their Audience
  66. Laos Hydropower Project Stirs Environmental Fears
  67. Official Charged With Misappropriating Funds
  68. Court Denies Suspension of Extradition Case
  69. City Hall Moves to Stop State Land Swaps
  70. Chinese Loan Sharks Arrested For Kidnapping Debtor
  71. Government Pushes Ahead With NGO Law
  72. Monks Embark on 10-Day ‘Peace Walk’ to Phnom Penh
  73. Report Shows Election Irregularities Favored CPP
  74. Angkor’s Management Plan to Be Overhauled
  75. Anniversary of Solidarity Front Marked With Musical Extravaganza
  76. US Congressman Says Hun Sen Must Resign
  77. Court to Re-Probe Chanaiwa’s Attack on Reporters
  78. Education Ministry Gets Donation of IT Supplies
  79. CNRP Calls for Investigation Into National Ship Registry Sale
  80. Lack of Legal Aid in Cambodia Puts Children, Poor at Risk
  81. Groups Want Independent Human Rights Body
  82. ACU Arrests Customs Officer, Two EdC Staff
  83. Saved From the Soup, Rescued Sun Bears Thrive
  84. Farmers Accuse Mining Company of Threatening Land Grab
  85. Official Retracts Comments About Logging in Wildlife Sanctuary
  86. Government Prepares to Pay Employees Via Bank Accounts
  87. Star Skateboarder Tony Hawk Performs for Phnom Penh Youths
  88. New Report Reveals Distrust Between NGOs and Government
  89. Smart Mobile Sees 36% Revenue Growth
  90. Transparency NGOs Call for CPP to End Parking Corruption
  91. SL Factory Agrees to Reinstate 19 Union Representatives
  92. Poor Education Could Cripple Business Growth
  93. Phnom Penh Listed as NSA Collection Point
  94. Boeng Kak Activists Protest State Violence Against Women
  95. Report Says More Than 10 Percent of Children Are ‘Laborers’
  96. Government Sold
  97. New Association to Take on Illegal DVD Sales
  98. Police Guns to Be Tested After Civilian Shootings
  99. More Khmer Krom Apply as KRT Civil Parties
  100. Labor Minister Proposes Annual Wage Rise
  101. Men Arrested in Battambang for Smuggling Cache of Air Guns
  102. New Report Highlights Strained NGO-Government Relationship
  103. ACU Holds Meeting, Discusses Agreement With Coca-Cola
  104. NGOs Reject Claim That Virachey Park Safe From Loggers
  105. EU Fish Ban Blamed on Cambodian-Flagged Vessels
  106. National Bank Governor’s Daughter Named New Director-General
  107. Kandal Police to Investigate Lawmaker’s Fatal Hit-and-Run
  108. Government Prepares Civil Service Pay Overhaul
  109. Cambodia and Burma to Come Together for Angkor Wat Show
  110. Labor Ministry Says Brands Hold Key to Wages
  111. Demining Rats Get All Clear to Begin Testing
  112. Ministries to Embark on Project With Microsoft
  113. Mfone Files Complaint With Court
  114. Despite Extradition Threat, Polonsky’s Assault Case Will Resume
  115. Court Refuses to Investigate Complaint Over Police Shooting
  116. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde to Visit Cambodia
  117. City Hall Approves Plan for 5 New Districts in Phnom Penh
  118. Family Won’t File Complaint Against Lawmaker Over Hit-and-Run
  119. Supreme Court Chamber Orders Second KR Trial Immediately
  120. Ex-Environment Minister Says Deforestation Exaggerated
  121. World Bank Readies 2-Year Strategy for Cambodia
  122. Woman Gets 15 Years for Murder of Paraplegic
  123. Government to Meet Over January Minimum Wage Increase
  124. SL Factory Refuses to Reinstate Fired Union Representatives
  125. Despite Promise of Title, Authorities Refuse to Measure Land
  126. Appeal Court Upholds Acid, Kidnapping Sentences
  127. Commerce Minister Announces New System for Exports
