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  1. After Chinese Company’s Visit, Villagers Fear Dam Construction
  2. Australian Foreign Minister Hits Back at Criticism From Evans
  3. Government Responds to Rainsy’s Cambodia, Ukraine Comparison
  4. Filmmaker Charged with Hindering Anti-Prostitution Efforts
  5. Pailin Governor Orders 19 Families to Move Off His Land
  6. For Rithy Panh’s Sculptor, Hollywood a World Away
  7. NGO Declares Coca-Cola’s Visit Compromised by Police
  8. RCAF in Africa; Fears of Drug Resistant Malaria
  9. US Reports Long List of Human Rights Concerns in
  10. Three Convicted Over Clash With Police on Monivong Bridge
  11. Hun Sen Orders Shisha Cafes to Cease Operations Immediately
  12. Two New Cases of Bird Flu Confirmed in Kompong Cham
  13. Japanese Pianist Returns to Phnom Penh for Weekend Concerts
  14. Monks, CNRP Officials Deliver Rice, Money to Activists, Families
  15. Villagers in Land Dispute Are Summoned, But Not Questioned
  16. More than 100 Garment Workers in Two Factories Faint En Masse
  17. Court Charges Moto-Taxi Driver With Rape of Stepdaughter
  18. Couple Murder Nephew in Kratie Over $12.50 Debt
  19. Union Representatives Detained for Distributing Strike Leaflets
  20. Coca-Cola Company Confirms Audit of Cambodian Suppliers
  21. Details Murky in Environment Ministry Phnom Penh Land Swap
  22. Stability, Growth Require Job Creation
  23. Gareth Evans Calls for Sanctions on Government
  24. Royalists Question Wisdom of Ranariddh’s Planned Return
  25. Labor Ministry Denies It Has Stopped Recognizing Unions
  26. Police Demolish Shelters of Kratie Families for Second Time
  27. Hospital Staffers End Protest After New Buildings Promised
  28. Gunmen Shoot And Rob Gold Vendors in Kandal
  29. Annual Angkor Wat Film Festival to Add Third Dimension
  30. Four Tons of Dead Fish Found in Kompong Cham Lake
  31. Shisha Bar Owners Close Temporarily After Government Warning
  32. Environment Minister Visits UDG; Villagers Disappointed
  33. Rainsy Tells Supporters to Heed Fall of Yanukovich
  34. Gov’t Suspends Freedom of Association for Unions
  35. Kanharith Reiterates No TV Station for Broadcaster Sonando
  36. Tycoon Apologizes for Accusations Against Commerce Minister
  37. As Garment Sector Strikes Loom, Soldiers Watch Over Factories
  38. Seven Killed in Three Separate Petroleum Truck Road Accidents
  39. More Pre-Angkorian Temples Found Within Land Concessions
  40. Strike Justified, Suppression Not, Experts Say
  41. More Money Sought for KR Tribunal Reparations
  42. IFC Accepts Complaint Over Ratanakkiri Rubber Plantations
  43. Hun Sen Inaugurates New Coal Plant, Unveils Energy Plans
  44. Twelve Chinese Arrested For Telephone Fraud
  45. Environment Minister to Visit UDG Project in Koh Kong Province
  46. Demonstrators Demand Release of 21 Detainees
  47. Sihanoukville Port Sees Cargo Increase Month-on-Month
  48. Ban on Ta An’s Case File Upheld at KR Tribunal
  49. CPP, CNRP Set Electoral Reform Meeting For Next Week
  50. Phnom Penh Governor Tells Officials to ‘Fix Frustrated People’
  51. Medical Staff Protest Phnom Penh Hospital Swap
  52. Hun Sen Lifts Protest Ban, Warns of Pro-CPP Rallies
  53. As Workers Boycott Overtime, CPP Goes on Counteroffensive
  54. Case of Trafficked Deaf Girl to Be Reinvestigated
  55. Villagers File Complaint Over Chief Stealing Land
  56. UDG Accused of Farming Instead of Building
  57. Rainsy Greets Supporters at ‘Russian Market’
  58. Ranariddh to Re-Enter Politics With New Party
  59. Criticism Grows Over Australia’s Refugee Request
  60. Hun Sen Meets Chinese Communist Party Official
