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Thread: NHL Playoffs

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    NHL Playoffs

    maybe it is because my favorite team is going to win a 2nd Stanley Cup in 3 years or because i live in Canada but i find myself watching all hockey playoffs over the NBA and i never did that before
    i just really appreciate how hard these guys work and they are by far, the most likeable athletes out there

    oh and the Bruins are rocking 555

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    I didn't care much for hockey (considered it soccer on ice) until Nashville got an NHL team. Once I learned the game and started watching, I learned to love it. The live game experiences are great and second only to college football games IMO.

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    +1 Go Bruins for sure.....
    Impossible to watch from Thailand as the crap cable we got stolen from Malaysia satalite feed...
    shows NHL and NBA games at 8am 2 days old without any scheduling just bits of the games as well not the whole game....
    But friggen SOCCER and Badmiton we got...Very frustrating ....grrrrrrrr
    But for sure the Bruins are peaking at the right time of year......NICE

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