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  1. US Research Institute Exhibits Artworks Reflecting Buddhist Faith
  2. Provinces Lure Thousands to Water Festival
  3. CNRP to Protest in Solidarity With SL Workers
  4. French Financial Institution Bullish on Cambodia
  5. Phnom Penh Set to Create Five New Districts
  6. Japanese Diplomats Clarify Their Expectations for Cambodia
  7. Health Ministry Deflects Blame For Massive Corruption
  8. Japanese Prime Minister Agrees to Help With Electoral Reform
  9. Tea Banh Jets to China on ‘Imperative’ Mission
  10. Firm Accused of Logging in Wildlife Sanctuary
  11. Teenager Arrested for Sexually Abusing Six-Year-Old Girl
  12. IMF Predicts Country’s Economy to Grow 7%
  13. Global Fund Reveals Network Of Bribery in Health Ministry
  14. Lawyers Condemn Police Shooting of SL Factory Protesters
  15. At Strife-Ridden SL Garment Factory, Managers Stand Ground
  16. Don Sahong Charm Offensive Fails to Sway Skeptics
  17. Sorcery Couple Receive New Death Threats
  18. Siem Reap Man Becomes 102nd Lightning Fatality in 2013
  19. Military Police Arrest Three Kidnappers in Sting
  20. Banks Urged to Divest From Ratanakkiri-Based Rubber Firm
  21. Court Hears Case of Paraplegic Man’s Murder
  22. At Polonsky’s Press Event, Reporters Denied Access, Detained
  23. Man’s Death Brings National Bird Flu Fatalities to 14 This Year
  24. Video Posted by Polonsky Alleges Extortion Attempt by Official
  25. Complaint Lodged Against Security Chiefs Over Woman’s Shooting
  26. Couple Arrested for Buying Baby Girl to Beg in Malaysia
  27. Global Fund Reveals Bribes to Officials in Cambodia
  28. Social Media Challenges ‘Official’ Version of Events
  29. In Preah Vihear, Rainsy Warns of Encroachment
  30. Chinese Man Convicted of Raping 17-Year-Old Girl
  31. Khmer Rouge Tribunal Needs $59 Million Over Next 2 Years
  32. Banteay Meanchey Governor Try Narin Dies in Traffic Accident
  33. No Demolition Yet as Buildings’ Deadline Nears
  34. Orix Investment in Acleda Seen as Exploratory
  35. Garment Workers Block Road, Protest for Higher Wages
  36. Governor Seeks Curb in Rubber Resin Smuggling
  37. Hun Sen Set to Weigh In on
  38. Indian Take on Angkor Wat Will Be Twice the Size
  39. Police Deny Responsibility for Shooting Civilians
  40. CPP Parliament Approves Ministry Split, Ministers Unclear
  41. Hun Sen’s Sister Linked to Private Security Firm at SL Factory
  42. Man Kills Baby Girl During Dispute With Wife
  43. Former Major General Admits to Drug Dealing
  44. Tourism Increase Despite Political Uncertainty
  45. Filipino Arrested With 3.2 Kilos of Cocaine at Siem Reap Airport
  46. Cuffed Man Shoots Himself in Police Custody
  47. Sergei Polonsky Awaits Extradition in Phnom Penh Prison
  48. Kudos to the ICJ Translation Heroes in Preah
  49. One-Party Parliament Effortlessly Passes $3.56 Billion Budget
  50. Japanese Company Purchases Stake in Acleda
  51. At Embattled Factory, an Unmovable Manager
  52. Thailand Says No Troop Pullback From
  53. Icj
  54. Woman Killed as Police Open Fire During Garment Worker Clash
  55. Number of Dengue Cases Drops From Last Year
  56. Submissions Open on Next Raft of KRT Charges
  57. Californian Winery Enters Cambodian Market
  58. Law Aimed at Protecting Local Products Approved
  59. Garment Protest Turns Violent, At Least One Man Shot
  60. Mfone’s Assets Sold For Hugely Reduced Price
  61. Government to Spend $13.7M on Appeal Courts
  62. Six-Year-Old Girl Raped by Family Friend in Battambang Plantation
  63. World Bank Report Says Few Cambodians Using Bank Accounts