  61. IFC Ombudsman to Help Settle Phnom Penh Airport Land Dispute
  62. Garment Workers Begin Boycott of Overtime
  63. Man Stabs Himself Before Police Arrest Him for Child Sex Offenses
  64. Om Yentieng Asked to Pursue Alleged Corruption
  65. Man Arrested Trafficking Workers Into Thailand
  66. Ministry of Environment Decides To Move Office Again
  67. Promises of Marriage in China Turn to Nightmare
  68. $100-Million Airport Expansion Project Begins
  69. Court Clerk Charged With Taking Bribe
  70. Events Promoting Peace Stopped by Authorities
  71. Two Children Killed by Mortar Shell Explosion in Battambang
  72. Unions Set to Begin First Phase of Nationwide Strike
  73. Man Arrested Over Attempted Necrophilia
  74. Minister’s Wife’s Land Dispute Under Investigation
  75. Government Passes Legislation Against Money Laundering
  76. Officials Beaten in Fracas Over Disputed Land
  77. Cambodia Asked to Take in Australian Asylum Seekers
  78. Bophana Showcases Young Filmmakers’ Works
  79. Court Delays Verdict For Protesters
  80. Groups Call for Probe of Racist Mob Killing
  81. Court Overrules Decision to Compensate Dey Krahorm Families
  82. Students May Monitor Textbook Delivery
  83. Students Compete in Counseling Competition
  84. Gov’t Criticizes Media Coverage of Strike Violence
  85. Rainsy Talks Election Fallout With Visiting US Delegates
  86. More Families Seek Help in Repatriating Trafficked Daughters
  87. Judge Orders Health Check for KRT Defendants
  88. Borei Keila Villagers Cast Curse on Adversaries
  89. Rice Sector Helps Lift Cambodians Out of Poverty
  90. Gov’t Seeks To Increase Exports Outside Garments
  91. Police Search for Missing Canadian Journalist
  92. Bodies Found After Mekong Riverbank Collapse
  93. Smuggled iPhones Found in Passenger’s Luggage
  94. Teddy Bear Drug Smuggler Caught at It Again
  95. Thai Authorities Close Border Checkpoint
  96. Environmental NGO Fears for Mekong Dolphin
  97. Court Charges 911 Paratrooper Who Took Crystal Meth on Duty
  98. Hun Sen Adds Armed Forces Chiefs to Strike Committee
  99. CNRP Forum Interrupted by Police Blasting ‘Gangnam Style’
  100. Man Beaten, Arrested as Youth Group Marks Social Justice Day
  101. Japan-Cambodia Cultural Festival Begins Tonight
  102. Juvenile Justice Law Step Closer to Being Reality
  103. Family of Woman Trafficked to China Seeks Help
  104. Three More Police Officials Promoted to General
  105. Vietnamese Embassy Keeping Close Watch on Mob Killing Case
  106. Ex-Police Officer Faces Court for Shooting
  107. Printing Shops’ Refusal to Print Strike Leaflets Delays Unions
  108. Three Missing After Mekong Riverbank Collapse in Kandal
  109. Interior Ministry Blames Country’s Increased Crime on CNRP
  110. Lawyers for Officials Questioned Over CNRP Complaints
  111. Brands Meet With Gov’t Over Labor Unrest
  112. Councilors to Get Payouts Before Vote in Upcoming Elections
  113. New Bird Flu Case Confirmed in Village Where Two Recently Died
  114. Government Tries to Solve Land Dispute by Taking From Others
  115. New Futuristic Tuk-Tuks Arrive on the Streets of Phnom Penh
  116. Villagers Protesting Eviction Forcibly Removed
  117. NagaCorp to Buy Planes, Fly in Gamblers
  118. Government Discusses Anti-Terrorism Decree
  119. Bosnian Lawyer Appointed for KRT Suspect Ta Tith
  120. Hun Sen Unveils New Roadmap for Foreign Trade Policy
  121. Phnom Penh Bus Service Expanding by Two Routes
  122. Phnom Penh Governor Tells Officials to Monitor City’s Markets
  123. Vietnamese Men Charged After Ivory Seizure
  124. More Wood Confiscations in Kampot, but Still No Arrests