  128. Campaign Against Gender Violence Launched
  129. Dragon’s Tail Logging Scandal Back in Court
  130. Lawmaker Defends Decision to Leave Scene of Fatal Accident
  131. New City Offices in Land Swap Nearly Finished
  132. China Completes Sale of 12 Military Helicopters
  133. Try Pheap Given Exclusive Rights to Seized Wood
  134. Snakebites an Under-Reported but Deadly Problem in Cambodia
  135. More Than 200 Cambodian Athletes to Compete in SEA Games
  136. Families Protest Eviction by Chinese Company
  137. Diabetes on Rise Due to Unhealthy Lifestyles
  138. CNRP to Hold Demonstration in Siem Reap
  139. Still in Prison, Sergei Polonsky Set to Marry Common-Law Wife
  140. Senior Lawmaker Left Scene of Crash That Killed Woman
  141. Villagers Get Land Title After Torching Excavator
  142. ACU’s Denial of Graft Belied by Evidence
  143. Sar Kheng Invites CNRP
  144. Impunity Reigns as Fatal Shootings Continue to Go Unpunished
  145. Alleged Sorcerer Decapitated, Fingers Severed in Kampot
  146. VN Rubber Company Says It Improves Forest
  147. Ratanakkiri Temple Now in Land Concession
  148. Anti-Graft Unit Says Health Center’s Procurements Were Correct
  149. Anti-Eviction Activist Yorm Bopha Freed On Bail
  150. Man Pistol-Whipped by Military Police Officer
  151. Senate Passes Budget Amid Opposition Boycott
  152. Prosecutors, Police Discuss Closer Cooperation
  153. Anti-Eviction Activist Yorm Bopha Freed on Bail
  154. Meas Sotha—The Man at the Center of the SL Factory Strike
  155. Information Minister Orders TVK to Scrap Tedious Coverage
  156. Journalists Slain Since 1994 Remembered in Candlelight Ceremony
  157. Environment Ministry Denies Issuing New ELC to Logging Firm
  158. Global Fund Says World Mosquito Net Supplies Not Jeopardized
  159. MobiTel Named in Leaked Australian Phone Tap Documents
  160. Seven Dead, 17 Injured in Kratie Truck Crash
  161. SL Workers Demand Representatives Reinstated
  162. New Picture Book for Kids Published in Khmer
  163. Man Detained for Criticizing Police Commander on Facebook
  164. Three Cambodians Killed Illegally Logging Across Thai Border
  165. Finance Ministry Defends Ambiguity in 2014 Budget Bill
  166. Hun Sen’s Student Volunteers to Resume Land-Titling Program
  167. Shooting in Service of the State—Order vs Law
  168. Official Says Legality of Sanctuary Logging Unknown
  169. Police Have Not Enforced Traffic Laws for Four Months
  170. Future Bleak For Bystander Paralyzed By Police Bullet
  171. Foreign Minister’s Son to Step Down as UK Envoy
  172. Taxi Driver Stabbed By Suspected Car Thief
  173. Boeng Kak Activists Call for Supreme Court to Free Yorm Bopha
  174. World Toilet Day Highlights Sanitation Solutions
  175. Despite Denials, Levi’s Still Producing at SL Garment Factory
  176. One Week on, Shooting Investigation Has Yielded Nothing
  177. Court Charges Official With Corruption Over Pension Scandal
  178. CNRP Says No Further Negotiations Without Investigation
  179. High Rate of HIV Infection Among Intravenous Drug Users
  180. ELC in Nature Preserve Is Illegal, Government Spokesman Says
  181. Little Will Be Learned From Global Fund Scandal
  182. Thirteen Arrested for Illegal Online Gambling
  183. Preah Vihear Residents Protest Future Eviction
  184. Memorial Stupa at S-21 to Be Rebuilt as Civil Party Reparations
  185. Phnom Penh’s 5 New Districts Create Fears of Gerrymandering
  186. Man Dies in Road Rage Attack After Argument
  187. CPP Says ACU Will Investigate Global Fund Corruption
  188. ACU Says Provincial Social Affairs Officials Withheld Pensions
