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Thread: There will never be a better finish Iron Bowl 2013

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    There will never be a better finish Iron Bowl 2013

    Apologies to non US guys, because they simply won't understand how big the rivalry is( you have family loyalties split in a lot of cases) plus the historical consequences of Alabama losing, and then just the downright craziness of events for this last play

    i honestly don't think anything will top this

    Auburn Stuns Alabama on Final Play of Game, Takes Iron Bowl After Chris Davis Returns Missed Field Goal (Video) | College Football |

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    How about last week when they beat Georgia on a prayer? Two weeks in a row they get once in a lifetime plays.
    Unreal. Personally, I'm glad Alabama got beat.
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    Wonder how many wives of Alabama fans got beat that night 55. Seeing the reaction of the Bama fans was hilarious.

    Clay Travis is a local radio talk show guy here who recently published what he thought were the 10 dumbest fan bases in America. Bama was #1. Here's a link...he's kind of an asshole, but it's great reading 555

    The Ten Dumbest Fan Bases in America: #1 The Alabama Crimson Tide : Outkick The Coverage

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