  64. Wanted Russian Oligarch Sergei Polonsky Arrested in Preah Sihanouk
  65. Mentally Ill Man Kills Baby Cousin, Attacks Grandmother
  66. Water Resources Minister Seeks Investigation Into Exported Sand
  67. Cambodia Awarded Land Around Preah Vihear
  68. Musicians Showcase Twentieth Century Classics
  69. Four Escape From Ratanakkiri Provincial Jail
  70. Ten-Year-Old Kampot Boy Dies From Bird Flu
  71. How King Sihanouk Brought French Rule to a Peaceful End
  72. Thai Sugar Firm Meets With Koh Kong Evictees
  73. Independence Celebrations Draw Ambivalence
  74. Icj
  75. Will the ICJ Preah Vihear Temple Ruling Bring Hope or Despair?
  76. Border Troops Reinforced at Preah Vihear for ICJ Ruling
  77. Government Expects 14.5 Percent Rise in State Revenue
  78. Cambodia Braces as Typhoon Hits Vietnam
  79. On Independence Day, King Sihamoni Calls for Unity
  80. National Petroleum Authority to Change Hands
  81. Leprosy Hospital Expands as Cases Increase
  82. White-Shouldered Ibis Numbers More Than Expected
  83. Businessman Gets 8 Years for Drug Crimes
  84. Hun Sen Echoes Call for Relaxed Interest Rates, Debt Deferrals
  85. Storm Kills Two as Country Prepares for Typhoon Haiyan
  86. Cambodia Denies Claims That Reinforcements Sent to Preah Vihear
  87. Coca-Cola to Investigate Sugar Sourced From Cambodia
  88. Industry Ministry to Be Split, New ‘Handicraft’ Focus
  89. Woman Charged With Fraud Says $750K Paid to Officials
  90. Audi Plans to Enter Local Luxury Car Market
  91. Phnom Penh Port Says City Center Ban on Trucks Hurting Exports
  92. CNRP Appeals to Microfinance Industry to Reduce Interest Rates
  93. Chinese Arts Festival Marks 55th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties
  94. Officials Say Polonsky’s Arrest Will Happen Within Days
  95. Cambodia to Keep a Close Eye on Severe Typhoon Haiyan
  96. Despite Ban, $1.5M of Cambodian Sand Turns Up in India
  97. Villagers Around Preah Vihear Hunker Down for ICJ Ruling
  98. UN Says 2012 Set Record for Cambodia Drug Busts
  99. Spending on Defense and Security up 17% in 2014
  100. Tourists Unaware of Risk of ‘Innocent Interactions’ With Children
  101. Officials Start Measuring Boeng Kak Land
  102. Convicted Police Officer Now NGO Worker
  103. Remarks on the Present Situation in the Kingdom of Cambodia
  104. EU Boosts Cambodia’s Defense Against Weapons of Mass Destruction
  105. Polonsky Protests Fugitive Status, Impending Arrest in Letter
  106. Thai Sugar Firms Refuse to Meet With Evictee Representatives
  107. CPP Lawmaker Says Deforestation Is Good for Economy
  108. National Assembly’s Finance Committee Approves 2014 Budget
  109. CPP Lawmaker Says Election Monitor Could Face Legal Action
  110. CNRP Launches Online TV to Break CPP’s Media Stranglehold
  111. Aid Worker Claims Fabricated Stories Are Common
  112. Trofimov to Stand Trial in Russia for Child Sex Crimes
  113. Cambodia Should Prepare for Climate Change
  114. WHO Asks for $15M More to Fight Malaria
  115. Bar Association Requests Set Price for Copies of Case Files
  116. Transparency Needed to Follow Aid Money
  117. Six Charged Following Double Brothel Raid in Phnom Penh
  118. World Bank Says Freeze on Lending Remains
  119. At Moscow’s Request, Police to Arrest Polonsky
  120. Home Farming, No Compensation to Blame for H5N1 Rate
  121. CPP and CNRP Talk, but No Progress in Ending Impasse
  122. Figures Show General Acceptance of Child Rape
  123. Marriage Brokers Arrested Attempting to Send Women to China
  124. Vocational School May Be Swapped to Phanimex
  125. Protesters Seek EU, World Bank Presence at Yorm Bopha Hearing