  125. CPP, CNRP Agree on Election Reform Body
  126. Political Parties Point Fingers in Racial Mob Killing
  127. Five Arrested for Trying to Traffic Women to China
  128. Man Allegedly Kills Ex-Fiancee, Attempts Suicide
  129. Two Officials Convicted of Defrauding Farmer
  130. Party-Goers, Workers and Police Clash at Dance
  131. Wing, Foreign Trade Bank Partner to Offer Prepaid Visa Cards
  132. Ivory Smugglers Nabbed At Siem Reap Airport
  133. Journalists Questioned Over Soldier’s Complaint
  134. Hun Sen Lauds Own Efforts to Ensure Normalcy in Cambodia
  135. Compensation for Culled Poultry Is a Catch-22
  136. Civil Servants Given Go-Ahead to Denounce Lax Bosses in Media
  137. Hun Sen Says He Has Bad Rap for Rent Collection
  138. Six Tried for Their Part in Deadly Monivong Bridge Clashes
  139. Monks Say Government Benefits From Buddhism
  140. Killing Reflects Danger of Anti-Vietnamese Sentiment
  141. Preah Vihear Photograph Wins Cambodian Trip to Thailand
  142. Students Who Wish to Study in the US Still Facing Challenges
  143. Deminer Documents Wildlife in Mine-Strewn Areas
  144. Home-Grown Greens Win SME Competitions
  145. Illegal Logging Case ‘Closed’ Against RCAF Officer
  146. Two Borei Keila Women in Hospital From Clash
  147. Police Officer Arrested for Setting Friend On Fire
  148. UK Lawmaker Answers Questions on Cambodia
  149. Raids Uncover 200 Pieces of Illegal Luxury Wood
  150. Garment Workers See Renewed Appeal in Strike
  151. Four Arrested Smuggling Cocaine from Brazil
  152. Vietnamese Man Killed In Racist Mob Attack
  153. CPP and CNRP to Discuss Electoral Reform
  154. Buddhist Art Marks Transient Nature of Life
  155. Group Says Police Officer Ordered Boy Shot
  156. Australian Senate Calls For Election Investigation
  157. Meak Bochea Holiday Observed at Oudong
  158. Six Injured As Police, Borei Keila Villagers Clash
  159. Hundreds of Students Join Valentine’s Day Blood Drive
  160. Unlikely Takeo Farmer Pulls Off Major Buddha Relics Heist
  161. Project to Detail Lives of Cambodian Sorcerers
  162. Japanese Architect Who Worked at Angkor Dies
  163. Men Accuse Ratanakkiri Police of Torture
  164. Government Sets Deadline for Trade Union Law
  165. Villagers Want Compensation for Lower Sesan 2 Dam Construction
  166. Paul’s BrewHouse a Contender for Coffee Crown
  167. Rattan Exports Hampered by Bureaucracy
  168. Court Tries Man for Rape of Step-Daughter
  169. Father of Detained Briton Lobbies for Son
  170. No Solution for Borei Keila Families, ‘Occupation’ Continues
  171. Education Ministry Warns Youth of Valentine’s Day Evils
  172. CPP Holds Mock Ballot Before Council Elections
  173. During ‘Free the 23’ Protests, Where Was CNRP?
  174. Clarification Sought on Government’s Fraught NGO Law
  175. More Four-Star Generals Added to RCAF’s Top-Heavy Ranks
  176. Kratie Villagers Block Road After Officials Torch Homes
  177. Soldiers, Woman Sentenced for Drug Trafficking
  178. Indian Buddhist Art Festival Set to Open at Wat Ounalom
  179. No End in Sight to Garment Strike Over Bonus Pay
  180. Photo Exhibit Offers Cambodia a Glimpse of Life in Nicaragua
  181. PAL Says Cambodia Air Project Still On Course
  182. Authorities Burn 60 Homes in Pursat Province
  183. King Sihamoni Visits Preah Khan, Prays for Peace
  184. Borei Keila Residents ‘Occupy’ Unfinished Apartment Block
  185. Trial of Disabled Girl Sold Into Prostitution Continues
  186. Two Wounded by Thai Border Soldiers
  187. Contractor to Support US Navy in Cambodia
  188. For Poor, Eating Dead Poultry Is a Calculated Risk
  189. Unions Plan 2nd Round of Mass Strikes