  189. Union to Hold 5,000-Strong March During CNRP Protest
  190. SL Management Agrees to Reinstate 19 Fired Union Members
  191. Loss of Forest in Cambodia Among Worst in the World
  192. Firm Logging in Wildlife Sanctuary Granted ‘Unofficial’ Concession
  193. Surfers and Smugglers—and the Truth Behind Two Americans’ Deaths in Tuol Sleng
  194. The Temple at the Heart of a Dying Forest
  195. Three Arrested in Kompong Chhnang Gang Rape
  196. US Research Institute Exhibits Artworks Reflecting Buddhist Faith
  197. Provinces Lure Thousands to Water Festival
  198. CNRP to Protest in Solidarity With SL Workers
  199. French Financial Institution Bullish on Cambodia
  200. Phnom Penh Set to Create Five New Districts
  201. Japanese Diplomats Clarify Their Expectations for Cambodia
  202. Health Ministry Deflects Blame For Massive Corruption
  203. Japanese Prime Minister Agrees to Help With Electoral Reform
  204. Tea Banh Jets to China on ‘Imperative’ Mission
  205. Firm Accused of Logging in Wildlife Sanctuary
  206. Teenager Arrested for Sexually Abusing Six-Year-Old Girl
  207. IMF Predicts Country’s Economy to Grow 7%
  208. Global Fund Reveals Network Of Bribery in Health Ministry
  209. Lawyers Condemn Police Shooting of SL Factory Protesters
  210. At Strife-Ridden SL Garment Factory, Managers Stand Ground
  211. Don Sahong Charm Offensive Fails to Sway Skeptics
  212. Sorcery Couple Receive New Death Threats
  213. Siem Reap Man Becomes 102nd Lightning Fatality in 2013
  214. Military Police Arrest Three Kidnappers in Sting
  215. Banks Urged to Divest From Ratanakkiri-Based Rubber Firm
  216. Court Hears Case of Paraplegic Man’s Murder
  217. At Polonsky’s Press Event, Reporters Denied Access, Detained
  218. Man’s Death Brings National Bird Flu Fatalities to 14 This Year
  219. Video Posted by Polonsky Alleges Extortion Attempt by Official
  220. Complaint Lodged Against Security Chiefs Over Woman’s Shooting
  221. Couple Arrested for Buying Baby Girl to Beg in Malaysia
  222. Global Fund Reveals Bribes to Officials in Cambodia
  223. Social Media Challenges ‘Official’ Version of Events
  224. In Preah Vihear, Rainsy Warns of Encroachment
  225. Chinese Man Convicted of Raping 17-Year-Old Girl
  226. Khmer Rouge Tribunal Needs $59 Million Over Next 2 Years
  227. Banteay Meanchey Governor Try Narin Dies in Traffic Accident
  228. No Demolition Yet as Buildings’ Deadline Nears
  229. Orix Investment in Acleda Seen as Exploratory
  230. Garment Workers Block Road, Protest for Higher Wages
  231. Governor Seeks Curb in Rubber Resin Smuggling
  232. Hun Sen Set to Weigh In on
  233. Indian Take on Angkor Wat Will Be Twice the Size
  234. Police Deny Responsibility for Shooting Civilians
  235. CPP Parliament Approves Ministry Split, Ministers Unclear
  236. Hun Sen’s Sister Linked to Private Security Firm at SL Factory
  237. Man Kills Baby Girl During Dispute With Wife
  238. Former Major General Admits to Drug Dealing
  239. Tourism Increase Despite Political Uncertainty
  240. Filipino Arrested With 3.2 Kilos of Cocaine at Siem Reap Airport
  241. Cuffed Man Shoots Himself in Police Custody
  242. Sergei Polonsky Awaits Extradition in Phnom Penh Prison
  243. Kudos to the ICJ Translation Heroes in Preah
  244. One-Party Parliament Effortlessly Passes $3.56 Billion Budget
  245. Japanese Company Purchases Stake in Acleda
  246. At Embattled Factory, an Unmovable Manager
  247. Thailand Says No Troop Pullback From
  248. Icj
  249. Woman Killed as Police Open Fire During Garment Worker Clash
  250. Number of Dengue Cases Drops From Last Year