  126. Land Dispute Families Submit Complaint Over Snake Attack
  127. KR
  128. Japanese Government Awards Chea Sim Order of the Rising Sun
  129. Bill Clinton, Not Hun Sen, Booked to Speak at Tokyo Summit
  130. H&M Calls for Yearly Minimum Wage Review
  131. Senior Diplomat Says US Still Backs Election Investigation
  132. Two-Year-Old Pursat Girl Is 12th Victim of Avian Influenza
  133. Children, 2 And 8 Years Old, Latest Rape Victims
  134. Chhouk Bundith’s Triple Shooting Case Called a ‘Mockery’
  135. Bophana Marks Anniversary of Independence
  136. Miss Universe Entrant Embodies Vietnam, Cambodia
  137. 2014 Draft Budget Passes First Round in One-Party Parliament
  138. Pro-Opposition Singer Set to Record First Protest Album
  139. Villagers Threaten to Forcibly Resist Eviction
  140. Zaha Hadid to Design Cambodia’s Genocide Museum
  141. Flesh-Eating Mob Tears Into Cambodian Cinema
  142. Thai, Cambodian Armies Pledge to Keep Peace
  143. Marie-Laurence Comberti, Humanitarian, Dies Aged 65
  144. Massage Parlor Raid Suspects Sent to Court
  145. 2014 Draft Budget Reaches Assembly, Still Under Wraps
  146. Hun Sen Makes More Cuts to Sok An’s Portfolio
  147. Government Takes Soft Line on Claims of US ‘Listening Stations’
  148. Six-Year-Old Girl Among Few to Survive Bird Flu Infection
  149. Once Coached for TV, Now Asked to Keep Quiet
  150. Neutrality of Red Cross in Question After Bun Rany’s Speech
  151. RCAF Officer Charged After Drug Raid
  152. Cambodia to Sign Accord on Maids to Malaysia
  153. Sar Kheng Says CPP, CNRP to Meet Tuesday
  154. What Deadlock? Video Defends Legitimacy of CPP Government
  155. Commune Chief Charged With Smuggling Wood
  156. Vietnamese-Funded Hospital Opens in January
  157. Critics Say Laos Dam Harm-Mitigation Plan Is Untested,
  158. Appeal Court Sentences Two Men to 20 Years for Rape-Murders
  159. Cambodia Not Ready for Inter-Country Adoptions
  160. Democracy About More Than Polling Day
  161. Plans to Reform Economy for Asean Integration
  162. Siem Reap Provincial Court Charges Swiss Pedophile—Again
  163. Phnom Penh Court Rejects Evidence in Wat Phnom Attack
  164. Bundith Still a No-Show 20 Months After Garment Workers Shot
  165. As Trial Ends, KR Defendants Defiant to the Very Last
  166. After Sam Rainsy’s Call, No Answer From CPP
  167. NCDM Lauds Flood Response, NGO Calls for Better Coordination
  168. Teenage Pregnancy Rate Stays Constant Over Past Decade
  169. Malaysia Says No Draft Agreement on Maids Yet
  170. Scientist Disputes Laos’ Claim About Dam
  171. Hun Sen Bodyguard Arrested for Firing Weapon Outside Nightclub
  172. Prosecutors Rest Their Case Against Khmer Rouge Leaders
  173. New German Ambassador Urges CPP and CNRP to Meet
  174. WWF Confirms Slaughter of Wild Elephants in Mondolkiri
  175. Cobras Thrown Into Land Dispute Family’s Home
  176. Evictees, Activists Scuffle With Police in Front of City Hall
  177. Sam Rainsy To Call Sar Kheng Over Negotiations
  178. UK Pedophile Came to Cambodia to Teach in Schools
  179. NGOs Say Women Could Help End the Political Impasse
  180. Preah Vihear Families Ordered to Make Way for Bulldozers
  181. Warrant for Suspect in Murder of US Tourist
  182. Phnom Penh Court to Charge British Pedophile
  183. Prime Real Estate May Be Set for Development
  184. Conservationists Investigate Elephant Deaths
  185. Governor Tells Cintri to Clean Up Its Act or Lose Contract
  186. Doing Business in Cambodia Becoming More Difficult
  187. Desperate for a Cure, Thousands Flock to Child Healer
  188. CNRP Warns Contracts Signed With CPP Could Be Canceled