  190. District Education Offices Stole Free Books for Students
  191. Cambodia Absent From Global Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade
  192. Villagers Block Roads in Land Disputes in Kratie, Pursat
  193. Ethnic Minority Villagers, Company Conduct ‘Fruitless’ Talks
  194. French Embassy Seeks Khmer Rouge Memorial
  195. Cashew Sector Poised for Bumper Crop
  196. Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Visits Cambodia
  197. Rainsy Returns to Hundreds of CNRP Supporters
  198. NEC Calls for Council Election Candidates
  199. Two Siblings from Kratie Die From Bird Flu on Same Day
  200. Ministry of Health Pushes Directive to Ban Smoking in Public
  201. KR Tribunal Debates Second Phase of Case 002
  202. Appeal Court Denies Bail to 21 Jailed Protesters
  203. Ministries to Help Farmers Hurt by Sugar Plantations
  204. Labor Ministry Ignored Its Own Research on Minimum Wage
  205. Man Dies After Being Set on Fire During Robbery
  206. Adhoc Concerned by Deaths Related to Domestic Violence
  207. Works From ‘Artist City’ are Showcased in Phnom Penh
  208. Oscar-Nominated Film Pushes Cambodia’s Censorship Limits
  209. Minister No Longer Signing University Degrees
  210. Mondolkiri RCAF General Denies Possession of Luxury Wood
  211. Ministry of Labor Highlights Triumphs in 2013 Annual Report
  212. Cambodia’s Biggest Dam Begins Test Operations
  213. Sonando Sends Latest TV License, Radio Request
  214. Unions Threaten Nationwide Strike if 21 Prisoners Not Released
  215. Court Sentences Human Trafficker to Five Years
  216. Policing the Police: New Unit Assigned to Traffic Cops
  217. Police Present Further Evidence in Buddha Relics Theft
  218. Hun Sen Says His Face as Good as Any; Situation Is Normal
  219. Minorities Complain to IFC Over Rubber Farm Funding
  220. For Underpaid Teachers, a Desire for Dignity
  221. Ung Bun Heang, Popular Cartoonist, Dies at 61
  222. Koh Kong Villagers Halt Protest Against UDG
  223. Hun Sen Issues Directive for Payment of Civil Servant Salaries
  224. Microfinance Sector Continues Swift Expansion
  225. Adhoc Urges for Attempted Murder Case to Go to Court
  226. Families to File Complaint With IFC Over Rubber Plantations
  227. Bailed Garment Workers Speak of Injustice Ahead of March
  228. Two Charged Over Theft of Buddha Relics on Odong Mountain
  229. One Arrested in Container Heist; Other Suspects Flee
  230. More Than 20 Police Surround RCAF General’s Mondolkiri Home
  231. 25 Years On, Prosthetics NGO Changes Direction
  232. ADB Waters Down Plans to Amend Mistakes in Cambodia
  233. After Two Decades, Friends-International Keeps on Changing
  234. Threat to Unleash ‘Paratroopers’ in Land Dispute
  235. ADB Railway Project Made ‘Major’ Mistakes
  236. China Donates Trucks, 30,000 Uniforms to RCAF
  237. Police Say Buddha Relics Recovered; Some Not Convinced
  238. Royere, an ‘Impassioned Aficionado of Angkor’
  239. Two of 23 Jailed Protesters Granted Bail; Release Date Unknown
  240. UN Envoy Visits Boeng Kak, Condemns Killings
  241. Woman Injured After Grenade Placed in Fire
  242. A Year After Law, Acid Easily Available On Streets
  243. CMAC Claims Allegations of Ethical Transgressions Baseless
  244. Domestic Violence in Cambodia Has to Be Tackled By Law
  245. UN Envoy Raises Assembly Ban Concerns
  246. Trash Collectors Battling With Mounds of Garbage
  247. Government Acknowledges Critical IRI Public Opinion Poll
  248. Unions to March After Failure to Address Minimum Wage
  249. Military Police Asked to Answer for Protest Deaths
  250. Phnom Penh Warms to New Buses on Second Day of Service