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Thread: How good is pro Cycling??

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    How good is pro Cycling??

    Ok, so this is random, but I just got into Cycling, not doing it just watching.

    I've watched every leg of the Giro d'Italia and loved it.

    I enjoyed the learning the tactics and how the different legs are suited to certain guys, how teams work together and how passionate the fans are.

    I really enjoyed this and felt excited each night (Aus time is after midnight) to watch each stage.

    On top of the event, I loved the scenery of the place, i've never been to Europe, but watching this race has inspired me to go and see it.

    I suppose i'm posting this because i'm excited by it, 5555

    + 1 late night ( 2am) with a 'few' beers in me, I threw $50 on Vincenzo Nibali to (what I thought at the time) to win the stage, he didn't, so I've done my dough.

    So next morning I wake up to place some bets on the horses, "1 bet pending", I can't imagine why, then betting statement says "Nibali to win Giro" , I'd backed him to win the event not the stage, hell only 3 more weeks to see what happens, this is how I got the cycling bug and geez have I enjoyed it, bring on le tour.

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    Love watching it as well , been to a couple of stages in Normandy before , finish in St Malo and a time trial at Mont St Michel , great atmosphere. Was planning on going to this year's start , again at MSM and the stage along the landing beaches , but not sure it's going to work out for me. But will be watching Le Tour on TV anyway
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    Unfortunately cycling is so riddled with drugs it's hard to enjoy it. Agree the scenery can be quite nice although given that for long periods nothing much happens I've always wondered as to why it's so popular as a spectator sport.
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    My brother followed / follows it.. Cant say I find it much of a spectator sport.

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