  189. Disenfranchised Votes Point to Potentially Different Election Result
  190. Cambodia, Malaysia to Form Domestic Worker Pact
  191. Hun Sen Seeks Investment From Chinese Official
  192. British Pedophile Arrested in Phnom Penh
  193. Civil Society Organizations to Push for Electoral Overhaul
  194. Sofitel Eyes Coast for 3rd Hotel in Cambodia
  195. Cambodia, Singapore Sign Energy Agreement
  196. Trade With Indonesia up but Logistics a Hurdle
  197. Cambodia Misses Deadline to Submit UN Human Rights Report
  198. CNRP Pledges to Take Buddhist Festival to Kampuchea Krom
  199. Troops on the Move in Preah Vihear Ahead of Border Ruling
  200. Lawyers Say Khieu Samphan Had No Power, Must Be Acquitted
  201. Despite Political Speech, Government Says Red Cross Neutral
  202. Education to Receive 20% Boost in 2014 Budget
  203. Cambodia to Submit Human Rights Report to UN
  204. Index Shows Little Progress on Gender Equality
  205. Official DisputesWhen Dam Clearing Ceased
  206. Traditionally Pro-CPP Media See New Market With CNRP
  207. After Cambodia’s Long Harsh Winter, Spring is Arriving
  208. Local Newspaper CEO Congratulates CPP on Election Victory
  209. Rainsy Lays Out Demands for Next Round of Negotiations
  210. Bun Rany Slams CNRP During Red Cross Event
  211. Hun Sen Sends Message for Border Soldiers to Maintain Peace
  212. Try Pheap Bulldozers Return to Clear Land, Stopped by Protesters
  213. Hun Sen’s Cabinet Approves $3.5B Draft Budget
  214. New Documentary Explores the Societal Costs of Development
  215. Audiovisual Day Marked With Tribute to Cambodian Classics
  216. Cambodia Urged to Do More to Protect Women, Advance Rights
  217. After Protests, What Next For Political Stalemate?
  218. Defense Team Says Court Denied Khieu Samphan a Fair Trial
  219. 16-Year-Old Wanted for Murdering Man, Raping His Daughter
  220. Woman Who Stole Newborn Baby Charged With Child Abduction
  221. CNRP’s Protest Culminates in 25,000-Strong Street March
  222. Health Ministry Warns of Spreading Pink Eye
  223. Cambodia Signs Landmark Arms Trade Treaty
  224. Radio Host Calls On Pupils to Denounce Teachers Talking Politics
  225. Kidnapping Suspect Stole Baby as Replacement
  226. Mothers Not Only Ones to Blame in Child Flood Deaths
  227. Stop Squabbling—Cambodian Leaders Need to Work Together
  228. Lawyers Tell KR Tribunal Judges to Acquit Nuon Chea
  229. Protesters Stop Try Pheap Tractor From Clearing Land in Preah Vihear
  230. CNRP Delivers Petitions to Three Embassies
  231. CPP Shifts Strategy Toward Opposition Protests
  232. Government Suspends Logging in Stung Treng Dam Concession
  233. Media Says Thai Military Put Loudspeakers Along Disputed Border
  234. Northbridge Students Introduced to Work of NGOs
  235. Japan Pledges $9M to Demining in Battambang
  236. Carlsberg Unworried by Call for Beer Boycott
  237. Baby Abducted From Hospital Reunited With Mom
  238. Construction Set to Resume at CamKo City
  239. Journalist, Red Cross Worker Dead Following Collision With Bus
  240. Historic Peace Agreement No Cure For Cambodia’s Current Woes
  241. Protesters Move Largely Unhindered by Police Checkpoints
  242. Nec
  243. CNRP Marches Through Phnom Penh, Delivers Petition to UN
  244. Thailand, Japan Donate to Flood Relief Efforts
  245. Man Arrested Over Murder of Rubber Farmer
  246. City Says It Will Provide Land Titles to 33 Boeng Kak Families
  247. Kompong Thom Girl Is Year’s 21st Bird Flu Case
  248. SL Garment Protesters Gain Little From Talks at Labor Ministry
  249. Thousands Join Opposition Rally in Phnom Penh
  250. Sofitel Phnom Penh Wins 2nd Place in